Sivut kuvina

But if the salt its virtue lose,
And ye


of darkness choose; Slight all my counsel, and refuse

To preach impartial love ;
'Tis thenceforth useless but to cast
Into the streets, where trav'llers pass,
And trampl'd on by ev'ry class,
Throughout the world in ev'ry place,

Where mortals live and move.
As burning lights I send you forth,
Into this dark benighted earth,
Wherever sin and moral death

Have spread their baleful shade.
A city on mount Zion's hill,
Cannot its shining light conceal,
But speaks aloud my Father's will,
That I, his Son, should rend the vail,

O'er all the nation spread.

blushing, blissful morn indeed! Where alĩ from sin and bondage freed, Shall lay aside each human creed,

And round one altar bend :

free grace, shall be the song,
Which shall employ each thankful tongue;
While endless ages roll along;
And peace, unsullied peace, shall reign

Throughout fair Canaan's land,

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