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Abou Ben Adhem Leigh Hunt

A Fiest Sorrow Adelaide Anne Proctor . . .

A Hundred Years From Now Mary A. Ford

Airy Nothings Shakespeare

A Kiss At The Door Anonymous

"A Lion's Head" O. Weatherly

American Aristocracy John O. Saxt

American Flao Joseph Rodman Drake . . .

A Mother's Love Anonymous

Annabel Lee Edgar Allan Poe

Annie Laurie Anonymous ........

Annie And Willie's Prayer Sophia P. Snow

Answer To The "hour Of Death" Mrs. Cornwall Baron Wilson .

A Portrait Elizabeth Barrett Browning .

A Pbayeb For My Little One ........ Edgar Fawcett

Arsenal At Springfield H. W. Longfellow

A Snow-storm Charles O. Eastman ....

As Ships Becalmed Arthur H. Clough

A Sufi Saint Translated from the Persian .

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A Tailor's Poem Op Evening Oliver Wendell Holme* 446

Auld Robin Gray Anne Barnard 173

A Wet Sheet And A Flowing Sea Allan Cunningham 587

A Woman's Love Anonymous 70;

A Womah'b Question Adelaide A. Proctor 358

Baby George Macdonald 82

Baggage-fiend Anonymous 300

Barbara Frietchie John G. Whittier 317

Barefoot Boy John G. Whittier 416

Battle Of Lookout Mountain George H. Boier 570

Battle Sono Of Gustavus Adolphus Michael Alternburg 430

Beautiful Snow Jama W. Watson 443

Belfry Pigeon Nathaniel Parker Willie 613

Bell Of "The Atlantic" Mrs. Lydia Sigourney 184

Bells Of Shandon Father Prout 573

Bells Edgar A. Poe 593

Benedicite John Greenleaf Whittier 350

Betsy And I Are Out Will M. OarleUm 381

Betsy Destroys The Paper Will M. Carleton 383

Betty And The Bear Anonymous 171

Beyond The Smiling And The Weeping .... Horatius Bonar • . 268

Bill And Joe Oliver Wendell Holmes 458

Bill Mason's Bride F. Bret Harte 518

Binoen On The Rhine Caroline E. Norton 86

"blessed Are They That Mourn" William Cullen Bryant 242

Blind Boy, The CoUey Gibber '365

Blind Men And The Elephant John G. Saxe 398

Borrioboola Gha Orrin Goodrich 525

Bread On The Waters George L. Catlin 612

Break, Break, Break Alfred Tennyson 348

Bridge Of Sighs Thomas Hood 354

Bugle, The Alfred Tennyson 436

Burial Of Moses Mrs. C. F. Alexander 289

Buried Flower W. Edmonstone Aytoune 272

Buried To-day Dinah Maria Mulock 243

Byron's Latest Verses Lord Byron 485

By The Shore Of The River Christopher Pearse Crunch 517

Call Me Not Dead Translated from the Persian 269

Cataract Of Lodore Robert Southey 248

Cato On Immortality Joseph Addison 391

Cave Of Silver FiU James O Brien 362

Charge Of The Light Brioade Alfred Tennyson 59

Charley's Opinion Of The Baby Anonymous 120

Charcoal Man John Townsend Trowbridge 425

Chemist To His Love Anonymous 469

Chinese Excelsior From the " Boy Travelers" 324

Church Window Johann Wolfgang Goethe 358

Civil War Anonymous 318



Clear The Wat Charles Mackay 623

Cleon And I Charles Mackay 597

Clerical Wit Anonymous 401

Closing Scene T Buchanan Read 566

Cloud, The Percy Bysshe Shelley 437

Cobbleb Keezab's Vision John G. Whittier 44

Cockney, The John G. Saxe 193

Comet, The . . Thomas Hood 260

Cobal Insect Mrs. Sigourney 146

Cbaijlb Sono Josiah Gilbert Holland 277

Creed or The Bells George W. Bungay 309

Day Dawn Henry W. Longfellow 661

Day-dream Alfred Tennyson 480

David's Lament Fob Absalom Nathaniel Parker Willis 305

Deacon's Prayer William O. Stoddart 320

Death-bed Thomas Hood 199

Death Of The Flowers William Cullen Bryant 349

Death Of The Old Year Alfred Tennyson 316

Der Drummer Charles F. Adams 297

Destruction Of Sennacherib Lord Byron 296

Dies Ihm Thomas of Celano 456

Djinns Victor Hugo 468

Doing Good True Happiness Carlos Wilcox 219

Door-step, The Edmund Clarence Stedman 368

Dorothy Sullivan Anonymous 685

Dot Lambs What Mary Haf Got Anonymous 567

Dove-cote Aunt Effie 232

Dow's Flat F. Bret Hartc 426

Dreams And Realities Phoebe Cary 485

Drifting T. Buchanan Read 210

Drummer Boy Anonymous 616

Duncan Gray Cam' Hebe To Woo Robert Burns 336

Dust On Her Bible Robert Lowry 666

Dying Alchemist Nathaniel Parker Willis 497

Eagle, The Alfred Tennyson 364

Early Rising John G. Saxe 341

Ebb Tide Robert Southey 418

Echoes Thomas Moore 645

Embabkation Of The Exiles Henry Wadeworth Longfellow .... 90

Engineeb's Story Anonymous '295

Enoch Arden At The Window Alfred Tennyson 252

Evangeline On The Prairie H W. Longfellow 505

Evening Brings Us Home Anonymous 502

Excelsior Henry W. Longfellow 322

Extract From Gray's Elegy Thomas Gray 203

Fairies' William Arlington 515

Fate F. Bret Harte 25»

"Father, Take My Hand" Henry N. Cobb 335



Faithless Nelly Geay Thomas Hood 406

Farm-yard Song John Townsend Trowbridge. 352

Farmer And The Counsellor Anonymous 100

Father Time's Chanoelino Anonymous 324

Fire-bell's Story, The George L. Catiin 554

Fire-fiend C. D. Oardette 180

First Party Josephine Pollard 414

First Ssow-fall James R. Lowell 137

Fisher's Cottage Henry Heine 253

Florence Vane Philip P. Coolie 281

For Charlie's Sake John W. Palmer 641

Forest Hymn William Cullen Bryant 37

Frenchman And The Rats Anonymous 335

Friend Of Humanity And The Knife Grinder . George Canning 228

Funeral Of Lincoln Richard Henry Stoddard 600

Gems From Shakespeare Shakespeare 634

German Trust Song Lampertius 589

Gladiator . J. A. Jones 565

God From the Russian of Derzhavcn ... 537

God In The Seas William Cullen Bryant 694

God's Acre Henry Wadsworth Longfellow .... 498

Go, Feel What I Have Felt Anonymous 319

Goin' Home To-day Will. M. Carleton 265

Gone With A Handsomer Man Will. M. Carlton 139

Gracious Answer, The Henry N. Cobb 334

Gbadatim John G. Holland 558

Gouty Merchant And The Stranger Horace Smith 216

Hans And Fritz Charles F. Adams 311

Hark! Hark! The Lark Shakespeare 319

He Knows Mary G. Brainard 577

Hermit James Bealtie 595

Hero Of The Commune Margaret J. Preston 278

Hiawatha's Journey Henry Wadsworth Longfellow .... 343

Hiawatha's Return Henry Wadsworth Longfellow .... 345

Hiawatha's Wooing Henry Wadsworth Longfellow .... 344

Hide Anp Seek Julia Goddard 454

Highland Mary Robert Burns 262

Homes Of England Felicia D. Hemans 64

Home, Sweet Home John Howard Payne 623

Hour Of Death Mrs. F. Hemans 674

Housekeeper's Soliloquy Mrs. F. D. Gage 78

How's My Boy? Sydney Dobell 353

Hymn To The Flowers Horace Smith 255

I Love The Morning Sunshine Robert Lowry 276

I'm Growino Old John G. Saxe . 438

Indian Death-song Philip Freneau 518

Intimations Of Immortality William Wordsworth 206

I Would Not Live Alway William A. Muhlenberg 353


I Remember, I Remember Thomas Hood 273

I See Thee Still Charles Sprague 144

Jewish Hymn Is Jerusalem Henry Hart Milman 502

Jim F. Bret Harte 339

Joe Alice Bobbins 514

John Anderson, My Jo Robert Burns 466

John And Tibbie Davison's Dispute Robert Leighton 572

John Jankin's Sermon Anonymous 543

John Maynard H. Alger, Jr 406

Jolly Old Pedagogue Oeorge Arnold 258

Kate Ketchem Phosbe Gary 461

Kino Of Denmark's Ride Caroline E. Norton 379

Kissing Her Hair Algernon Charles Swinburne .... 52

Kit Carson's Ride Joaquin Miller 472

Korner's Sword Song Charles Theodore Korner 312

Labor Is Worship Frances S. Osgood 619

Lady Clare Alfred Tennyson 631

Lament Of The Irish Emigrant Lady Dufferin 62

Landing Of The Pilgrims Felicia Hemans 205

Land O' The Leal Lady Carolina Nairne 421

Last Leaf Oliver Wendell Holmes 542

Laugh Of A Child Anonymous 549

Launching Of The Ship Henry W. Longfellow 389

Law James Beattie 649

Law Of Death John Hay 547

Learning To Pray Mary M. Dodge 331

Left Alone At Eighty Alice Bobbins 372

Legend Of Bregenz Adelaide Anne Proctor 52

Life Lines selected from thirty-eight authors 496

Life Henry King 642

Life From Death Horatius Bonar 170

Light-house Thomas Moore 513

Lines On A Skeleton Anonymous 417

Lion's Ride Ferdinand Freiligrath 455

Little And Great Charles Mackay 441

Little Conqueror Charles F. Adams 165

Little Margery Mrs Sallie J. White 330

London Churches Bichard MoncUon Milnes 237

Lord Ullin's Daughter Thomas Campbell 551

Lost Doll C. Kingsley 341

Love Lightens Labor Anonymous 182

Love Me Little, Love Me Long Anonymous 191

Mabel Martin John O. Whittier 488

Maidenhood Henry Wadsworth Longfellow .... 246

Mary Garvin John O. Whittier 560

Maud Muller John Q. Whittier 459

Measuring The Baby Emma Alice Brown 520

Meeting Of The Ships Felicia Hemans . . . 230

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