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ITALY CONTINUED—Proclamation of King Victor Emmanuel to the People

of Southern Italy The Piedmontese Army enters the Abruzzi-Defeat of

the Neapolitan Royalists by General Cialdini-Meeting of King Victor

Emmanuel and Garibaldi—The Royalist Army retires behind the Garig-

liano-Investment of Gaeta and surrender of Capua-Interference of

the French Emperor-Occupation of Roman territory by the French-

Incident at Viterbo — Entry of the King of Sardinia into Naples-

Garibaldi retires to Caprera–His last Proclamation to his Soldiers-

Reactionary attempts in the Neapolitan territory.

SPAIN AND MOROCCO-Causes which led to a war between these two coun-

tries—General O'Donnell, at the head of the Spanish Army, lands in

Africa --Stipulations insisted upon by the British Government-Final

defeat of the Moors at Tetuan—Treaty of Peace-Carlist attempt at

Insurrection-Renunciation of claims to the Spanish Crown by the Comte

de Montemolin-Subsequent revocation by him of that Act.

Austria-Imperial Patent constituting an enlarged Reichsrath-Manifesto

of the Emperor of Austria, and Imperial Diploma establishing a new

Constitution-Autograph Letters of the Emperor to the great Func-

tionaries of State.

Syria-Massacre of Christians by the Druses in the towns of the Lebanon

-- Disgraceful conduct of the Turkish authorities-Scenes at Zaleh and

Deir-el-Kammar-Outrages and Massacre at Damascus-Convention by

the Western Powers as to interference in Syria— Departure of French

Troops for the East-Vigorous conduct of Fuad Pasha in punishing

the guilty-Appointment of Lord Dufferin as British Commissioner in


· [241


Taku Forts-Abortive attempts at negotiation--Occupation of Tien-
tsin -- Duplicity of the Chinese Commissioners — The Allied Forces
advance from Tien-tsin-- Treacherous conduct of the Tartar General-
Engagement with the enemy at Tangchow-Seizure of Messrs. Parkes,
Loch, Brabazon, and others, by the Chinese Fate of the Prisoners-
Narrative of the Captivity and Release of Messrs. Parkes and Loch-
Advance upon Pekin— Capture and Plunder of the Emperor's Summer
Palace-Surrender of Pekin to the Allies-Destruction of the Summer
Palace-Convention with the Chinese Government, and Ratification of

the Treaty of Tien-tsin.
UNITED STATES-Danger to the Union from the Question of Slavery– The

Missouri Compromiso-The Nebraska Bill—Question of Election of a
President in 1856--Mr. Buchanan's conduct-The Kansas Bill-Resolu-
tions of the House of Representatives hostile to Mr. Buchanan-His
Protest-Contest for the Election of a New President The Candidates
-Mr. Abraham Lincoln becoines President elect--His previous history

-Meeting of Congress---Message of the President.
Tories-Questions of Slavery and Secession--Relations with Great Britain

--Kansas-African Slave Trade--Filibustering

. [258






STATE OF PUBLIC OPINION at the Beginning of the Year-Progress

of Events in Italy-Great Interest felt in England in these Transac-
tions-The expected Reform Bill-General Absence of Agitation or
Excitement on the Question --Financial Affairs-Éxpectations of
large Changes in this Direction—PARLIAMENT ASSEMBLED ON 24TH
JAXTART - Her Majesty's Speech from the ThroneThe Address in
the House of Lords is mored by Lord Fitzwilliam, and seconded by
Lord Truro-Speeches of Earl Grey, the Duke of Newcastle, Marquis
of Normanby, Earl of Derby, and Earl Grantillem The Address is
agreed to, nem. con.-- In the Commons the Address is more by Mr.
St. Aubyn, and seconded by Lord Henley-Mr. Disraeli anten at
some length into the projected new commercial relations with France,
and also into the Italian policy of the Government-Lord Palmerston
in answer, states that the Commercial Treaty with France has been
signed, and justifies its prorisions-He also vindicates the policy of
non-interference adopted by his Cabinet in regard to Italy-The
Address is roted without opposition - Some further debate on the
French Treaty arises on bringing up the Report - Pemarks of the
Chancellor of the Exchequer and of Mr. Horsman-Foreix
Arvairs-Warlike preparations in France - Mr. Kingslake oddrama
a question to Lord J. Russell on this subject-His answet- The
Marquis of Normanby takes up the cause of the deposed Goretuments
in ItalyHe mores an Address to the Crown respecting the antici-
pated anneration of Saroy and Nice to France-Speeches of Earls

Granville, Grey, and Shaftesbury, the Duke of Newcastle, Earl of


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