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No. 5. Ordinance to extend the Gold
Coast Ordinances throughout the
territories on the coast of Guinea
recently transferred by the King
of the Netherlands to Her Ma-

No. 3. Ordinance to make better provi-
sion for the Storage of Gun-
powder in the Settlement on
the Gold Coast.

Vide No. 4 of 1878; No. 6 of 1885.


No. 2. Ordinance to provide for the
Emancipation of Persons holden
in Slavery.

Amended by No. 1 of 1875.

No. 1. Ordinance to provide for the Abo- March 16th, 1875.
lition of Slave-dealing.

No. 6. Ordinance to make provision for
the Authentication and for a
Record of Ordinances.

No. 7. Ordinance

Confirmed in Despatch
No. 50, August 8th,


for regulating the

Confirmation Gazetted.

July 11th, 1873.

No. 1. Ordinance to amend "The Gold July 14th, 1875.
Coast Emancipation Ordinance,

Sale of Spirits.

Amended as to Sign-boards on Spirit Stores by
No. 4 of 1880.

Amended as to Informer's Rewards by No. 7 of

Applied to Volta River District, December 1st,

No. 3. Ordinance for Embodying in one
Ordinance the Rules of Interpre-
tation applicable to certain
Terms and Provisions usually
adopted in Ordinances and Rules
of Court.

Confirmation Gazetted.

March 16th, 1875.

March 19th, 1876.

June 26th, 1876.

March 31st, 1877.


No. 4. Ordinance for the Constitution of January 22nd, 1877.
a Supreme Court, and for other
purposes relating to the Admin-
istration of Justice.

Proclaimed, January 22nd, 1877.
Came into operation, April 4th, 1877.
Jurisdiction of Supreme Court, limited as to
Probate, Divorce, and Matrimonial Causes,
in Protectorate of Lagos under Sect. 22,
April 4th, 1877.

District of Lagos defined, April 4th, 1877.
Order under Sect. 22 as to times and places of

Sittings of Divisional Courts, April 4th, 1877.
Order as to Appeals from Supreme Court to
Queen in Council, gazetted February 15th,

District of Winnebah defined, March 9th, 1878.
District of Saltpond and Anamaboe defined,
March 9th, 1878.

Order under Sect. 2, 0.47, r. 13, as to labour of
judgment debtors, April 29th, 1878.

District of Elmina defined, November 4th, 1878.
District of Secondee defined, September 2, 1880.
District of Volta River defined, September 2nd,

District of Pram Pram defined, September 2nd,

Rule as to Counsel's Retainers gazetted, June
30th, 1881.

Order as to Office hours and days of Sitting of
Court gazetted, February 2nd, 1885.
Rule as to Administration of Estates gazetted,
March 11th, 1885.

Order in Council constituting Supreme Court of
the Gold Coast Colony an Appeal Court
from the Supreme Court of Lagos, pro-
claimed November 12th, 1886.

Amended as to appointments of District Com

missioners, Coroners, and Sheriff's by No. 3 January 22nd, 1877.

of 1883.

No. 5. Ordinance to make provision in
relation to Criminal Law and Pro-


Confirmation Gazetted.

Proclaimed, January 22nd, 1877.

Came into operation, April 4th, 1877.
Order made under Section 110 for appropriating
offences to be tried by Jury, April 4th,

Amended as to fees of Government Medical
Officers at Inquests by No. 7 of 1879.
Amended as to special jurisdiction of District
Commissioners by No. 3 of 1883.

Amended as to exemption from Juries by No. 15

of 1883.


No. 8. Ordinance regulating the Acqui- June 26th, 1876.
sition and Vesting of Lands for
the Public Service.

No. 9. Ordinance to amend the Law rela- March 12th, 1877.
ting to Prisons.

Prison at Salt Pond declared, May 22nd, 1877;
March 9th, 1878 ; August 18th, 1884.
Prison at Court House, Accra, declared, May
22nd, 1877.

Prison at Winnebah declared, March 9th, 1878;
December 12th, 1881.

Prisons at Elmina and Lagos declared March 9th,

Prison at Secondee declared, April 29th, 1878.
Prisons at Palma and Leckie declared, December
10th, 1881.

Prison at Akropong declared, December 9th,1882.
Prison at New Site Court House declared, Janu-
ary 16th, 1883.

Prison at Accra declared, July 23rd, 1883.
Prison at Akuse declared, September 17th, 1886.
Rules made under Rule 43 of Schedule as to labour
of prisoners, gazetted October 26th, 1883.
Rules made under Rule 35 of Schedule as to hard
labour of prisoners, gazetted March 26th,

As to treatment of sick prisoners,vide No.3 of 1884.
As to treatment of lunatic prisoners, vide No. 3
of 1885.

Confirmation Gazetted.

No. 10. Ordinance to make provision for February 28th, 1877.

the Management and Regulation
of the Customs and Trade of the
Gold Coast Colony and adjacent

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Rule as to taking Goods out of Warehouses,

Rates for Queen's Warehouse fixed, December
13th, 1886.

Amended as to Exportation during general pro-
hibition by No. 14 of 1877.
Amended as to Informer's Rewards by No. 7 of


Amended as to Export Entries by No. 8 of 1886.

No. 2. Ordinance amending Customs May 6th, 1877.
Tariff Ordinances.

Practically repealed after Jannary 1st, 1888, by
No. 5 of 1887.

As to duties east of the Volta River, see No. 6
of 1887.

No. 5. Ordinance to consolidate the Law
relating to Promissory Oaths.

No. 6. Ordinance to provide for the more
convenient administration of
"The Extradition Acts, 1870
and 1873."

Proclaimed, January 12th, 1878.

No. 12. Ordinance to make provision rela-
ting to Suits by and against the
Government, and as to the Costs

Confirmation Gazetted.

No. 13. Ordinance for promoting the
Revision of the Statute Law by
repealing certain Enactments
which have ceased to be in force,
or have become unnecessary.
Proclaimed, January 3rd, 1878.
Vide No. 1 of 1886.

June 27th, 1877.

No. 8. Ordinance consolidating Customs July 3rd, 1877.
Tariff Ordinances. [LAGOS.]

January 12th, 1878.

November 2nd, 1877.

December 27th, 1877.

No. 14. Ordinance to enable the Go- February 28th, 1878.

vernor to permit in particular
cases certain Articles to be ex-
ported during the subsistence
of any general prohibition of
such exportation.

No. 15. Ordinance to make better provi- May 11th, 1878.

sion for the Filling up of Swamp

Lands in the Town of Lagos.



No. 16. Ordinance for regulating the Re-
lations between Employers and
Employed under Contracts.
As to Appeals vide No. 7 of 1884.

No. 18. Ordinance to provide for the Re-
gistration and Protection in
certain other respects of Alien
Children in Lagos. [LAGOS.]
Amended as to Informer's Rewards by No. 7 of

No. 3. Ordinance relating to Pilotage in
the Harbour of Lagos, and for
Regulating the said Harbour,
and Promoting the Health of
Seamen therein. [LAGOS.]

Rules made September 1st, 1880.
Amended as to Steamers with Gunpowder in
Lagos Harbour by No. 13 of 1882.

No. 2. Ordinance relating to Sales by April 19th, 1878.

Amended as to Informer's Rewards by No. 7 of

No. 4. Ordinance to Regulate Dealing
in Ammunition and Arms.
Amended as to Informer's Rewards by No. 7 of

Amended as to rent for storage in Government
Magazine by No. of 1885

Amended as to quantities of Explosive Ammu-
nition which may be kept in store by
No. 5 of 1886.

Confirmation Gazetted.

As to storage of gunpowder at Cape Coast, vide

No. 3 of 1873.

As to importation of Explosives, vide No. 4 of


Applied to Akuse, January 1st, 1887.

March 17th, 1878.

March 8th, 1878.

Confirmed in Despatch No. 33, June 21st, 1878.

Confirmed in Despatch No. 41, April 3rd, 1878.

No. 9. Ordinance to provide for the November 30th, 1878.

Levying of Light-dues in the
Settlement on the Gold Coast.

No. 10. Ordinance for better regulating November 30th, 1878.

the Police of Towns and Popu

lous Places, and Promoting the
Public Health.

Applied to Accra, Cape Coast, Elmina and Lagos,
February 1st, 1879.

Applied to Winnebah, February 1st, 1880.
Applied to Axim, Dixcove, Salt Pond, Christians-
borg, and Quittah, May 6th, 1880.

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