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that he may apply them at once to the business in hand. The Bible is a manual for our daily service in life. Each day, each hour we must use diligently the fitting means of grace; or we cannot expect to receive that grace. The promise is, not to work in our stead, but, to work in us, and work with us, during our earthly trials and discipline : and faithful is He who gives us that promise. When He may see us “ faint, yet pursuing,” He will supply us that food, in the strength of which we shall be enabled to accomplish our pilgrimage. As we journey towards our heavenly Canaan, it will be a present help in all danger and strength, under all fear and darkness, that we shall not get the land in possession by our own sword, neither shall our own arm save us, but Thy right hand and Thine outstretched arm, and the light of Thy countenance, O Lord God Almighty.

Friday, Dec. 28, 1828.


Edit. 1824. p. 189.

To be read before Morning Prayer. THE Lord hath brought us safe to the beginning of this day, let us therefore give Him thanks for this and for all His mercies. Let us pray that we may live in the fear of God, and continue in love and charity with our neighbours, that the Lord may bless our honest endeavours,

and make us content with what His providence shall order for us. And that we may continue His faithful servants unto our lives' end. For all which blessings let us devoutly pray.

To be read before Evening Prayer. BY the favour of God, we are come to the evening of this day, and we are so much nearer to our latter end. Let us seriously consider this, and pray God to fit us for the hour of death. Let us with penitent hearts beseech Him to pardon our sins; and to deliver us from the evils which we have justly deserved. Let us resolve to amend where we have done amiss, and pray God that His grace may ever be with us. And that we may be safe under His protection Who alone can defend us from all dangers, as well ghostly as bodily ; for all which blessings let us devoutly pray.




IN the name of our Redeemer we would thank Thee, Lord God Almighty, that Thou hast preserved our lives unto another day. In His name and for His sake we would earnestly beseech Thee to carry us through the same in cheerful obedience to Thy will. Leave us not for one moment to our own devices and desires, but teach us deeply to feel, and meekly to acknowledge, our iniquity. Let Thy Holy Spirit work in us an abiding conviction of our true state, and incline us to look ever to His cross, in whom alone is our health and our hope. Enable us to turn from every known error, and to abstain from every dangerous indulgence. Overrule us in all we think, and say, and do, to keep under our bodies, and follow what belongs unto our peace. Deliver us from all indolence and intemperance ; from the deceitfulness of riches ; from the snares of the world ; and from all fleshly wisdom. Humble us entirely before Thy throne, and help our unbelief, that in continual prayer and heedful vigilance we seek from Thee our only strength, and hold in Thee our every purpose. Cleanse our hearts, and day by day renew within us a right spirit, that we may honestly desire, and stedfastly endeavour, to amend our lives according to Thy word. Teach us to seek Thy righteousness in fervent faith and singleness of mind. Make us deeply and sincerely thankful to Thee for the many comforts and conveniences we are enjoying, for Thy great goodness to us and to all men; for the means of grace and the hope of glory. Throughout this day, keep steadily before us the certainty of death and judgment, so far as in Thee we may bear that awful truth. Enable each of us to conduct ourselves aright to every member of this household, and to every other person with whom we may have any inter

Give us grace to improve each passing hour, to discharge every present duty. Bless our friends and relations. According to Thy providence and mercy train us all up to love Thee. In sickness and in sorrow, in health and in prosperity, guard and protect us all in soul and body. Grant that we may indeed embrace and evermore hold fast the blessed hope of salvation in Jesus Christ, may truly live and die in Him, through whom all glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever. Amen.


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