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In an establishment where circumstance and the personal influence of the teacher, as well as mutual example, fill so important a place among the means of attaining the purpose which is in view, the choice of a suitable room is of very principal moment.

On this subject, some general principles may be laid down, which will distinguish those things which are absolutely necessary to the real efficiency of the system, from those which are only desirable.

In the choice of a room, then, it will have sufficiently appeared, that cheerfulness, light, freedom of air, and of dimension, must always be consulted. The walls should, if possible, be spacious, and the roof or ceiling lofty.

The size of the room must be regulated by the number of the children who are to be educated in it. There should be space for the whole of the school with the exception of

the monitors, to sit around the room on seats affixed to the walls, that the area may be perfectly free.

The average of one foot to a child is sufficient.

As one of the principal objects in these establishments is to gain and fix the attention of the school on one spot, and on one person, the form of the room should, if possible, be such as to cause the infants the least personal trouble and effort in doing so.

It is desirable farther, that the voice of the teacher should be equally heard, without effort on his part, and that his person should be seen with equal distinctness, at all the most distant points in the room. If he be obliged to raise his voice, in order to be heard by those who are at a greater distance than others, his tone will almost necessarily seem to approach to that of anger; and the good feelings of his little flock will in consequence be disturbed; whilst, on the other hand, distance will encourage carelessness in those whose attention is not yet sufficiently secured.

It will appear, from these remarks, that one decided aim in the choice and the fitting up of

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