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4. Set on his breast thy Spirit's feal, We beseech thee heartily,
Within his heart thy Love reveal, Let us thy Heart's pleasure be.
And his poor soul securely keep, 10. O that from this very hour,
Among thy little Flock of theep. Each might feel thy love's sweet


O that thou soon, soon could't see

Each of us in love with Thee, 1. Earest children, hark and fee,

11. Give to our poor little souls, What a Saviour now have

Rooms and beds in the dear holes we!

Of thy Hands and Feet ; yea, hide He in Mary, Joseph's wife, By God's Sp'rit was brought to life. Each, and all, within thy Side.

12. And if Satan at an hour, 2. Tho' he is the Son of God,

One such Chicken would devour, Yet he took our Flesh and blood,

Let the children's Angels fay, And as other children came,

“ These are Chrift's own, go thy When brought forth in Bethlebem.

way." 3. Now, that God became a Child, Shews that he is kind and mild;

256. Nothing moved him indeed, But that he to death might bleed.

EAR children! Jesus Chrif 4. He, who our Flesh not despis'd,

The Lamb once sacrific'd,

Who all our guilt did bear, $ He was also circumcis'd,

Who was revil'd, despis'd, e Named Jesus, and God gave

Whose Fleh the scourge did tear, Hiin this Name, for he should save.

Who with mocking Thorn 5. Jesus is the sweetest Name;

Crown'd was, laugh'd to scorn ; He is also call'd a Lamb,

Him shall you adorn. of whom fobr could boldly say, That he takes all Sin away.

2. A Lamb, a dear Lamb's he,

Whose Wounds in fp'rit we see, 6. Jefus is our Saviour,

Whose Blood a finner drinks, 1 Who once all our Sickness bore ; His Flesh eats eagerly, He was full of grief and smart, And at whose Feet one finks ! Till at last Death broke his heart.

Do you feel and know

How his blood does flow? 7. Children, let us think: alas!

How it makes one glow?
If there now no Jesus was,
To whom all poor souls could creep, 3. May you, like Magdalen,
O then all the World might weep..

Love Chrif the Nazarene !

May he possess your heart. 8. Jesu, here thou seest some forms

May you love to be mean, Fili'd with little helpless worms; With ev'ry thing to part, Come, thou childrens tender Friend,

For the sake of Him Take us in thy arm and hand.

Who in blood did swim, 9. Bless us all as here we fit,

Pain'd thro' ev'ry Limb. Make each Heart for thy house fit;


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4. Without him all is Lofs ;

Look at them with eyes of fire, The fineft things are dross,

As thy own devoted Train. He only yields Delight. 2. Children ! mark what's here ex. To fee him on the Cross,

pressed, That is the sweetest light. In Grace walking, man is blessed,

He whose Side was bord, But in Self-love itil diseased :
Who our loss rettor d,

From yourselves away to grace!
Is to be ador'd.

3. Is not that a real wonder, 5. Lamb for us paind so fare,

Earth affords not such another) Thy Blood-tream's purple gore When we fin's Yoke from us funder, Wath, deansē, and bath the heart

And get to the Lord a love? Of ev'ry Child all o'er;

4. But, that Lufts be ev'n consumed, o bless their ev'ry Part,

Pride and gloomy care disclaimed, Child from Bewhez!

Yea, not once so much as named ;
Who didi die for tica

This is Happiness indeed.
A: Jerzisca.

5. One is ne'ertheless, however,
In God's fight a cursed Sinner ;

Child of his, who, like all other, IT ocre. Ourive dear,

By mere Mercy is made good. Ticu date èregir es chil- 6. For this truth is never doubtful,

That we still a Flesh that's finful, Farma W 1.6 dicu kaf dy'd,

Tho' there be nor fruits fo painful, Adv + were creity d.

In our outward frame do bear. Be our Shepherd ev'ry day,

7. 'Tis his Grace that gives us 793 we lice Lambs ne'er ftray;

warning, W zen de er we hear thy Voice,

When Life's path we first are learn.

ing, * Swit-wite that most cruel thing, That no harm more fad and glaring

From the finful Nature comes. May we bring to thee our King : For when we as Sinners come,

8. We are free from curse and fetter, In thy Nail holes we find room.

Since in us grace held the Scepter ; 4. Thanks be for thy tender Care,

We belong to one kind Leader,

Who of fouls the Husband is. Thanks, that thou hast brought us here :

9. He in many Hearts blood-sprink. Grant, o dearest-Lamb, that we

· led, True, tho' little fervants be!

Chearful Lamps of grace hath

kindled, And them to this day unwrinkled

Kept from self-created fmarts. Super Heiland, zeuch uns hober,

10. He them teaches to be tuly

And sincerely on earth lowly, ESU! teach these children In heart, words and actions throughhigher,

ly; Draw them to thy Heart yet nigher,

Honour is to them a pain.

To poev may we rejoice.


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EAR Saviour, take the 2. How shall we an Evil call

11. He, while their bleft years are 13. Think on the labour, toil and slipping,

fweat, Knows to hold them in such Keeping, The Pray’rs whereby we thee intreat That they oft hear not an inkling To keep this small but chosen Flock

Of the Inclinations base. Well grounded upon thee the Rock. 12. He in Poverty them proveth ; 4. Yea rather, think on all the pains Sometimes (since he them so loveth) Which once thou felt'st thro' all thy Nought of their own to them giveth,

Veins ; That they may be as He was. Think on the drops of bloody Sweat ; 13. He them truly helps to finish Think on thy Wounds in hands and Many Matters, and accomplish;

feet. So that oft they swoon and languish 2: Think on thy agonizing Cry; : Thro' much Labour in his realm. Think on thy Words when thou

didit die 14. He you little too can render; Burn up all the baits of Pleasure ;

Think on the Wound, from which You from all Self-int'reft hinder ;

thy blood

Gush'd out with water like a food. Sanctify you for his work.

6. And for the sake of all thy Smart, 15. Or are you puff'd up already? Ruld by cov'tousness so speedy?

Bless ev'ry Child's blood-ransom'd

heart, Or with Lufts and passions giddy? Or else Sloth and laziness?

Yea bless, preserve and keep thereby

The whole elected Family. 16. O then he can lower fink you ; Let of his poor Life bethink you';

260. Fleshly motions crush within you; And his Sweat will make you blush.

On the decease of a child. 17. Jesu, Lord most dear and lovely! Bring thy Fire so strong and holy, AMB, thou Source of good, Penetrate each heart more fully,

Thy Church kisses thee Till we are indeed good souls. Bow'd and tenderly.

In thy Blood's sweet flood, 259.

Where she has her fill,

She has lost her Will.
Children's hearts,

A Releasement from the Fall,
And shoot thy love's so fastning darts And the fad effects of all
Out of thy Heart into them all,

Which from Adam came ;
That they may love thee, great and Death, the Entrance into life,

End of ev'ry care and strife,

Coronation-day of th' Wife 2. Think on the Tears thy fervants

Of the flaughter'd Lamb! thed Before this School of Babes we had; 3. Bleft ye dead! which die in Him, The tears which still fo freely run :

Rest ye, spirit, soul and limb. Help to the end what thou’ft begun. Know him by his Garment's Blood :

Child, embrace thy Lord and God,




He it is that died for thee,

When he thinks it best Lie in his Arms happily.

For them to come to him, and to

take their Rest. 4. Parents ! a blessing it esteem, To bring forth Children unto him, 3. However, 'tis a great delight, And people Heaven's happy realm A while to see such little Princes,

With your redeemed body's fruit. All dress'd in linen fine and white, Fathers ! remember, what you are, (A beauty which escapes the senses !) Who the Creator's office share : The clean Lamb dwells in them, To keep your Bodies be in care,

And his Majesty As with your holy Plan may fuit. Makes their sweet eyes sparkle so 5. Mothers ! the Virgin's Womb, gloriously. When Christ on earth would come, 4. Be therefore thank'd, thou dearest By him was not abhorr'd :

Lamb, He from the dead first-born,

That we have seen this little Infant: Was from his Mother torn,

And that thy Blood and Jefu's Th'eternal God and Lord.

name 6. As he was, so are we :

Hath been co it a Robe resplendent. What happiness 'twill be,

We thank thee most humbly To be in ought like Him!

For taking it home, He died, we also die;

And that it fo foon hath all Dangers Death lost its fting thereby,

o'ercome. He'll raise up ev'ry-limb. 5. Dear Babe!. so live then happily

In Christ, who was thy faith's Be261.


Rejoice with him eternally,

And with the rest of th’happy finners.

We bury thee gladly :
THERE is this Infant ? It is We know, the Lamb llain

Will raise thee, and we thall once fee gone ; To whom? To Jesus who redeemd

thee again. What does he for it? He goes on,

262. As he hath done, to kiss and tend it. He blesses, embraces,

TOW fhall the Young Men Gladly without end,

cleanse their ways? And proves to all children the ten By following close his Word, dereft Friend.

Who here on earth a young Man was,

Jesus our God and Lord : 2. He loves to have the little ones

His word is Spirit, and is pow'r ; Upon his Lap, quite close and near

The Life doth flow from him ; him ;

The Food his offer'd Flesh, the drink And thence it comes that their

His Blood from ev'ry limb.
Glass runs,

2. The Youth since Adam fell away, That they're so short time here ap.

And loft his paradise, pearing

Is ev'ry Age more wicked still, He gave them, he takes them,

And more inclin'd to vice.






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The World in which they live, is too But quite gives up one's self to him, 3

Corrupted more and more, And says, “ Here is my Hand.". With open face is acted now What was unheard before.

263. 3. Satan the enemy of souls, So raging and lo bold

Earest Brethren of the single Has grown in these fix thoufand

choir, years,

May the Lamb set all of

you on fire, In th'Art of cheating old!

May his Cross, his wounds, and He hop'd that all mankind would be,

smart In spite of Jesu's dying,

Move and break, and melt your His own, unhinder'd; but the Lamb

heart; Detects his envious lying.

To exalt him must be


defire. 4. For now, we need no more remain 2. With a Ransom you are dearly Faft bound in Chains of fin;

bought, Who this believes, is free indeed,

And the Battle which the Lamb hath And thro' his Word quite clean:

One Look at
upon the Cross,

To destroy the Serpent old,

And both fin's and death's Stronga the Gates of hell ;

up Tho' fick and faint before, we look !

hold: We look, and foon grow well.

Let this matter take



thought. 5. Dear Flock, choice people of the Lamb,

3. Chains of Darkness wherewith Call'd in these Gospel-days,

men were bound, In which the Spirit of your Lord Are in pieces, and the Curse is The name of Chrif displays;

drown'd; (That Name of love, so finely wrote

Who not keeps them wilfully, In letters red with blood)

But to Him flies, he is free, And tells us of him with such force, And finds Shelter in the Lamb's five As makes us own him GOD!

wounds. 6. Ye purchas'd fouls, ye Brethren 4. Then, ye Brethren of the single dear !

Train ! Say, will you follow him? Look to Jesus, who is that Lamb lain! ! And to his Service offer up

Are you bound, and wish to be Your spirit, soul and limb? Hearty, ready, willing, free? O, if the bleeding Lamb of God, You may quickly all of him obtain:

Who died for all our Woe, 5. Dreadful thunders of the curfing If he but calls, who can withstand ! Law, Who would refuse to go! Which the people once at Sinai saw,

Do not trike our ears and heart, 7. I'm sure, that if you can but see, And can abide thereby,

But the word of Jesu's Smart, That he indeed for all your Sin,

Which makes sinners fing Hallelujah. For each of you did die ; 6. Nought but Blessings he intends There lies such mighty force in this, One cannot then withstand, And his Mercies ev'ry day are new;


for you,

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