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by its light, the tree by its , Which is in Heaven is perfruit, and the cause by its | fect 8.” effects.

! This light of the faith of The great and general end God's elect, is not hid under of this Divine Presence, is a bushel, but shines before to regenerate and assimilate men, in all the good works the spirit of man to the of soberness, righteousness, Holy Spirit of God; to ren- | and godliness, to the gloder the carnal mind spiri- ry of God, the Father of tual; the earthly, to be lights". come a Heavenly-minded 2. “God is a consuming soul; to mould that nature, fire ;” and accordingly the which is in itself merely souls possessed by Him, are human, into a Divine and purged as with fire, from the Celestial temper, or, in the sordid dross and dregs of all words of the Apostle, to be brutish affections, and irra"made partakers of the Di- tional appetites, and from vine nature"." As for in- | whatsover is offensive to the star

eyes of God's Majesty. 1. “God is light, and in Their desires are purified Him is no darkness at alle" as by fire, from all sloth and and such are all the blessed / negligence, and quickened souls in whom He resides, in the ways of righteousness they “are children of the and life. light and of the day, not of | Their hearts are inflamed the night and of darkness?." with the sacred fires of Di

Their understandings are vine love, of a holy discreet enlightened to know God, zeal, and fervent devotion both in the perfections of in their prayers unto God, His nature, and in the ways and praises of Him. of His service : The several And as fire imprints its parts of Whose Divine Ser- own nature upon every vice, are no other but the thing it seizeth" upon ; so several ways of man's salva- doth the Lord conform the tion; and this salvation is soul He possesseth into His attained in the imitation and own likeness and Divine representation of the Divine perfections. perfections : “Be ye there- 3.“ God is the Fountain fore perfect, as your Father of living watersi ;” and & 2 Pet. 1. 4. • 1 John i. 5. 1 Thess. v. 5. & Matt. v. 48. Matt. v. 16.

i Jer, ii. 13.

where He especially dwells, gracious, and long-suffering; He allays the heat of carnal - forgiving one another, concupiscence, subdues the even as God for Christ's inordinate love of riches, sake hath forgiven youk." quencheth the fires of strife | It is thus the decayed and contention, of blind Image of God in the souls zeal and faction, of malice of men is renewed; it is and hatred, envy, and every thus the sons of men are reexorbitant lust, as being generate and born again, Himself the full satisfaction and become the sons of God, of all the vast desires of the “ being followers of God as inmortal souls.

dear children,” by imitat4.“ God is all purity and ing the perfections, and reholiness, goodness and mer- presenting the excellencies cy, justice and truth,” and, of the Godhead, in the inin a word, the summary of nocence and purity, piety all perfection and felicity; and charity, both of the and therefore all those hap. heart and of the life, fulfillpy souls wherein Hedwells, | ing that all-perfect rule of are pure as He is pure, mer- | Christian perfection, “ Ye ciful as He is merciful, shall be holy, for I the Lord righteous and just, good, your God am holy."


“ As the hart,” hunted God," the Fountain of live and wearied, “ panteth after | ing waters, even of all the the water-brooks,” for re- ; most full satisfactions and fuge and refreshment; “ so consolations of life and immy soul,” in her weary pil- | mortality. grimage here upon earth, “ When shall I come to “ longeth after Thee, O appear before the Presence Godm:" in Whom the weary of God ?” find rest, and the persecuted O my God, when will succour and support. that happy hour come, when

“ My soul is athirst for I shall be satisfied with God, even for the living | Thy Presence, when I shall

Eph. iv. 32. 11 Pet. i. 16. m Psalm xlii. 1. Ver. 2.

duty ?

love Thee with the most creature, I meet with noseraphic fervour, worship | thing but disappointments Thee with the greatest devo- | of my hope, with perpetual tion and reverence my soul disquietude and perturbacan exhibit, wherein I shall | tion, which they shall never fear and adore Thee, serve want, who think they can be and praise Thee with all my happy without Thee my God. might, which is my most earnest desire and bounden


“ As for me, I will behold When will that happy | Thy presence in righteoushour come, wherein I shall nesso." I cannot otherwise so truly die unto the world, hope, but in righteousness and die unto myself, that I | to enjoy the Presence of may solely and wholly live my God; “ for He is of unto God ? that my God purer eyes than to behold may be my all, and in all, | iniquity.” even all my hope and desire, Awaken, blessed Lord, all my joy and delight, my awaken my soul from off Glory and my Worship, my the soft bed of carnal secuLight and my Life, my | rity, and of all slothfulness Strength and my Health, and negligence : that I may my Defence and my Shield, be both entirely and zeamy Leader and my Guide; lously devoted to Thy serso as that I neither eat or vice in all the powers and drink, sleep or wake, move parts, faculties and appetites, or act any thing, having affections and actions both not my eyes fixed first upon of my soul and body, resolvHeaven for direction and a ing rather to die a thousand blessing therein ?

deaths than wilfully to transUntil this happy hour gress any of Thy most holy come, I must not hope to laws; and to die in earnest, enjoy any true, solid con- if occasion be offered, for tentment, which is not at the honour of Thy Name, tainable but in the Presence Which is Great, Wonderful, of God.

and Holy. And whilst I rove and 0 may I thus, may I ramble in my imaginations resolvedly thus, steadfastly and desires after any the thus, “behold Thy Preexterior consolations of the sence in righteousness; and

Psalm xvii. 15.


when I awake up after Thy glory of Thy grace here, likeness, I shall be satisfied which leads to eternal glory with it."


“For Thy loving-kind

ness is better than life it“O God, Thou art my selfs.” It is all the joy God," and my all, even all and comfort of my life, withthat I am, and all that I out which, my life of nature have, and all that I hope to ! is but a living death, and be or to enjoy. “ Early will my life of grace without I seek Thee :" in the morn- | any quickening vigour. In ing of the day, in the morn- | the mean time, “my lips ing of my life, in the morn- shall praise Thee ;" and ing light of Divine grace, this is an effect of Thy lovwhereby I am excited both ing-kindness, moving my early and late to seek Thee. heart to dictate to my lips

“My soul thirsteth for to praise Thy Name. Thee, my flesh also longeth “Blessed is the people, after Thee 9:” that my flesh O Lord, that can rejoice in being subject to the spirit, Thee; they shall walk in the both soul and body may light of Thy countenance. rejoice in Thee; not in the “ Their delight shall be world, for that is “a barren | daily in Thy Name: and and dry land where no wa- in Thy righteousness shall ter is ;" affording no waters | they make their boast. of Consolation, but such as “For Thou art the glory clog and cloy, but allay of their strength : and in not the thirst of the soul. Thy loving-kindness Thou Therefore,

shalt lift up our horns. “ Thus have I waited for | “For the Lord is our DeThee in holiness? :" and 0 fence: the holy One of that I could wait upon | Israel is our King!" Thee, with such separate “O save Thy people, and affections from all sensua- i give Thy blessing unto lity and earthiness, that I Thine inheritance : feed might“ behold Thy power," them, and set them up for which is chiefly manifested | ever"." in shewing mercy and pity ; | Our Father, Which artand Thy glory, even the lin Heaven, &c. · P Psalm lxiii. 1. Ver. 2. r Ver. 3.

s Ver. 4, * Psalm lxxxix. 16–19.

u Psalm xxviii. 10.


UPON UNITY IN THE PUBLIC WORSHIP OF GOD. 1. “ Such as be truly , been brought even to the members of Christ's Mysti- ! last gasp of expiration : cal Body, the holy Catholic l nor can we hope to have Church, do conceive that the still bleeding wounds of they ought to be unanimous our divisions healed (whatin the service of God, as ever other remedies may be the only way upon earth to prescribed) till waiving that partake of the benefits of fondness which most men the Communion of Saints. have for private prayers in

2. That we should all a public congregation, we join in prayers unto God, do all join with reverence after one way, and one man- and devotion in those holy ner, is not only commanded prayers, and divinely-inspirby our Lord, Matt. vi. 9, ed praises of God, which are but also in the use of the prescribed, and have been same words, Luke xi. 2, practised in the Church of whereunto also we are ad-Christ, in all the ages theremonished, Rom. xv. 6, that ! of. “ ye may with one mind 5. We cannot reasonably and with one mouth glorify imagine that our various God even the Father of our and multitudinous private Lord Jesus Christ.”

I prayers in public, do con3. It is observable by sad duce to the more pleasing experience, that variety of of God, Who requires no prayers in public, by Minis- such service from us, and ters of the same Church, cannot be pleased with such hath bred and so doth still prayers as are breaches of foment variety in opinions : our solemn promises, when and various opinions in re-ordained Ministers of the ligion have bred such a con- Church; no, alas! such trariety of affections, as prayers are not to please hath dissolved all the bonds God, but to please men, to of Christian charity.

tickle the itching ears of 4. Under the sad pressure men of corrupt minds : and of this schism we have a it is the scratching of these long time groaned, and ! cars that hath brought such

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