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tember, 1888, and the right of reproducing them has been generously conceded by the owners of the copyright. The other, on Burns, has not been previously published. It was delivered as a lecture before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution. In reference to it, as Mr. Lobban tells us, Professor Minto said that it was “most distinctly the best thing” that he had ever written. The projected “Reconsiderations” would have included, among others, an essay on John Donne, two papers on Wordsworth,-originally contributed to the Nineteenth Century,—and another on “ Matthew Arnold's Meliorism." As the last of these does not fall within the literature of the era included in the lectures which follow, and the first belongs to a previous period, while Wordsworth has been discussed in the course of this volume, these papers are not included in the Supplement.

W. K.

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