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illustration. Particularly in respect to the plagues in Egypt, it does not appear that any writer has observed that correspondence which seems to subsist between the offence and the punishment, as well as between the people and their customs. It will afford me great satisfaction if this correspondence should appear universally obvious and precise, and founded in truth. As what I here present to the public is a small part of a large collection, I may possibly, if I live, venture to produce other observations upon similar subjects, and of a like tendency. For my chief labour has been, ever since I have had opportunities of reading, observing, and forming an unbiassed opinion, to do honour to the religion which I profess, and to authenticate the Scriptures upon which it is founded.


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Of the Powers with which Moses was invested
A short Recapitulation of preceding Remarks
Objection answered

Observations upon the Route taken by Moses and the Is-
raelites upon their Departure

The Encampment upon the extreme Point of the Red-sea
Of the Israelites Arrival at Sinai

Their Attempt to get to the Land of Promise

Of their Procedure after the Death of Moses
Arguments from the Law for its Divine Original
Farther Observations showing the Impossibility of their
Laws being of Human Invention

The Spirit of Truth throughout apparent

The Argument still pursued


Of the Place of Residence given to the Children of Israel
in Egypt, and of their Departure from it

The Situation of some of the Places determined, upon which
the History depends

The Situation of the City Heliopolis more particularly de-


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