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4. Into Samarid's cities too, What wonder, griefs the Master felt, Who've left the cov'nant, do not go ; If they're to his disciples dealt ? But rather seek in the first place, 15.

Fear not weak men, who when Ijr'el's lost theep, God's ancient race. 5. Tell them, the heav'nly kingdom The body, all their stroke fulfill:

Revere ye God! he for you cares; Is near, and soon itself will show : Your Father numbers all your hairs. As comforters, their fick folk heal, 16.Who before men shall me confess, Leprosy's stubborn plague repeal, Without all dastard doubleness ; 6. Drive Satan from his insolent That heart before my Father's Intrusions in the human tent;

throne Ev'n raise the dead, if need require. Will I reciprocally own. For this take no reward or hire, 17. But who betrays my cause thro' 7. Since freely ye receiv'd the gift.

Thame, Ak, when into some town you lift And yet pretends to bear my Name; Your foot, who in it worthy is ?

Before my Sire and angels bright There lodge, and let that roof fuffice. I can't say, he was my delight. 8. When you into some house first go, 18. This is the Instruction primitive, Salute it, and your peace bestow :

God's Son unto the Twelve did give, "Twill rest on each receptive heart,

When he them sent with GospelBut if there's none, to you revert.

found 9. If house or a whole place conspire At first thro' all the Jewish bound. To shut you out, then mild retire, 19. But after that, the holy Ghost But let your feet shake off their duft; Sent them thro' ev'ry land and coast, Sodom

you to itself leave must. To Heathens to make manifest 10. I send you forth, as if I sent The way of life, and God's beheft; Among the wolves sheep innocent : Now thanks to thee, Lord Chrift, As serpents wise be, if you can;

we send, Yetfraudless, and ev'n as doves,plain. That thou didft into Flesh descend, 11. Of mankind you may well be. And haft to us thy Word made

known : ware, You thro their malice must appear o faften firm our faith-thereon! Before tribunals oft, 'gainst you

153 Will fynagogues for sentence lue.

Luke xii. 35–40. 12. Yet you need be in no concern, What proper answers to return :

Wolt ihr euch nun Dihr lieben, fo. My Spirit, with his light and pow'r, Dear Christians, as 'tis needful, Shall in you speak at that same hour.

ye 13. All, for my name, because ye're Be for Jesus' second Advent ready? mine,

Then remember night and day, To hate you, ftrangely will combine: What I now shall say. Yet who all pressures shall endure

2. Let your Loins be girded with Unto the end, his crown is sure. strength ghostly, 14. If from one city you are drove, And your hands hold Mining Lamps Perhaps the next your words will and costly ; love.




Offer chaste 'unto your God

155. Your own flesh and blood.

alater unser im hlinmel-reich. 3. Gladly do what is from you --OUR Father, who from heav's And whereto ye're by God's Word lidt us to live in constant love, directed;

As Brethren, and in truth to join, Whoso follows well this Star,

T'adore this Father-name of thine ; He shall never err.

Grant we may always pray to thee 4. Be ye like to people, who attentive In fpirit and sincerity. Ey'ry hour, thro' duteous love's in

2. Thy name be hallowed ev'ry where ; centive,

Make us to read thy Word with care, To let in their Master wait,

That we may live accordingly,
If he touch the

And praise thy sacred Name on high; 5, Happy, happy are those servants From all that's false, and all that's truly,

vain, Who keep all things in good Order Thy poor, thy wand'ring flock re. duly,

Itrain. Nor seem, when their Lord draws

3. Thy kingdom come : thy grace be nigh,

nigh, Sluggards in his eye.

O'er all the earth, o'er all the ky ; 6.Verily he'll make them fit at table; The holy Spirit of thy grace Then come forth, thro' goodness Bestow its gifts on human race : admirable,

From Satan's woful tyranny, And Himself to serve them hafte Keep all thy Churches safe and free. With divine repast.

4. Thy will be done on earth, as weil 7. For, as over ye’ve been told and As 'cis in heaven, where angels dwell; over,

In joy and sorrow make our mind Sudden will the Son of Man discover Be chearfully to thee resign'd; His bright face, when ye leaft And all our carnal motions kill thought ;

That do withstand thy holy Will. Therefore watch ye ought.

5. Give us this day our daily bread, 8. Help us, O Lord Jesu, to keep And what we want for present Need:

From dearth and pest remove us far, In thyWays advancing still and agile, From foul contention, strife and war ; That we then may fore thee ftand, From filthy lucre set us free ; And reach Heaven's land.

Preserve our peace and liberty. 154.

6. Forgive us all our trespases, Pater nofter qui es, &c. Altho' so great and numberless ; UR heav'nly Father, God of And make us willing to forgive Love !

Our Foes, and with them kindly live: Thy Name be duly hallow'd :

Let mutual love and charity Thy kingdom come: here, as above, Unite the Christian family:

Thy will be done and follow'd. 7. Into temptation lead us not ; Give us the bread whereby we live : / When Satan lays his secret plot, Forgive our debts (we too forgive :) Lend us thy Eye-sight and thy Hand, Defend us from the tempter,

With force and wildom to withstand;


And on

That arm'd with Faith, as with a Jesus set his Face to go, fhield,

With mind fix'd and eager, We may, at last obtain the field. To a place, where he did know, 8. At length enlarge and set us free

Jews would him beleaguer. From fin and all its Misery :

3. (Оft,when many with him walk'd, Redeem us from eternal death ;

To his twelve friends turning, Thy grace support our dying breath ; He of things had with them talk'd Our last hour be an ent'rance bleft

His own Death concerning : Into a sweet eternal Rest.

How men him with scorn would treat, For thine's the pow's, the glory Then condemn him thro pure hate, 9.

Scourges, and Reviling, thine, And thine for ever will remain ;

And his Blood be spilling ; Increase our faith, and guide our 4. He should die, as Prophets wrote,

Lie interr'd a season, ways; And give us grace thy name to praise.

earth an Antidote According to thy facred word,

Be 'gainst Satan's poison; A blessed Amen us afford.

Lastly rise on the third day,

Burst death's bands in th' middle:

But when he those things did say, 156.

'Twas to them a riddle.) Matt. xxiii. 37

5. So, when that Festivity

Was at fix days distance,
Breit aus die flugel beides

Jesus came to Bethany,

To his chief acquaintance.
Isplay thy both Wings over

Martha welcom'd him, and dress d
Thy Chickers and then cover,

For her Lord a Supper; O Jesu, Saviour mild !

Laz'rus too eats, for the feast If devils would disturb 'em,

Simon's house seem'd proper. Let holy angels curb 'em,

6. As he there at table fics, And 'bid them never touch thy Faint with sorrows pungent, Child.

Mary quick a vial splits 157

Full of precious Unguent,

Wets all o'er his sacred Head,
John xi. 55, &C.

Ev'n his. Feet perfuming : 1. YESUS, knowing all God's will, Her act sprung from faith indeed, To a place retreated

Therefore 'twas becoming,
Ephrem they the village stile,
In the Desart seated :

158. He a little time ftaid there

Sion's daughter joyful be, With his twelve disciples ;

Thy Lord comes on an ass to Pafsah, that great Feast was near,

thee, The whole Jewish people's.

The cross's death to suffer : 2. But when the right hour once came Happy the soul whose confidence, For his own departure,

Whose faith is in the slaughter'd As the real Paschal Lamb

prince ; Offer'd up in torture ;

Such he lets perish never !


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11. For these agoniz'd thy Lamb, 1$9.

Not for all the people :

But for those that lov'd bis nami, Our Lord's Prayer, John xvii. Wages for his travel.

12. What was his, was also thine, 1. FÅther! now the time is come And was led unto thee :

To shew thy Son's glory;, What was thine, did his remain And this to thy Son gives room

And advanc'd his glory. To make known thy glory.

13. He is in the world no more : 2. Therefore all the fleffs that lives, They are here abiding To him thou gavlt over ;

Longer, and he is gone there Ibat he to all who believe,

Where he is residing. Might give life for ever.

14. Holy Father ! grant that they, 3, And th' eternal life is here,

Who’re for thee created, That his own can call thee

Undisturb'd may Abba cry, Eli! and thy Son so door

In one be cemented. My flesh, my bone truly !

15. All the time he had with them 4. Ail the while he was below, Here his conuersation, He hath been thy honour,

He did keep them in thy name
And hath done the work, which thou Without Interruption.
To his care didft render.

16. He kept for thee ev'ry one 5. And then, Father! garist thou him Who was in his rurture : That majestic flation,

Save the disobedient fon, Which he had before all time,

Who fulfill d the Scripture. 'Fore the world's foundation. 17. But e're he went up to thee 6. To those whom thou mod' A his own, In thy Realm, be order'd,

(From the voin world sever'd) The disciples joy fbould be He hath made thee fally known, Full, and by nought hinderd. Tby nan:e he discover'd.

18 Thy word to them plain he made, 7, All his creatures were thy own,

Whom the world so hated; The twelve not exrepted;

For they no more than their Head, But tlcu gav't their thy Son,

Were to her related. Thy will they accepted.

19Not for their life's end he pray'd, 8. He had made them understand,

But for their protection That all he's poffeffing,

From the World; because they had (Tho' He made it with his hand) With it no connexion. Was the Father's blessing.

20 In the truth, which is thy word, 9. Ev'ry gift he gave to them,

Sanctify them always : And which they received,

He was thy Embalador, That from thy kind hand it came,

Now they are what he was. Always they believed.

21. For them he did willingly 10. They for certain knew, that he

Offer himself wholly, From thee was descending :

To the end that they mould be And believ'd, that willingly

In him truly holy I hou on earth had;? feni him.


We found,

22. His Peace is not only theirs ;

But all who give credit
To their Witness, shall be heirs

Da Jesus an dein creștze fiund.
Of all he did merit.

'Hen Jesus on the Cross was 23. That as thou art in the Son,

found, And the Son is in thee;

His body pierc'd with many a wound, So they all may be but One,

Wich torture very bitter ;
One Soul, and one Body.

The dying Words, which he then 24. Thus the World will see, that thou spoke, Haft fent him, and bleef

With a still heart consider. Them fo, as thou bere below

2. First, he does to his father speak Thy dear Son embracedf.

In heaven's kingdom, sweetly meek, 25. Father ! this he begg'd of thee; What they to me are doing,

That all thou gavf to him Father ! forgive, they know it not : Should be there, where he shall be, Here he's Love's pattern shewing. As parts cleaving to him.

3. Weigh next the mercy and relief 26. That his glory in thy throne Bestow'd on the repenting Thief; They, with joy abounding,

He che poor Heart addresses, May see ; for thou lov'df the Son Verly thou shalt in Paradise

Long e'er the world's founding. To-day feel my carefis, 27. Thee tbe world hath never known, 4. Thirdly, observe the tender care Righteous Father! but he

Which he still for his House did bear; Hath known thee, and these his own Woman, lo! there is thy Son:

Knew he was fent by thee. john! see thy Mother there; and this 28. To these people he thy Name

Was the first union. Then hath represented;

5. The fourth Word, on the cross And he will thy Heart and them accurit, Make ftill more acquainted :

By our Prince spoken, was, I thir! 29. Till thy love, which on the throne

With such keen Thirst he's pained
In him always center dl,

For our juftification : now,
Be within them, and the Son

Dear Heart, his cordial's gained.
Into them is enter'd.

6.Weigh too the scorn he underwent, As he to God the fifth word sent,

A Scorn which knew no measure;

My God, ny God! why leav's thou me ? Gátt fallt in einem garten.

Am I no more thy pleasure?

7. The fix:h's a very pow'rful word, OD in a Garden on the earth is Which many a finner poor hath heard fallen,

Out of his Mouth proceeding; An Angel comforts him who com- 'Tis finifl'd: what? our Happiness : forts all men;

Thro'what? his Wounds to bleed. The creature strengthens the Creator ing. yonder :

8. Father! when all was at an end, Mark this and wonder!

Inimenurl says, I recommend,
My Spirit separated



G fallen,

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