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death of a finner, but rather the People still kneeling, and
that he may turn from his repeating it with him, bolh
wickedness and live, hath given here, and wherefoever else it
power and commandinent to is used in Divine Service.
his Ministers to declare and UR Father, who art in
pronounce to his People, be-

Heaven,Hallowed be thy
ing penitent, the Absolution Name ; Thy Kingdom come;
and Remiffion of their fins. Thy. Will be done on Earth, as
He pardoneth and absolveth it is in Heaven ; Give us this
all those who truly repent, and day our daily bread; And for-
unfeignedly believe his holy give us our trespasses, as we
Gospel. Wherefore, let us forgive those who trespass a-
beseech him to grant us true gainst us; Andlead us not into
repentance, and bis Holy Spi- temptation; But deliver us
rit ; that those things may from evil : For thine is the
please him which we do at this Kingdom, and the Power, and
present, and that the rest of the Glory, for ever and ever,
our life hereafter may be pure Amen.
and holy; so that at the last 1 Then likewise be shall say,
we may come to his eternal O Lord, open thou our lips;
joy, through Jesus Christ our Answ. And our mouth thall

show forth thy praise. The People shall answer here, Here, all standing up, the and at the end of every Prayer, Minister shall say, Amen.

Glory be to the Father, Or this.

and to the Son, and to the Lmighty God, our Hea- Holy Ghost; venly Father, who, of

Answ. As it was in the behisgreat mercy, hath promised ginning, is now, and ever shall Forgiveness of Sins to all those be, world without end. who, with hearty Repentance

Minist. Praise

ye the Lord. and true Faith, turn unto him; Answ. The Lord's name be have mercy upon you, pardon praised. and deliver you from all your Then shall be said or sung the sins, confirm and strengthen following ANTHEM ; except you in all goodness, and bring on those days for zebich other you to everlasting life, through Anthems are appointed; and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

except also, when it is used in Then the Minister shall kneel, the course of the Psalms, on the and say the Lord's Prayer ; nineteenth day of the month.



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Venite, exultemus Domino. confiteri, Deus misereatur,

Come, let us sing unto Benedic Anima mea, May

the Lord, let us heartily be said or fung, the GLORIA rejoice in the strength of our PATRI; and, at the end of the falvation.

whole Portion, or Selection Let us come before his

pre- of Psalms for the day-shall fence with thanksgiving, and be said or sung, the GLORIA fhow ourselves glad in him PATRI, or else the GLORIA with psalms.

In Excelsis, as followeth: For the Lord is a great God; Gloria in Excelsis. and a great kingabove all gods. Lory be to God on high,

In his hand are all the cor- and on earth good ners of the earth ; and the will towards men. We praise ftrength of the hills is his also. thee, we blefs thee, we worship

The sea is his, and he made thee, we glorify thee, we give it; and his hands prepared the thanks tothee for thy great glodry land

ry, O Lord God, heavenly King, O come, let us worship and God the Father Almighty. fall down; and kneel before O Lord, the only begotten the Lord, our Maker. Son, Jesus Chrift; O Lord

For he is the Lord our God; God, Lamb of God, Son of and wearethe people

of his pas- the Father, that takeft away the ture, and the sheep of his hand. sins of the world, have mercy

O worship the Lord in the upon us. Thou that takest beauty of holiness ; let the away the sins of the world, whole

earth stand in awe ofhim. have mercy upon us. Thou For he cometh, for he com- that takeft away the fins of eth to judge the earth ; and the world, receive our prayer. with righteousness to judge Thou that fittest at the right the world, and the people with hand of God the Father, have his truth.

mercy upon us.

For Thou only art holy ; Then mall follow a Portion Thouonly art the Lord; Thou of the Psalms, as they are ap- only, O Christ, with the Holy pointed, or one of the Selec- Ghost, art most high in the glotions of Psalms set forth by ry of God the Father. Amen. this Church: and at the end of | Then shall be read the First every Psalm, and likereise at

Leson, according to the Tathe end of the Venite, Bene- ble or Calendar, after which dicite, Jubilate,Benedictus, shall be said or sung the folCantate Domino, Bonumeft lowing Hymn.


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Note, That before every Thou art the King of GloLesson, the Minister fall ry, O Christ. Jay, Here beginneth such a Thou art the everlasting Chapter, or Verse of such a Son of the Father. Chapter, of such a Book :

When thou tookeft upon And after every Lesson, Here thee to deliver man, thou didst endeth the First, or the humble thyself to be born of Second Leffon.

a Virgin.

When thou hadst overcome Te Deum laudamus.

the sharpness of death, thou

didft open the Kingdom of E praise thee, O God; Heaven to all believers.

we acknowledge thee Thou sittestat the right hand to be the Lord.

of God, in the Glory of the All the earth doth worship Father. thee, the Father everlasting. We believe that thou shalt

To thee all Angels cry come, to be our Judge. aloud; the Heavens, and all Wetherefore pray thee, help the Powers therein.

thy servants, whom thou haft To thee Cherubim and Se- redeemed with thy precious saphim, continually do cry, blood.

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord Make them to be numbered God of Sabaoth.

with thy saints, in glory everHeaven and Earth are full lasting of the Majesty of thy Glory. O Lord, fave thy people,

The glorious company of and bless thine heritage. the Apostles praise thee. Govern them, and lift them The goodly fellowfhip of up

forever. the Prophets praise thee. Day by day we magnify thee;

The noble army of Mar- And we worship thy name, tyrs praise thee.

ever, world without end. The holy Church, through- Vouchsafe, O Lord, to keep out all the world, doth acknow- us this day without sin. ledge thee,

O Lord, have mercy upon The Father, of an infinite us, have mercy upon us. Majesty ;

O Lord, let thy mercy beupThine adorable, true, and on us; as our trust is in thee. only Son ;

O Lord, in thee have I Also the Holy Ghost, the trusted ; let me never be conComforter.




for ever.

O ye

Or this Canticle. Oye Frost and Cold, bless Benedicite, omnia opera Domini. ye the Lord; praise him, and

Allye works of the Lord, magnify him for ever.

bless ye the Lord; praise Oye Ice and Snow, bless him, and magnify him for ever. ye the Lord; praise him, and

Oye Angels of the Lord, magnify him for ever. bless ye the Lord; praise him, Oye Nights and Days, bless and magnify him for ever. ye the Lord; praise him, and O O ye heavens, bless

ye the magnify him for ever. Lord; praise him, and mag- O ye Light and Darkness, nify him for ever.

bless ye the Lord; praise him, O ye waters that be above and magnify him for ever. the Firmament, bless


the Oye Lightnings and Clouds, Lord ; praise him, and mag- bless ye the Lord; praise him, nify him for ever.

and magnify him for ever. o all ye powers of the O let the Earth bless the Lord, bless ye the Lord; Lord; yea, let it praise him, praise him, and inagnify him and magnify him for ever.

Mountains and Hills, Oye Sun and Moon, bless bless ye the Lord ; praise him,

O ye the Lord; praise him, and, and magnify him for ever. magnify him for ever.

O all ye green Things upon Oye Stars of Heaven, bless Earth, bless yethe Lord; praise ye the Lord; praise him, and him, and magnify him forever. magnify him for ever.

O ye Wells, bless ye the V ye Showers and Dew, Lord; praise him, and magbless ye the Lord; praise him, nify him for ever. and magnify hiin for ever. Oye Seas and Floods, bless

O ye Winds of God, bless ye the Lord; praise him, and ye the Lord; praise him, and magnify him for ever. magnify him for ever.

O ye Whales, and all that Oye Fire and Heat, bless move in the Waters, bless ye ye the Lord; praise him, and the Lord; praise him, and magnify him for ever. magnify him for ever.

Oye Winter and Summer, O all ye Fowls of the Air, bless ye the Lord; praise him, bless ye the Lord; praise him,

; and magnify him for ever. and magnify him for ever. Oye Dews and Frosts, bless O all

ye Beasts and Cattle, the Lord; praise him, and bless ye the Lord; praise him, magnify him for ever. and magnify him for ever.




Oye Servants of the Lord, Bulirach, for he hath vifited

for ever.

Oye Children of Men, bless thankful unto him, and speak ye the Lord; praise him, and good of his Name. magnify him for ever.

For the Lord is gracious, Ó let Israel bless the Lord; his mercy is everlasting ; and praise him, and magnify him his truth endureth from genefor ever.

ration to generation. Oye Priests of the Lord,

Or this Hymn. bless ye the Lord; praise him,

Benedictus. St. Luke i. 63. and magnify him for ever.

Lefled be the Lord God of bless ye the Lord; praise him, and magnify him for ever.

and redeemed his people, Oye Spirits and Souls of

And hath raised up a mighthe righteous, bless ye the ty salvation for us, in the house Lord; praise him, and

of his servant David;

magnify him for ever.

As he spake by the mouth Oye holy and humble Men of his holy Prophets, which of heart, bless ye the Lord; have been since the world praise him, and magnify him began ;

That we fhould be saved

from our enemies, and from Then shall be read, in like the hand of all that hate us. manner, the Second Lefon, taken out of the New Testa- A Then shall be said the Apof

tles Creed by the Minister ment, according to the Table or Calendar ; and after that,

and the People, standing :

And the following Psalm.



the words, He descended Jubilate Deo. Pfalm c.

into Hell, or may, instead of Be joyful in the Lord, them, use the words, Hewent all

ye lands ; serve the into the place of departed Lord with gladness, and come Spirits, which are considered before his presence with a song. as words of tbe same meaning

Be ye sure that the Lord he in the Creed. is God, it is he that hath made Believe in God the Father us, and not we ourselves; we Almighty, Maker of heaare his people and the fheep ven and earth : of his pasture.

And in Jesus Christ his ongo your way into his ly Son our Lord ; Who was gates with thanksgiving, and conceived by the Holy Ghost, into his courts with praise ; be Born of the Virgin Mary,


may omit

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