Sivut kuvina

reg. ton on vessels entering with cargo, and 22 pennis reg. ton when in ballast. Expedition fees, from io marks for vessels from 80 to 100 tons reg, tons to 225 marks for vessels above 1,800 reg. tons. Vessels entering from another Finnish port or a Russian Baltic port are only charged half the expedition fees. Town dues 25 pennis reg. tons; discharging ballast i mark 40 pennis ton; loading 3 marks 50 pennis per standard. Vessels drawing 15ft can enter outer port of Drangsound, which is about ten miles from Wyborg. Pilotage. From 23 155 id for vessels of gft dit to £9 16s 61 for vessels of 22ft dit. Officials. Capt. of Harb., C. F. Lagercrantz ; Br. Vice Consul, E. Durrali. YARMOUTH, N.S. Lat. 43° 50' N ; long. 66° 10' W. Pop.

6,280. Tr.-E. Fish, lumber, and deals. The shipment of lumber to Buenos Ayres is large and increasing. Accn. This port is the terminus of the Dominion Atlantic Railway from Halısax via the west coast of N.S., and the Coast Railway now building to connect with Halifax vii the eastern coast. The harb is safe at all times, being closed against all winds. The bottom is soft mud or blue clay. Government dredgers are almost continually at work deepening and straightening the channel. Vessels of any dst can enter at half tide ; vessels of 16ft dft can lie afloat at any of the wharves. One marine slip for vessels up to 700 tons. Charges are low. Harb. dues from 700 tons up, 20/. Wharfage-coal, 8d. per ton, or 150 ; stowing lumber and deals, 30c per 1,000. Labour cheap. There are hospital dues, 2c per reg. ton (id) Pilotage. Notixed charge; from 20/ to 30. Towage. Low, but not fixed. Officials. Harb. Master and Port Warden, Eben Scott; Shipping Master, N. L. Trefry ; Col. of Cust., W. H. Moody.

YENIKALE.-Lat. 45 Ó' N; long. 36° 30' E.--See Kertch. YINGKOW or YINKOW, Port of Newchwang. Outsicle

Bar. - See Newchwang. Tr.--I. Coals, ice, woodl. YMUIDEN, Holland. Lat. 52° 27' N ; long. 4° 34' E. Is the

outer haven of the North Sea Canal, and is formed by two stone jetties, each 1,80oyds long, which extend from the shore out a distance of 1,300yds apart, and converging to an entrance nearly 303yds wide, enclosing a harb. 250 acres in extent, with an average depth of 26ft. The deep water channel carries 27st at LW. The harl), is marked by two fixed lights of the first order, exhibited from round iron towers painted with horizontal white and red bands. Accn. The new lock has a length of 675ft, and the same length of quays at each side. There is a wooden jetty for loading and discharging. Large fish harbour free of charges. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, s. C. L.. Reygersberg. YOKOHAMA, Japan. Lat. 35° 26' N ; long. 139° 40' E. Pop,

329,854. Tr.-I. Dry goods, metals and metal manufactures, sugar, kerosene oil, &c. ; E. Tea, silk, lacquer ware, coal, copper, porcelain, &c. Accn. It is a good and safe port for vessels of any size. Sp. rise 6}ft ; N. 4}ft. D. at En. 3oft LWST. ; D. at berths 15 to 29it. W, of E. Sooft. Water space within breakwater about 2 sq. miles, of wbich i sq, mile is available in present condition for vessels drawing 15 to 29ft. The shallow portions are being deepened. Extensive harbour works to give greater whar'nge in progress. A graving dock 393 by 82 by 2111, and dry dock 300 by 52 by 14.ft. Charges. Tomage dues, 11. (5 cents) per reg. ton on each entry, or 37d per ann. Expenses of a vessel 1,600 tons, cargo in and out, from £250 to £300; with kerosene in, and ballast out, from 150 to £200. Pilotage. In or out 10 foot. Officials. H B.M.'s Consul-General, J. Č. Hall; Vice-Consul, E. M. Hobart llampden ; Lloyd's Agents, ('ornes & Co. YSTAD, Sweden. Lat. 55° 27' N ; long. 13° 30' E._Pop.

About 10,000. Auth. Harb). Directors. Tr.-I. Coal, iron, salt, oilcake, grain, bran spirits, tobacco, textiles, ya'n, manare, coffee, syrup ; E. Butter, bacon, firewood, egys m vlasses. Accn. A safe harb. with several fine quays, wiih rails along. side connected with the railways to all paits of the country. The harb. is hardly ever closed by ice. Cranage, 5 tons lift. D. at En. 22st, and vessels of 19ft can lie alongside the quays. Ystad is situated about 36 miles ESE. of Malmo. A pa ent slip 250 by 16st for vessels up to 400 tons. Charges. Charg«s for unloading coals, the chief import, about 60 öre per ton. For a vessel of 250 tons, 413 to £15. Pilotage. About £i in, and the same out, on a ship of 3.400 reg. tons. Towage. & 1 6s 7d for vessels up to 250 rez. tons ; above that size about ifd per reg. ton. All dues and charges for a vessel of 500 tons would amount to about £30. Salvage steamer stationed at the port. Officials. Harb. Master, M. C. Nordfeldt ; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, Emil A. Borg ; Lloyd's Agents, G. Westrell & Co. (See Ahus.) YUENSAN, Korea. Lat. 39 O N ; long. 127° 0' E. 35 10 40ft in harbour. A rising port.

Charges. Imports 7!d cwt. ; exports 5d. ZANTE, Greece.-Lat. 37° 47' N; long. 20° 54' 42" E.

Pop. 20,000. Tr.-I. Lumber, sugar, coffee, iron, coal, petroleum, &c.; E. Currants, olive oil, and wine. Accn. D. 4 to 4.fms off end of mole; D. in harbour less and variable. Ships anchor in from 10 to 12 fms. at a distance of 500 to 1,000 yards from the opposite to the town, sheltering them. selves behind a mole or jetty when the wind is from the N.E. Charges. Light dues, exempt; 1,800 tons steamer pays on 1,000 tons at 500 gold ; 500 tons at half ditto ; 300 tons at onethird ditto. Expenses of loading currants or oil, 1/ to 16 per ton ; unloading coal, 1 to 1/6 per ton. Pilotage, 201. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, A L. Crowe. ZANZIBAR, Africa. Lat. 6° 9' 36" S; long. 39° 15' 33" E.

Pop. About 150,000. Tr.-1. Piece gcods, rice, cloves, coins, ivory, copra, groceries, &c. E. Cloves, ivory, copra, chillies, rubber, Orchilla weed, &c. Accn. Harbour is an open roadstead. South entrance LW 51 fm, North entrance LW 6 im. Mooring buoys ; 4 cranes, biggest up to 5 tons. Vessels loaded and discharged by lighters. Charges. Light dues i anna, and harb. dues i annaporton. Landing charges by shipping agents) for lighterage, and a small wharfage charge. Pilotage. Merely nominal. Officials. Captain A. Le Page Agnew, Lieut. R.N. R. ; H.B.M.'s Agent and Consul-General, B. S. Cave, C.B. ; Vice-Consuls, J. H. Sinclair, and H. C. l'enables ; Lloyal's Agents, Smith, Mackenzie & Co.

ZARATE. 60 miles from Buenos Ayres, on the River Paraná.

Auth. Captain of the Port. Tr.-1. Coal; E. Some grain. From 17 to 20ft of water, according to state of river. There are paper and cheese factories. Pilotage. C. About £2. ZEBU, Philippine Islands. Lat. 10° 17' N ; long. 130° 06' E.

Pop. 14,725. Tr.-E. Chiefly sugar and hemp. Accn. Vessels (merchant) generally anchor SSW. of the fort, in 7fms of water. Charges. On a vessel of 870 tons £103. Pilotage. 0. a vessel of 869 tons, in ballast inwards, and outw :rds with cargo of sugar, shells, hemp, &c., in or out £10.

On a ship of 1,434 tons reg. (1,763 Spanish tons), ballast in, and cargo of sugar and hemp out, shifting anchorage klos iod, inwards £5 16s 8d, outwards 62 18s 4d. Offcial. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, C. A. Fulcher. ZIERIKZEE, Holland. Tr.-I. Salt, coals, wine, and pro

visions ; E. Grains, cattle, onions, seed, &c. Accn. Harb. about 15 miles long, with accn. for ships drawing 16ft. There is a shipbuilding yard. THW. 2h; Sp. rise 1011t; N. gft. Charges. 6c per 1,000 kgs ; sailers, 1 to 50 kgs, 20 per 1,coo kgs ; 51 to 100, 30; 101 to 200, 4c, &c. ; 600 kgs and above, 7 cts. per 1,000 kgs. Official. Outer Harbour Master, J, Dew. ZWOLLE, Netherlands. Pop. 28,000. Tr.-E. Cattle,

jute, &c. Only frequented by vessels up 10 200 tons. Sft on bar. Charges On vessel of 79 tons drawing 63ft, £10 6s ; harb. dues, id per reg. ton ; loading and unloading cargo, 6d per ton. Pilotage. In and out, £2 155. Officials. Warner & Van der Biesen, Shipowners, &c.

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British Decrease, 2 per cent.
Foreign Decrease, 15'3 per cent.
British Shaie, 56 per cent. of the World's Output.


...sq. miles

Corrected to December 15, 1904.


121,115 Imports (1904) £551,362, 124 Pop. U.K, 1901 41,605,220 Exports (1904) £ 271,139,815 l'opulation

42,789,552 Articles subject to import duties in the United Kingdom, and the rate of duty levied upon each article according to tariff in operation at the present time. Cocoa.--Raw, per lb., id. ; husks and shells, per cwt., 25. ; Cocor or chocolate, ground,

prepared, or in any way manufactured, per lb., 2d. ; cocoa butter, per lb., id. It

spirits used in manufacture d. per lb. extra. Coffee.-Raw, per cwt., 145.; kiln-dried, roasted, or ground, per lb., 2d. Chicory:-Raw or kiln-dried, per cwt., 135. 3d.; roasted or ground, per lb)., 2d. ; coffec,

chicory, or other vegetable matter applicable to the tises of coffee or chicory, roasted

and ground, mixed, per lb., ed. Fruit (Dried).--Currants, 25. per cwt.; figs, fiy.cake, pluis, prunes, and raisins, 7s. per cwl. Tea, per lb., 8d. Tobacco, per lb.- Unmanufactured: stemmed or stripped, containing in every 100 lbs.

weight thereof 10 lbs. or more of moisture, 3$. 3d. ; unstemmed or upstripped, 35. ; containing less than 10 lbs. of inoisture, 3s. 7d., instemmed or upstripped, 3s. 1d.; manufaciured: cigars 6s.; cavendish or negrohead, 45. 4d. ; cavendisli or negrohcad manufactured in boud, 35. 10d. ; snuff, containing in every 100 lbs. weight thereof, more than 13 lbs. of inoisture, zs. 7d. ; not more than 13 lbs. of moisture, 45. 4d. ;

other manufactured tobacco, (cigarettes, etc.), 45. 10d. Wine, per gallon.--Not ex. 30 deg. proof spirit, is: 3d.; ex. 30 but not ex. 42 deg, proof spirit, 3s. With an additional duty

of 3d. per gall. for every deg, or part of a deg. beyond the highest above charged. The word “degree” does not include fractions of the next higher degree. Still wines in bottles additional duty, regardless of strength, is. Wine includes lees of wine. The duty on sparkling wine inported in bottle, in addition to

the duties ia respect of alccholic strength, 2s.6d. Beer of the descrip ions called mum, spruce, or black beer, and Berlin white beer, and other

preparations, whether fermented or not fermented, of a character similar to mum, spruce, or black beer, where the worts thereof were, before fermentation, of a specific gravity not ex. 1'215 deg., for every 36 gallons, £1 125. ; ex. 1*215 cez, 61.175. 6d. Beer of any other description, where the worts thereuf were, belore jermentation, of a specific gravity of 1*055 deg., for every 36 galls., 85.; and so on ia proportion for any

difference in gravity. Spirits and Strong Waters.--For every gall. computed at hydrometer proof of spirits of

any description (except perfumed spirits), including naphıba or methylic alcohol, purificd so as to be potable; and mixtures and preparations containing spirits. Enumerated spirits.---Proot gall., brandy, 115. 4d., in boi. 125. 4d. ; rum, iis. 4d., ill. bot. 128. 4d. ; imitation rum, 1is. 5d., in bot. 125. 5d. ; Geneva, lis. jd., in bot. izs. 5d ; additional in respect of sugar used in sweetening, 2d., in bot. 2d. Unenumerated spirits. -- Proof gall., sweetened, including liqueurs, cordials, mixtures, and other pre. parations containing spirits, if tested), uis. 7d., in bot. 125. 7d. ; not sweetened, including liqueurs, cordials, mixtures, and other preparations containing spirits, provided they be both unenuinerated and not sweetened, it tested 115. 5d., in bol. lis. 5d. Liqueurs, cordials, mixtures, and other preparations containing spir is in boutle, entered in such a manner as to indicate that the strength is not to be tested, in bot. ios. 4d. ; pe fumed spirits, liquid gall., 18s. id., in bot. 195. id. And so on in proportion for any less quantity. Any importations of naphtha or methyl'c alcohol prisilied so as to

potable are rated under the heading of uneoumerated pirits. Chloroform, per lb., 3$. 3d. Chloral Hydrate, per 1b., 15. 44. Collodion, per gallon, ti (5. 3d. Confectionery, in the manufacture of which spirit has been used, in addition to any other

existing duty, per Ib., dd.; if containing larger percentage of spirit than covered, íd. per

Ib., or accordiog to quantity of spirit used. Ether, Acetic, lb., is. uid. Sulphuric, gall, 61 75. 5d. Butyric, gall., 165. 5d. Ethyl, lodide of, per gall., 145. 3d. ; chloride, 16s. 5d. per gall. ; bromide, is. id. per lb, Soap (Transparent), in manufacture of which spirit has been used, lb., 3d. Playing Cards, per doz. päckets, 35. qu.

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