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1. No certiorari for diminution of the record shall be hereafter awarded, in any cause, unless a motion therefor shall be made in writing, and the facts on which the same is founded shall, if not admitted by the other party, be verified by affidavit. And all motions for such certiorari shall be made at the first term of the entry of the cause ; otherwise the same shall not be granted, unless upon special cause shown to the Court, accounting satisfactorily for the delay.

2. In all cases of equity and admiralty jurisdiction heard in this Court, no objection shall hereafter be allowed to be taken to the admissibility of apy deposition, deed, grant, or other exbibit found in the record, as evidence, unless objection was taken thereto in the Court below, and entered of record; but the same shall otherwise be deemed to have been admitted by consent.

3. On Saturday of each week during the sitting of the Court, motions, in cases pot required by the rules of Court to be put upon the docket, shall be entitled to preference, if such motions shall be made before the Court shall have entered upon the bearing of a cause upon the docket.







A. The Apollon, [INSTANCE COURT.]


Bank of Columbia, (Renner v.) [PROMISSOBY NOTE. Evse

Bank of Washington, (M-Gruder v.) (PROMISSORY Note:] 598
Bank of the United States, (Osboro v.) [CONSTITUTIONAL

738 Bank of the United States v. Planters' Bank of Georgia, [CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.]

904 Burr, (Ex parte) (PRACTICE.]

529 Brodie, (Catlett D. (PRACTICE.]

553 Baits v. Peters, (EXTINGUISHMENT.]

556 C. Catlett v. Brodie, [Practice.

553 Craig, (Walden o.) (PRACTICE.]

576 D. Doddridge v. Thompson, (LOCAL Law.]

469 Dorr, (Sebree o.) (LOCAL LAW. PROMISSORY Note.] 558 Danforth v. Wear, (Local Law.

673 E. The Emily and the Caroline, (INSTANCE COURT. SLAVE TRADE Acts.] :

381 Edwards, (Ilugl. o.) (CHANCERY. MORTGAGE.] 489 Ex parte Burr, [PBA ZICE.)

529 Ez parte Wood, (PATENT. Practice.j :

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603 F. The Fanny (Prize.)

658 G. Gibbons o. Ogden, [CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.]

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Hughes 0. Edwards, (CHANCERY. MORTGAGE.]


I. Ingle, (Stuart v.) [PRACTICE.]

526 K. Kirk v. Smith, (LOCAL LAW.)

241 Kerr o. Moor, (Lex Locr.) .

565 Kirkpatrick, (United States o.) (SURETY.)

720 L. Love o. Simms, (LOCAL Law.)

315 M. Meredith o. Picket, (LOCAL Law.]

573 The Monte Allegre, (PRIZE. JUDICIAL SALE.)

616 Mollan o. Torrance, (PRACTICE. JURISDICTION.).

597 M'Gruder o. Bank of Washington, [PROMISSORY NOTE.) 598 M'Iver, (Smith o.) (CHANCERY. JURISDICTION.) :


325 M"Creery o. Somerville, (LOCAL LAW. CONSTRUCTION OF STATUTE.

354 The Merino et al. (INSTANCE Court. SLAVE TRADE Acts.} 391 The Margaret alias Carlos Fernanda, (INSTANCE Court. BHIP REGISTRY Act.).

421 Mason v. Muncaster, (Local Law.]

445 M'Cargo, (Stephens o.) (LOCAL LAW.]

502 Moon, (Kert v.) [Lex Loci )

565 Mlver D. Wattles, (PRACTICE.)

630 Miler v. Stewart, (SURETY.]

680 0. Ogden, (Gibbons o.) (CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.]

1 Osbora o Bank of the United States, (CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. CHANCERY.]

738 P. Peyton o. Robertson, (JURISDICTION.]

527 Peters, (Baits o.) [EXTINGUISHMENT.)

536 Picket, Meredith o.) [LOCAL Law.]

573 Perez, (United States o.) (PRACTICE)

579 Planters' Bank of Grorgia, (Bank of the United States o.) [CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.)

904 R. Riggs u. Tayloe, (EVIDENCE.)

483 Robertson, (Peyton o.) (JURISDICTION.]

527 Renner a. Bank of Columbia, [PROMISSORY Nork. Evi


581 8. Sebree u. Dort, (LOCAL LAW. PRONCIBSORY NOT..]




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Stewart, (Miller o.) (SURETY.]

680 Stewart v. Ingle, [PRACTICE.)

326 Smith o. M'Iver, (CHANCERY. JURISDICTION.]

592 Simms, (Love o.) (LOCAL LAW.).

515 Smith, (Kirk o.) (LOCAL LAW.)

241 Somerville, (M“Creery v.) [LOCAL LAW. CONSTRUCTION or STATUTE.]

954 The St. Jago de Cuba, (INSTANCI Court. Slavi TRADE AcT8. LIEN OF MATERIAL Mox.)

409 Stephens o. M'Cargo, (Local Law.] .

502 T. Taylor ». Mason, [DEVISE.)

925 Tea, (200 chests of,) (INSTANCE COURT.)

430 Thompson, (Doddridge o.) (Local Law.] Tayloe, (Riggs. o.) [EVIDENCE.)

483 Torrance, (Mollan v.) (PRACTICE. JURISDICTION.

537. Turner, (Walker o.) (Local Law.]

541 U. United States o. Perez, (PRACTICE.]

579 United States, (Walton o.) (CONSTRUCTION OF STATUTE.) 651 United States o. Kirkpatrick, (SURBTY.]



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Walker v. Turner, (LOCAL Law.]

541 Walden o. Craig, (PRACTICE.)

576 Wood, (Ez parte) (PATENT. PRACTICE.)

608 Wattles, (M'Iver o.) (PRACTICE.)

650 Walton 0. United States, (CONSTRUCTION OF STATUTE. PRACTICE.)

651 Wear, (Danforth o.) LOCAL LAB.]



The case of Ogden o. Saunders, and the causes involving the question of the validity of the State bankrupt or insolvent laws, which were argued at the present term, by Mr. Clay, Mr. D. B. Ogden, and Mr. Haines, for the validity, and by Mr. Webster and Mr. Wheaton, against it, were continued to the next term, for advisement. It is the intention of the Editor to publish a separate account of these cases, on the rising of the Court at the pext term, and in anticipation of the annual publication of the Reports.

It is also his intention to commence with the next term a new series of the Reports, and to reduce the size of the type, so as to give room for the matter produced by the increased business of the Court, without swelling the volume to an inconvenient bulk.

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