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Sacred Predictions:


Consideration of all Sorts of People at all Times;

more especially, whenever in danger of PUBLIC
CALAMITIES: Collected out of the Holy Scrip-
tures ; shewing the Events, which some Persons
have Reason to fear; and those for which others
have Ground to hope.

Whereunto is added a LETTER, proving, that the pub-

lic Reading the Holy Scriptures on the Lord's-Days is an
Ordinance of divine Appointment, for the spiritual Be-
nefit of all Sorts of Hearers, and is part of that public
Worship which God requires from his People.

All intended for promoting Piety and the Consolation of serious

Christians of every Denomination, when under Afliction, ei-
ther of a temporal or spiritual Kind, frequent in the common
Course of Life ; and likewise for their Comfort in Times of
public Calamities.

And C. R. M. L. C. and R. S. L. S.
Search the Scriptures. John v. 39.

I O N D 0 N:
Printed the J. BUCKLAND, at the Buck in Patera

nofter-Row. MDCCLXI.

101. e1037


F (as alledged in the tenth Letter of this

Book) the Public Reading the Holy Scriptures on the Lord's-Days in the Assemblies of Christians, is an Ordinance of God's Appointment, for the fpiritual Benefit of all sorts of Hearers, and is a Part of the Public Worship He requires from his People; then it ought to be performed in every worshipping Aflembly of Christians, on those Holy Days : And those Congregations, and their Ministers, who have not used this Ordinance ought no longer to neglect it.

The following Queries are proposed to confideration.

1. As to those Ministers of Christ, who have not performed this Part of the Public Worship of God on the Lord's-Days, it is queried, Whether they are not guilty of diminishing from the Things, which the Lord hath commanded, and guilty of withholding from Him Part of the Public Worship which he requires ; and guilty of withholding from serious Christians an Ordinance appointed for their further Instruction, Edification, and Comfort; and guilty of withholding from the ignorant and ungodly Persons, who may come to the Public Worship of God, what he ordained, as a Means of Knowledge, Conversion, and Salvation to their Souls ?


2. As

2. As to the People of those Congregations, it is queried, Whether they are not bound in Duty, for the Glory of God, and the Good of immortal Souls, to entreat their Ministers to perform this as well as the other parts of Public Worship, that so they may enjoy the Advantages, and Comfort of Hearing the Holy Scriptures read


Sabbath Day?

See Col. 417. And say to Archippus, Take beed to the Ministry, which thou had received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.

T. L.

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