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136 ANNUNCIATION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. Even so, Father, for so it seemedy The Gospel. St. Luke, i. 26. gord in thy sight. All things are AND in the sixth month, the delivered unto me of my Father ; Angel Gabriel was sent from and no man krioweth the Son but God unto a City of Galilee, panied the Father; neither knoweth any Nazareth, to a Virgin espoused to man the Father, save the Son, a man whose name was Joseph, and he to whomsnever the Son of the house of David, and ihe will reveal him. Come unto me, Virgin's name was Mary. And all ye that labour and are heavy the angel came in unto her and laden, and I will give you rest. said, Hail, thou that art highly Take my yoke upon you, and favoured, the Lord is will, thee; learn of me; for I'am meek and blessed art thou among women. lowly in heart: and ye shall find And when she saw hi:r, she was rest unto your souls. For my troubled at his saying, and cast yoke is easy, and my burthen is in her mind what manner of sa. light:

lutation this should be. And the

angel said unto her, Fear not, The Annunciation of the blessed Mary; for thou hast found favour Virgin Mary.

with God. And behold, thou shalt The Collect.

conceive in thy womb, and bring WE beseech thee, O Lord, forth a son, and shalt call his

pour thy grace into our name Jesus. He shall be great, hearts; that as we have known and shall be called the Son of the incarnation of thy Son Jesus the Highest ; and the Lord God Christ by the message of an angel: shall give unto him the throsie or so by his cross and passion we his father David. And e stall may be brought unto the glory reign over the house of Jacob for of his resurrection, through the lever; and of his kingdom there same Jesus Christ our Lord. shall be no end. Then said Mary Amen.

unto the angel, How shall this For the Epistle. Isa. vii. 10. be seeing I know not a man? MOREOVER, the Lord spake And the angel answered and said

again unto Ahaz, saying, Ask unto her, The Holy Ghost shall thee a sign of the Lord thy God; come upon thee, and the power ask it either in the depth, or in of the Highest shall overshadow the height above. But Ahaz said, thee: therefore also that boly I will not ask, neither will Itempt thing which shall be born of thee, the Lord. And he said, Hear ye shall be called the Son of God. now, O house of David: Is it a And behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, small thing for you to weary men, she bath also conceived a son in but will ye weary my God uis her old age; and this is the sixth Therefore the Lord himself shall month with her, who was called give you a sign: Behold, a virgin barren. For with God nothing shall conceive, and bear a son, shall be impossible. And Mary and shallcall his name Immanuel, said, Behold the handmaid of Butter and honey shall he t. the Lord; be it unto me accordthat he may know to refuse the ing to thy word.

And the angel evil, and choose the good. |departed from her,

Saint Mark's Day.

plieth, according to the effectual The Collect.

working in the measure of every O Almighty God, who hast in- part, maketh increase of the body,

structed thy holy Church (unto the edifying of itself in love. with the heavenly doctrine of thy The Gospel. St. John, xv. 1. Evangelist Saint Mark; give us I Am the true vine, and my Fagrace, that being not like children ther is the husbandman. Every carried away with every blast of branch in me that beareth not vain doctrine, we may be esta- fruit, he taketh away; and every blished in the truth of thy holy branch that beareth fruit, he Gospel, through Jesus Christ our purgeth it, that it may bring forth Lord. Amen.

more fruit. Now ye are clean The Epistle. Ephes. iv. 7. through the word which I have UNTO every one of us is given spoken unto you. Abide in me,

grace, according to the mea- and I in you. As the branch cansure of the gift of Christ. Where- not bear fruit of itself, except it fore he saith, When he ascended abide in the vine; no more can up on high, he led captivity cap- ye, except ye abide in nie. I am tive, and gave gifts unto men. the vine, ye are the branches. (Now that he ascended, what is He that abideth in me, and I in it but that he also descended first him, the same bringeth forth much into the lower parts of the earth ? fruit: for without me ye can do He that descended is the same nothing. If a man abide not in also that ascended up far above me, he is cast forth as a branch, all beavens, that he might fill all and is withered; and men gather things.) And he gave some apos- them, and cast them into the fire, tles, and some prophets, and some and they are burned. If ye abide evangelists, and some pastors and in me, and my words abide in teachers; for the perfecting of the you, ye shall ask what ye will, saints, for the work of the minis-and it shall be done unto you. try, for the edifying of the body Herein is my Father glorified, of Christ ; till we all come in the that ye bear much fruit; so shali unity of the faith, and of the know- ye be my disciples. As the Faledge of the Son of God. unto a ther hath loved me, so have I perfect man, unto the measure loved you: continue ye in my of the stature of the fulness of love. If ye keep my commandChrist: that we henceforth be no ments, ye shall abide in my love; more children, tossed to and fro, even as I have kept my Father's and carried about with every wind commandments, and abide in bis of doctrine, by the sleight of inen, love. These things have I spoken and cunning craftiness, whereby unto you, that my joy might rethey lie in wait to deceive; but main in you, and that your joy speaking the truth in love, may might be full. grow up into him in all things, which is the hear!, even Christ : Saint Philip and Saint James's Day. Fmm whom the whole body fitly

The Collect. joined together, and compacted O Almigh'y God, whom truly by that which every joint sup. to know is everlasting life;


told you.

grant us perfectly to know thy The Gospel. St. John, xiv. 1. Son Jesus Christ to be the way, the truth, and the life ; that follow. AN

ND Jesus said unto bis disciing the steps of thy holy Apostroubled: ye believe in God,

ples. Let not your heart be tles, Saint Philip and Saint Jaines, believe also in me. may stradfastly walk in ther's house are many mansions ;

In my Fa. the way that leadeth to eternal if it were not so, I would have life, through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


go prepare a place

for you. And if I go and prepare The Epistle. St. James, i. 1. a place for you. I will come again JAMES, a servant of God, and and receive you unto myself;

that of the Lord Jesus Christ, to where I am. there ye may be also. the twelve tribes which are scat- And whither I go, ye know, and tered abroad, greeting. My breth- the way ye know. Thomas saith ren, count it all joy when ye fall unto him. Lord, we know not into divers temptations; know-whither thou goest, and how can ing this, that the trying of your we know the way? Jesus saith faith worketh patience. But let unto him, I am the way, the truth, patience have her perfect work, and the life : no man cometh unto that ye may be perfect and en- the Father but by me. If ye had tire, wanting nothing. If any of known me, ye should have known you lack wisdom, let him ask of my Father also : and from henceGod, that giveth to all men libe- forth ye know him and have seen rally, and upbraideth not; and it him. Philip saith unto him, Lord, shall be given him. But let him show us the Father, and it sufask in faith, nothing wavering : ficeth us. Jesus saith unto him, for he that wavereth is like a have I been so long time with wave of the sea, driven with the you, and yet hast thou not known wind, and tossed. For let not me, Philip? He that hath seen that inan think that he shall re- me, hath seen the Father; and ceive any thing of the Lord. Ahow sayest thou then, Show us double-ininded man is unstable in the Father? Believest thou not all his ways. Let the brother of that I am in the Father, and the low degree rejoice in that he is Father in me? The words that exalted, but the rich in that he I speak unto you, I speak not of is made low; because as the flower myself ; but the Father that dwellof the grass he shall pass away. eth in me, he doeth the works. For the sun is no sooner risen Believe me, that I am in the Fa. with a burning beat, but it wi-ther, and the Father in me; or thereth the grass, and the flower else believe me for the very work's thereof falleth, and the grace of sake. Verily, verily. I say unto the fashion of it perisheth : so also you, He that believeth on me, shall the rich man fade away in line works that I do shall he do his ways. Blessed is the man that also; and greater works than these, endureth temptation; for when shall he do; because I go unto he is tried, he shall receive the my Father. And whatsoever ye crown of life, which the Lord hath shall ask in my name, that will I promised to them that love him.'do, that the Father may be glo

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Know glory, through Jesus Christ our the servant knoweth not what his and have seen bwrted them all, that with pur-Father in my name, he may give olim la prose of heart they would cleave it you. th unto good man, and full of the Holy & time Ghost, and of faith : and much

Liv. I.

tified in the Son. If ye shall ask Judea. Which also they did, and anything in my name, I will do it. sent it to the elders by the hands Saint Burnabas the Apostle.

of Barnabas and Saul.

The Gospel. St. John, xv. 12.
The Collect.
O Lord God Alınighty, who

THIS is my commandment,

That ye love one another, as didst endue thy holy Apostle I have loved you. Greater love

Barnabas with singular gists of the hath no man than this, that a man d prepel

Holy Ghost; leave us not, we be lay down his life for his friends. srechthee, destitute of thy mani-Ye are my friends, if yé do whatwill gifts, nor yet of grace to use soever I command you. Hencethem alway to thy honour and forth I call you not servants ; for Lord. Amen.

lord doeth : but I have called you For the Epistle. Acts, xi. 22. friends; for all things that I have T DINGS of these things came heard of my Father, I have made

unto the ears of the Church known unto you. Ye have not which was in Jerusalem : and chosen me, but I bave chosen you, they sent forth Barnabas, that he and ordained you, that ye should should go as far as Antioch: who, go and bring forth fruit, and that when he came, and had seen the your fruit should remain: that grace of God, was glad; and ex- whatsoever ye shall ask of the unto the Lord. For he was a

Saint Johın Baptist's Day.

The Collcct. people was added unto the Lord. ALMIGHTY God, by whose Then departed Barnabas to Tar providence thy servant John sus for to seek Saul: And when Baptist was wonderfully born, he had found him, he brought him and sent to prepare the way of unto Antioch. And it came to pass, thy Son our Saviour, hy preaching that a whole year they assembled repentance; make us so to follow themselves with the Church, and his doctrine and holy life, that we taucht much people: and the dis- may truly repent according to his ciples were called Christians first preaching; and after his example in Antioch. And in these days constantly speak the truth, boldly carne prophets from Jerusalem rebuke vice, and patiently suffer unto Antioch. And there stood for the truth's sake, through Jeup one of them, named Agabus, sus Christ our Lord. Amen. and signified by the Spirit, that For the Epistle. Isa. xl. 1. there should be great dearth COMFORT ye, comfort ye my throughout all the world: which people, saith your God. Speak came to pass in the days of Clau- ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and dius Cæsar Then the disciples, cry unto her, that her warfare is every man according to his abili- accomplished, that her iniquity is ty, deterinined to send relief un- pardoned: for she bath received to the brethren which dwelt inlog the Lord's hand ontke for all

and it

Father en Shorts inst thou ther and to e words speak at u


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0 shall be rksthan Day

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her sins. The voice of him that they came to circumcise the child; orieth in the wilderness, Prepare and they called him Zacharias, ye the way of the Lord, make after the name of his father. And straigh; in the desert a highway his mother answered and said, for our God. Every valley shall Not so ; but he shall be called be exaliud, and every mountain John. And they said unto her, and will shall be inade low: and There is none of thy kindred that the crooked shall be made straight, is called by this name. And they and the ronth places plain. And made signs to his father, how he the glory of the Lord shall be re- would have him called. And be vealed, and all flesh shall see it asked for'a writing table, and togarner; for the mouth of the wrote saying, His name is John. Lord hath spoken it.' 'The voice and they marvelled all. And his said, Cry. And he said, What mouth was opened immediately, shall I cry? All desh is grass, and and his tongue loosed, and be all the goodliness thereof is as spake, and praised God. And fear the flower of the field. The grass came on all that dwelt roundabout withereth, the lower fadeth, be-them : and all these sayings were cause the Spirit of the Lord blow-noised abroad throughout all the eth upon it: surely the people is nill country of Judea. And all grass. The grass withereth, the they that had heard them, laid ho ver fadeth; but the word of thein up in their hearts, saying, 01! God shall stand for ever. 0 What manner of child shall this Zion, that bringest good tidings, be? And the band of the Lord was get liep ip into the high moun- with him. And bis father Zacharias tain : 0 Jerusalemn, that bringest was filled with the Holy Ghost, god tidings. lift up thy voice with and prophesied, saying, Blessed be strength; lift it up, be not afraid ; the Lord God of Israel ; for he say into the cities of Judah, Be-Jhath visited and redeemed his hold your God. Behold, the Lord people, and hath raised up an born God will come with strong hand, of salvation for us, in the house of and his arın shall me for him : his servant David; as he spake by bebold his reward is with him the mouth of his holy prophets, and his work before him. He which have been since the world shall feed his flock like a shep-began ; that we should be saved berd; he shall gather the lambs from our enemies, and from the with his arm, and carry them in hand of all that hate us : To perhis bosom, and shall gently lead form the mercy promised to our those that are with young. |fathers, and to remember his holy

The Gospel. St Luke, i 57. covenant: the oath which he ELISABETA's full time camesware to our father Abraham. that

that she should be delivered ;sbe would grant unto us, that we, and she bronght forth a son. And being delivered out of the hands her neighbours and her cousins of our enemies, might serve him heard how the Lord had showed without fear, in holiness and great inercy upon her; and they righteousness before him, all the rejoiced with her. And it caine days of our life. And thou, child, to pass, that on the eighth day shalt be called the prophet of the

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