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All the leading tables have been retained in this, the third issue of the Statistical Abstract, and have been revised, in some cases enlarged, and brought down to the close of either the financial or calendar year, as the case may be, while, on some matters, information has been given up to the end of May, 1888. A number of new tables have also been added throughout the book, more particularly in the Preliminary Remarks and in Chaps. I, II, III, IV, VII and VIII.

An entirely new chapter on Mineral Statistics has been added, which will be found to contain information of much value, hitherto not available to the public.

The full text of the proposed Fishery Treaty is given in Chap. IX, but owing to the returns of the Fishery Department not having been made up at date of going to press, the figures relating to the fisheries for 1887 are necessarily meagre and incomplete.

As it was found impossible to obtain all the Provincial Reports on Education in time for an early issue of this work, the chapter on Education has been omitted, and will be inserted again, brought down to a common date, in future issues.

Some misapprehension respecting the tariff, as published in last year's issue, having been found to exist, the appendix



to the present number contains a complete tariff, revised to the 31st May, 1888, together with a list of decisions made by the Board of Customs down to the same date.

Official publications have, in all cases, been used when available, and where information has been taken from other works, only the most trustworthy have been used, and in all cases duly acknowledged.

The greatest care has been taken to have all statements and figures absolutely correct, but as liability to error always exists, it is requested, as in former years, that if any errors are detected, they may be reported to this office.


Ottawa, 23rd June, 1888.



Page 43. The Hon. Thomas White, Minister of the Interior and Superintendent General of Indian Affairs, died on the 21st April, 1888. The offices have not yet (23rd June, 1888) been filled.

The Hon. Sir Charles Tupper, G. C. M. G., resigned the position of Minister of Finance, and on 23rd May, 1888 was re-appointed High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom.

The Hon. G. E. Foster, late Minister of Marine and Fisheries, was appointed Minister of Finance on 29th May, 1888.

Mr. Charles H. Tupper, M. P., was appointed Minister of Marine and Fisheries on 31st May, 1888.


The Hon. A. W. McLelan, Postmaster General, to be Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia from 9th July, 1888.

The Hon. John Christian Schultz, to be Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba from 1st July, 1888.

Mr. Joseph Royal, M.P., to be Lieutenant Governor of the North-West Territories from 1st July, 1888.


Page 213. For Sir James Laird read Sir James Caird.
Page 260, par. 360. For "directed " read "diverted."

Page 359, par. 554. For " 5611" light stations read "561."

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