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Y rain

14. The Saviour's blood heals ev'ry

Malady; And help'd by grace, we venture out to Sea,

Ihr tapfren Areiter unlers Gamms. 15. Grace leads fome East, some Wef, in queft of souls,

E valiant warriors of our And others to the South and Northern

train ! poles.

Relations of the Godhead known; 16. Plain the Sea-congregation fees With sweat and blood of the Lamb and feels,

slain, That Jesu's grace the highest Waves Servants well sprinkled ev'ry one! outswells.

What Weapons, yea, what spear and 17. Their mafts may crack, and split, Do pierce your adversary thro'?

sword and down may break, The Babes will smile, tho' others fear That with effe& they nought can do

How is those spirits work ftill marrd, and shake. 18. Grace keeps one Ship, detains Is it by blaft and roar and smoke,

Which its anchor falt;

great machines of war can And makes another like an arrow These we don't use, nor at them look;

yield? haste.

But the Lamb's ransom once fulfillid, 19. Grace is to messengers, whom The thorny Crown, the Nail-print Jesus sends,

red, The grave of some ; and others' | The Back so fore, (by scourges beat) life extends.

Of God's Lamb once on Cross out. 20. Grace surely loves to bless the spread, pilgrims feet,

Are our Artillery compleat. Who wilh to catch loft finners in their 3. Before his Eyes so dazzling rays, net.

Must Belial crouch and be dismay'd; 21. True, if mere Grace did not When he the thorns green wreath preserve us still,

surveys, The World would toss and tear us He instantly must lie as dead. at its will.

That blessed wound in the Lamb's 22. But who are we? his friends are

Side, wonders * all;

The Sinews which for us torn were, Who live but by his grace, without His soldiers these support and guide, it tall.

And muft alone their way prepare. # Zech. iii. 8.

4. This is their text, their passport

sure, 23. Grace, to our own surprize, thus makes us glow,

Their Symbol, and their mark of And daily learns our staggering feet


Wherewith from place to place se. 24. O Flesh! why art thou of no Ev’n over Sea they joyfal pass :

cure, tronger Frame? Since foexceeding great is Jesu's Aim.

to go.


"Tis this can cause, that back muft“ But, while to paint thee we assay, stand

“ Have for thy comfort learn'd to A Savage or a Turk most fierce,

look.", When he in rage would lift his hand 9. Now, fellow-members ! you will + A Cross's-disciple's skull to pierce. soon, ; 5. 'Fore this do quail in South and What we would say, discern and North,

taste : Or when we walk in Eastern lands, A Warrior.ftate for grace's crown, Or Weft, 'till Susquehanna's fort,

You have alrcady orice embrac'd. The Air-prince and his fpiteful bands. The Lamb, o Church! has left The Ransom-price does this alone,

thee free , The witness of the wounds and pain, But yet has bought thee with this Which our God for the world undone

view, Did once upon the cross sustain. To witness, that he on the Tree 6. This is the Pilgrims point so dear, Dy'd for the World as well as you.

Whom for himself the Lamb did 3

With soul and body thou art his ; choose,

His Will and thine are now but one: And as his Cross's Trophies here, The Father of Immanuel is Thro grace from bondage did set God of the Congregation ! loose.

To the Wounds therefore of the They all know well, that they have Lamb been

All thy dear Souls commit I o'er; The Devil's sport and property,

The Corpse upon the cross's beam And suddenly from death and fin Their Bodies too keep by its pow'r, By Jesu's mighty Death made frec. 7. Their will is to the Lamb in love

Henceforward given up entire,
So long as them on earth to move,

Er its doch gar,
His Order o'er them Mall require:
They say; “ Dear Lamb! just what 1. UR God the Lamb
thou wilt;

Is still the same ;
“ As Grace we all things look upon; Whate'er he says,
“ Thou hast our thirst and hunger Moft surely comes to pass.

Who of the Negroes hears, « On thy Path we with joy will ran. Nigh swears, 8. “ Wouldit thou that still in this

" A Church can ne'er be formed world we

there :" “ Should minifter, and serve thy Speak thou, O Lamb! Mind?

Thou wert a Curse for Ham, “ This we leave wholly o'er to thee : 2. Blood's pow'r attends. “ Give, and Gifts in us thou shalt The Word, and sends find;

Boldness of grace, « Thou shalt fee Souls, who far To preach, and to release away

All who in Blood profound 5. Were gone beneath the fiend's Will drown. dark yoke,


“ Hither

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“ Hither repair, the Cross draw Who fțill at hand near !

'Fore Cbrif Jehovah stand, The finners feel,

All honour to their Lord And thereto set their seal.

Afford: 3. My God and Lord!

Each' wou'd descend, glad to attend, Since Deaths endur'd

And ferve with care Among the Moors

The flock of Indians dear. By Witnesses of ours,

8. What is't ye do? How rich a crop thac Field Ye four, who glow Does yield!

With love ! ye call,
The glorious fight is dazzling bright; “ Hearken, ye Elders all!
Black lambs, behold!

" Mabikan Mobock Item Enter by flocks thy Fold.

“ Sings Lamb! 4. How lovely fair

And what do we? We too thank Thy Wounds appear

thee, In these our days!

Lord Christ our Head, Now doft thou their bright rays

That thou a Man wert made. To Owosduge, Lord,

• Rev, iv, 6. Afford. What thirk't thou here, thou Shep. hend dear,

250. Who doft renew

Belinde des Heilands des Celigen And cure their tawny Hue ?

Gottes. s. I know how't goes : The Man of woes

E bleft Domeftics of the In sweet embrace

flaughter'd Lamb; The Father cakes, and says;

Ye joint partakers of illustrious “ I and the Holy Ghost,

Shame; " (Thou know'it

Ye twigs and branches of that stand“ How we've agreed, since thou

ard Wood; didnt bleed)

Ye fout afferters that the Lamb is * North Indians we

God! “ Now bring, my Son, to thee." 6. My God the 'Lamb

2. You who by nature cursed finners Blushes for shame,

were, (Since Chrif partakes

But now of Sons and Heirs the glory Trae Manhood for our sakes,)

share'; Then bears his Cross's Prey

You who have found sweet reft in Away,

Jesu's smart, As tho” he such renown thought More or less happy, as you know his much :

Heart ! The Lamb is low,

3. You as yet fingle and but little No heart so low I know.

tyd, 7. The Cherubs choirs,

Invited to the sopper with the Bride; With Seraphs fires,


may tand


That, like the former warriors, each | This makes each Burthen as a feather

light, Ready for land, sea, marriage at which heretofore would stagger and command:

affright. 4. You who would rather live and 10. At thy command, we go, or fight a while,

here, or there, Than be dismiss'd as yet from glo- Many Commands, as many Con rious toil ;

quests are ; Who from the World's bewitching Speak but the word, all obstacles lufts are fled,

must flee : And burn t'advance the glory of Here moves a Mountain, there di. your Head!

vides a Sea. 5. Before the Youth divine, come, bow the knee,

+251. Eldest of all the heav'nly Family: And lie so long before the gracious

Brueder, komt in einigkeit, throne Of the scorn'd Nazarene, call'd 70

Rethren, come! your refuge Jeph's son,

take 6. So long, so long, from interrup

With one heart to the Lamb's tion free,

Throne, Till you can him in spirit smiling fee; Strive for this poor child, and make Till he with each of all your fingle Inward fupplication. Train

Say, “ Thou crown'd Humility! Shall


the Ways on Earth to pave Make him low and mean like Thee : and plain.

Thou so hated Heart of Love ! 7. O holy Master, O eternal Love, To that love's fame his guide prove : Teacher of spirits perfect made above, Expertest Bridegroom hearts to win 2. Thou dear friend fo little known! and woo,

Let him see thy Faithfulness : Here seeft thou benches full of Poor one, who fill'At many a one! Scholars too!

'Mongst thy beggars give him 8. Come, Lord, at upper end af Child, all children's Father true! sume thy place,

By thy Spirit beget him new : Talk, till the Tears run trickling Head of all the united Sheep! down our face ;

Teach him what is Fellowship. The tears, which thy sweet words

shall cause to flow, Till where, or what we are, we

+ Chori. Pr. cxlvii. 12, 13. scarce can know.

Eph. v. Thou oor Defence, our Castle,

rock and fhield, We to thy Yoke ourselves moft gladly


place :

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In nothing bad myself allow, 252.

Nor ever shew self-will.

7. But I am weak, and nothing can, Kleiner knabe mit dem dabe. Myself can nothing do ;

Help me, O thou Almighty Man! OUTH divine! with staff in Help my Companions too. hand,

8. Preserve our little Hearts secure Who prote&tit thy Sheep from

From ev'ry hurt and stain ; harms;

First make them, and then keep Think on thy poor little Band,

them pure, Thou who waft a Child in arms !

And shut to all that's vain. Let our joy be daily new,

That thou once wert here below : 9. If early thou wouldt cake me Thou wert childlike, happy, true,


O, that no harm will be: Make us happy Children too.

Into thy Arms I'll go at once,

And ever live with Thee. 253

10. If thou would't have me longer

Ich bin ein kleines kindelein.

In Years and Stature grow ;
Am a little Child you see,

Help me to serve thee night and day,
My strength is little too,

While I am here below. But

yet I fain would saved be ; 11. Then, after walking in thy Ways Lord, teach me what to do. And serving thee in love, 2. My Saviour, hear; thou for my Put a bleft end unto these Days, : good

And kiss me there above.
Wert pleas'd-a

Child to be,
And thou didit fhed thy precious

Upon the cross for me.

Uardian of little Lambs, be

hold 3. My dearest Saviour, tell me how This tender one of thy dear Fold; My thankfulness to shew

Take him in thy peculiar Care, For all thy Love, before and now, Else I shall never know.

Secure his Soul from ev'ry snare.

2. Let nothing in his mind take 4. I think, since I so often hear

place, That thou doft want my Heart

But what comes from thy Blood and As thy reward and purchase dear,

grace ; That thou in earnest art.

May that sink deep into his heart, 5. Come then, and take this heart And let nought elle have any part. of mine,

3. Extend thy Wings around his Come take me as I am,

head, I know that I by, right am Thine, And let that Blood which thou didi Thou loving, gracious Lamb.

thed, 6. Down at thy feet fill may I bow, Wath ev'ry part, and make it clean

Be thine, my Saviour, ftill ; From ev'ry spot and stain of Sin.


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