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A just view of the character of one who shone quite as much in the privacy of the domestic circle, as in his more public sphere of ministerial labour and usefulness, could not be given, without many details which do not usually find their way into the memoirs of public men; but probably these may not be deemed the least useful parts of the work. The sum of human life is made up chiefly of such little incidents; and the exhibition of Christian principle in connection with these, may be instructive to the mass of readers.

To the candour of the Christian public, and to the blessing of God, the writer now commits these pages, though by no means insensible to their defects. If, however, through the Divine blessing, they may be the means of promoting among the ministers and people of the Wesleyan Connexion, (for whose use they are especially intended,) the spirit and practice by which our fathers were distinguished, the object of the biographer will be secured; and the great purpose will be furthered, to which his venerated parent devoted a long, laborious, consistent, and exemplary life.

WAKEFIELD, Nov. 1, 1848.


Purchases a horse, &c.—Conversion of his mother—Sorrowful

parting-Fellow labourers—Extent of Oxfordshire Circuit-

Re-appointment to Halifax—Diary-Extraordinary manifestation

-Entertains the design to marry-Providentially led to an ac-
quaintance with Miss Pawson—Visits Thorner-Secretly in-
jured by a tale-bearer—Conversion of John Kershaw-Lord's
Supper in the family—Mr. Pawson's illness— Visits Leeds and
Thorner-Scrutinizes his own motives in respect to marriage-
Dissension about the Sacrament - Anxiety to follow Providence
Visits Dewsbury--Correspondence with Miss Pawson-Mar-
riage—They unite in a Covenant with God.

p. 78

Mrs. E.'s early conversion and religious character—They live

with Mr. and Mrs. Pawson-Helpers of each other's prayers
and faith—Remarkably blessed together-In company with the
Rev. C. Hopper-Extracts from Diary-Appointed to Leeds
Visits Harewood Castle—His wife's dangerous fall-Harewood
Church-Gracious manifestation Letter to Mrs. Pawson-Re-
· quested to preach a political sermon-Memoirs of Dr. Doddridge
-Interruption of studies—Dines with a High-Church politi-
cian-Prevalence of party spirit-Opens a new Chapel at Kes-
wick-Review of the year 1792—Birth of a son-Baptized by
the Rev. J. Pawson-Visits Thorner-Humble views of him-
self— Violent temptation—Overpowering sense of the holiness

and love of God - Leeds Conference-Sacramental question-
Twenty-three preachers admitted into Full Connexion-Re-
appointed to Leeds—The Lord's Supper administered at Hol-
beck-Opposition Letter to the Rev. R. Reece-The Vicar of
Leeds and Baptismal Regeneration, Division at Birmingham-
Singular trial from a fallen band-mate — Support - Lessons
learned—Trial increases--Early Rising-Deliverance. Letter
to a Candidate for Holy Orders-Remarkable outpouring of
the Holy Spirit, Woodhouse-Harewood-Confusion at Belisle

-Thorner Letter to the Rev. R. Reece-Visits Lancashire
-Chapel Town, Woodlesford-Rothwell—Birstal—Thorner-

Horsforth-Dun-Keswick – Harewood -- Abundant labours

Delicate health–Increase of numbers-Humbled by success-

Appointed to Colne.

Journey on horseback to London—Mr. Thom—Sheffield singing-

Nottingham- Leicester, Northampton— Conference- Expul-
sion of the Rev. A. Kilham-Appointed to Wakefield—Birth of
a daughter-Family afflictions-Barnsley Society disturbed by
Mr. Kilham-Cultivates a pacific spirit-His views of Mr.
Kilham's New Constitution and the agitation about Church
Government-Death of his son Marmaduke-Profitable inter-

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