Sivut kuvina
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Rails, chairs, sleepers, and fish-plates other than those

described in No. 59, also spikes (commonly known as
tlog-spikes), switches, crossings, lever-boxes, clips, and

Rivets and washers, all sorts

.per ton (if galvanised)

(if tinneu) Wire, excluding wire netting Wire-rope

All other soits, including wire netting Tin, block

Foil, China

Other sorts. Zinc or spelter nails, cut plates and shapes, soft, cut

per cwt.

hard, cut All other sorts of metals

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per cwt.

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1.V. 10 0 16 0 a..

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i anna

Oils. Oils: Petroleum, including also naphth and the liquids commonly known by tlic

names of rock oil, Rangoon oil, Burma oil, kerosine, paraffin oil, mineral vil, petroline, gasoline, benzol, benzoline, benzine, and any inflammable liquid which is made from petroleum, cual, schist, shale, peat, or any other bituminous

substance, or from any products of petroleum per imp. gall. Petroleum which has its flashing point at or above 200 degs,

of Fahrenheit's thermometer, and is proved to the satisfaction of the Customs collector to be intended for use exclusively for the batching of jute or other fibre or for lubricating purposes.

5 p.c Petroleum which has its nashing point at or above 150 degs.

of Fahr. ther., and is proved to the satisfaction of the Customs Collector to be for use as fucl

SP.C. All other sorts of oil, animal or vegetable (includingot to of all kinds), mineral and paraffin wax

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Other Articles, Unmanufactured and Manufactured.
Amber and articles made of amber, including imitation amber
Apparel, including drapery, haberdashery and millinery, inili-

tary and other uniforms and accoutrements, but cxcluding
cotton-hosiery and boots and shoes and excluding also uni-
forms and accoutrements appertaining thereto, imported

by a public servant for his personal use, which are free Art, works of, except statuary and pictures intended to be

put up in a public place, which are free.. Asbestos and articles made of asbestos not otherwise

described Bags, casks, boxes, and other packages, empty, of all kinds.. Bamboos, common, grass, hay, rushes, straw and leaves

fice. Books, printed, including covers for printeel books, maps, charis and plans, proofs, music and manuscripts

free Bristles and fibres for brushes and broonis..

free Brushes, all sorts .... Building and engineering materials, namely, asphalt, cement

of all kinds, earthenware piping, and other kinds Cabinet-ware and furniture Carriages, carts, bicycles, tricycles, jinrikshas, bath chairs,

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peranbulators, trucks, wheelbarrows, and all other sorts

of conveyances, and component parts thereof
Cases (empty) for spectacles, opera glasses, jewellery, &c.
Celluloid, articles made of, not otherwise described
Chalk, French chalk, knife and plate powder, Bath bricks,

emery powder and whiting
Chinese and Japanese ware, including lacquered ware, but

excluding earthenware, china, and porcelain Churns, cream separators, stirilising plant, ærating and cool

ing apparatus, butter dryers and workers (if made for hand or animal power)

free. Clocks, watches, and other timekeepers.




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RS, a,

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free ..

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. per Ib.

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Coal, coke and patent fuel
Cordage and rope (all sorts) made of any vegetable fibre
Cotton, raw

Twist and yarn
Sewing thread
Piece-goods, grey-white and coloured..

All other manufactured goods not otherwise described..
Disinfecting and deodorising fluid and powder
Earth, common clay and sand
Earthenware (except carthenware piping), china, china clar,

porcelain and imitation or false coral..
Eggs, ostrich and other, not mounted
Emery paper and cloth and sandpaper
Fans of all kinds, except common palm-leaf fans, which are
Feathers, including bird skins
Fireworks, all sorts, including fulminating-powder
Flax and articles made of flax, including linen thread
Flowers, artificial, not otherwise described
Fur, and articles made of fur, not otherwise described
Furniture, tackle and apparel, not otherwise described, for

steam, sailing, rowing and other vessels
Gums, gum-resins, and articles made of gum, or gum resin :--

per cut.
Cutch and gambier
Gum ammoniac

..per cwt.
Bdellium (common gum).
Bysabol (coarse myrrh)
Persia (false)

Allother sorts of gums, gum-resins, and articles made of

gum or gum-resin..
Hair of all kinds, and manufactures of hair
Hemp and articles made of hemp :--

Piece-goods and all other sorts (except rope, cordage, twine) Hides and skins (except raw or salted hides and skins, which

are free) :-- all kinds, including parchment, vellum,

goldbeater's skin Horn

articles made of, not otherwise described.........
Instruments and apparatus :--
Musical, drawing, measuring, optical, photographic (in-

cluding materials for photography), surveying and
surgical (including surgical appliances), electric, electric
lighting, &c. (except telegraphic instruments and appar-
atus, when imported by or under the orders of a railway

company, which are frec)
Itory and ivory-ware, unmanufactured :-
Elephants' grinders

· POT Cwt.
Elephants'iusks (other thrın hollows, centres, and points),

cach ckcceding 20 lbs, in weight, and hollow's, centres,
and points, each weighing rolls, and over ....per cui.
No less than 10 lbs, and not exceeding 20 lbs. each,

and hollows, centres, and points, each weighing
less than 10 lbs.

....per cw1.
Each less than 10 lbs. (other than hollows, centres,
and points).

· per cwt. Sen-cow or move teeth, each not less than 4 lbs...

Each not less than 3 lbs, and under 4 lbs.

Each less than 3 lbs..
All other sorts, manufactured or unmanufactured
Jei, articles made of

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.. per tola

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.. per lb.

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Tariff Val, Duty.

Rs, in,
Jewellery, including plate:--
Silverware, plain, oilier than European

5 p.c. Embossed or chased, other than European

4 All other sorts, except precious stones and pearls, unset,

which are free Jute, articles made of, except secondhand or used gunny bags,

which are free (Raw free) Lac, all sorts.... Leather, and articles made of leather, including boots and

shoes, harness and saddlery Manures, all kinds, including animal bones

free. Marine and naval stores, n.o.d... Matches, lucifer, and all other soris Mats:Floor-matting, China and Singapore, pieces not exceeding 6ft. in length

...per 100 Do., do., in rolls or pieces exceeding 6ft. in length,

per 200 square yards
All other sorts, except coir-marting
Mica and talc, and articles made therefrom
Minerals, n.o.d.......
Models of all descriptions ..
Moulders' blacking and sand
Oilcake, and all kinds of cattle food!

Oilcloth and floorcloili, lincrusta, linoleum and tarpaulins
Paints, colours, painters' materials, and compositions for

application to leather, wood and metals :Ochre, other than European, all colours

. per cwt.

1 8 Paints, composition.

a.v. Patent driers

a.V. Prussian blue, China

0 8 European

1 0 Red lead, dry.

· per cut. 13 o Turpentine

..imp. gall. 3 0 Verdigris

2.1. Vermilion, Canton

.box of

90 bundles 115 0 White lead, dry.

.. per cwt.

17 0 All other sorts

Paper of all kinds and articles of papier mâché
Perfumery :-
Gowla, husked and unhusked

per cwt. 40 Kapurkachri (zedoari, China)

12 Patch leaves (patchouli)

28 Rose-fowers, dried

13 Rose-water

..imp. gall. 2 All other sorts, except perfumed spirit (for which sec

schedule of liquors, opium, salt, and salted fish)........ 2.V,
Pipes and other implements used in consumption of tobacco
Pitch, tar, and dammer :-
Bitumen ....

per cwt.

5 American and European

4 Pitch, coal

4 Tar, American and European. Coal

4 Mineral

2.1. Plants and bulbs, living, and dried for herbaria

Plaster of Paris, and manufactures of...
Plumbago, and manufactures of
Precious stones, Cambay stones, and pearls, unsei.

Pulp of wood, straw, rags, piper, and other material
Printing and lithographing materials
Racks for withering tea le if
Railways, materials for, if subject to Indian Railways Act, 1800.

. per cwt.


0 Cummin

13 0 Black

2.1 Linseed

per cwt.


8 Nghị


8 Mustard, rape, or sarson

6 8

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Rs. 2

per ewt.


5 pc.

60 0

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per lh.

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Quince, bihidána
Til or jinjili..

All other sorts
Shells and Cowries :-
Chanks--large shells for cameos
White, live....

Cowries, bazár, common

• Per cwt,
Yellow, superior quality
Mother-of-pearl, nacre

per lb.
All other sorts
Ships, vessels, craft, for inland and harbour navigation, im-

ported entire or in sections Silk, and articles made of silk :

Raw silk:

Chaháram, Cochin China, and yellow Shanghai ..per Ib.
Other kinds of China
Waste and Kachra

Produced from the tasar or other wild worm..
Sewing thread, China ...

All other sorts
Sizing for cotton, paper, or any other material..
Specimens illustrative of natural science.
Sponge and sponges
Stationery, excluding paper
Stone and marble, and articles of
Straw plaiting, and articles of
Tallow and grease
Tea chests, all kinds
Textile fabrics, n.o.d.
Toilet requisites, n.o.d.
Toys, toybooks and requisites for all games.
Umbrellas, parasols and sunshacles, al kinds

All other sorts, including paper kettisals
Vulcanite and ebonite, and articles of
Walking sticks, and sticks for umbrellas, parasols, &c.,

mounted or unmounted, whips, fishing rods and lines
Wax, and articles of
Wood and timber, except railway sleepers and firewood,

which are free Wool, raw ..

Articles made of
All other articles, manufactured or unmanufactured, not

described in the foregoing schedules

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5 4
6 8
1 4
5 o
I 10
12 0

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......... sq. miles 4,193 Imports Population .............639.490 Exports Animals, horned stock

Horses, mares, geldings
Sheep, goats, swine
Ale, beer and porter

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... per lb.

· per bush. . per 200 lbs. .. per bush.

· per lb.


per. Ib. per bush.

.. per ll.


400 lbs.

per barrel of

...per lb.

per gal per soo lbs.


4d 3s, 6d.

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per lb.

per lb.

Barley (not pearl barley)
Beef, wet, salted or cured.

4d. Beans

158. Bread or biscuits

IS. Butter, oleamargarine, butterine, or other substitute for butter Calavances...

2d Candles, composition


2d. Do., wax or spermaceti

ad. Cards, playing. Cartridges for fire a mis

· per 52 packs

per 100 Cement

1S. 6. Cheese

13. 20.

id. Chicory. Cider and perry

(d. Cocoa


Coffee, British Colonial (Roasted £2).
Corn, I adian

per bush.
Fish, dried or salted
Do., smoked not otherwise enumerated

· per 100 lbs Do., alcwives, pickled..

... per lb.

dd, per 200 lbs.

28, 60. Fish, herrings, pickled

per 200 lbs. Do., do., smoked


6d. Do., mackerel, pickled

.. per lb.

per 200 lbs, Do., pickled, not otherwise enumerated


6d. 45.

6d. Do., salmon, smoked

ad. Do., do., wet or salted. Flour, rye

· per 200 lbs.

10S, 60, per 196 lbs.

Ss, Do., wheat

8s. Gunpowder Hams.

IS. Indigo

od, Lard and its compounds

3d. Matches, lucifers, and others, per 12 dozen boxes, each box to

id. contain 100 sticks, and in proportion Meat, salted or cured

38. Meal, not wheat meal.

per 200 lbs.

15. Milk, condensed

· per 196 lbs.


.... per ll}, Oil other than petroleum and cotton seed oil.

per bush.

40. Opium

per gal.

od. Peas (not being split peas);

... per 1b. 61 Pork, wet, salted, or cured

· per bush Petroleum and its products, crude and refined

per 200 lbs.

15S. Rice

..,.. per gal


Per too lbs. Do., undressed.

38. Salt

per bush.

1S, per 100 lbs.

18, Sausages, dried or pickled. Shot

..per lb,

2d. .. per 100 lbs.

8s, Soap.


od. Spirits, brandy Do., gin

per gal.

16s. Do., rum, the produce of, and imported from British Posses.

16s. sions. Do., whisky

. per gal.

16s, Methylated spirits recognised by British and American

Spirits of wine, alcohol, and all other spirits, cordials, spirituous

163 p C., a.v.
compounds, or any liquid containing more than 4. p.c. of

proof spirit.. Sugar

· per gal

16s. Tea...

per i co lb.

2S, Tobacco, manufactured, including cavendish

Do., unmanufactured
Do., cigars
Tongues, salied or cured

55. Wheat

per 200 lbs.

159, Wines, in bulk and in bottle (over 125. per gal. is, 6d. extra)

per bush. Wood, per every 1,000 ft, of pitch pine, rough or prepared for

per gal.

3$. 60. buildings, by super ineasure of 1 in. thick,

Oats ..



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