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Ye field flowers! the gardens eclipse you, 'tis true,
Yet, wildings of Nature, I doat upon you,

For ye waft me to summers of old,
When the earth teem'd around me with fairy delight,
And when daisies and buttercups gladden'd my 8ight,

Like treasures of silver and gold.

I love you for lulling me back into dreams

Of the blue Highland mountains and echoing streams,

And of broken glades breathing their balm, While the deer was seen glancing in sunshine remote, And the deep mellow crush of the wood-pigeon's note

Made music that sweeten'd the calm.

Not a pastoral song has a pleasanter tune

Than ye speak to my heart, little wildings of June:

Of old ruinous castles ye tell, Where I thought it delightful your beauties to find, When the magic of Nature first breath'd on my mind,

And your blossoms were part of her spell.

Ev'n now what affections the violet awakes;
What lov'd little islands, twice seen in their lakes,

Can the wild water-lily restore; What landscapes I read in the primrose's looks,
And what pictures of pebbl'd and minnowy brooks

In the vetches that tangled their shore.

Earth's cultureless buds, to my heart ye were dear,
Ere the fever of passion, or ague of fear

Had scathed my existence's bloom;
Once I welcome you more, in life's passionless stage,
With the visions of youth to revisit my age,

And I wish you to grow on my tomb.


(Written as an Accuse for not accepting the invitation of a friend to make an excursion rvith him.)


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1. The hollow winds begin to blow,

2, 3. The clouds look black, the glass is low;
4, 5. The soot falls down, the spaniels sleep,

''K And spiders from their cobwebs peep.
7- Last night the Sun went pale to bed,
•8. The Moon in halos hid her head;
9. The boding shepherd heaves a sigh,

For, see, a rainbow spans the sky.
10. 11. The walls are damp, the ditches smell, ^ ....,

12. Clos'd is the pink-ey'd pimpernell.

13. Hark! how the chairs and tables crack,

14. Old Bettys joints are on the rack;

15. 16. Loud quack the ducks, the peacocks cry; , ",,|.p£,i 17- The distant hills are looking nigh. ^hyi-i .'..•*<•>

18. How restless are the snorting swine, •': .j-mwcnh

19. The busy flies disturb the kine;

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[N. B. The figures with crotchets refer to the History j those with a* to the
Appendix to Chronicle, &c.; and the others to the Chronicle.]

Accidents: at Friary chapel, Callan,
1; in a mine at Whitehaven, ib.; on
the ice, St. James's-park, 3; two
wherrymen drowned at London
Bridge, 7; a leopard gets loose at
Mold, 9; bursting of a cannon,
Gravesend, 23; accident at an ex-
hibition of wild beasts, 27; explo-
sion of fire-damp, ib.; horses in a
hackney coach drowned, 28; Dorking
coach overturned, 52; six pilots
drowned, 55; bursting of the Pad-
dington canal, 68; R. Gower and his
wife drowned, 69; scaffold breaks
down at Mr. Green's ascent, City-
road, 70; Mary Belcher and children
killed by an explosion of gunpowder,
77; explosion in the Townley col-
lieries, 92; deaths by lightning, 96, 104; explosion at Cowes, 107; fall
of the town-hall tower, Limberg,
111; fall of a warehouse, Liverpool,
120; fall of the cornice of Bow steeple,
125; explosion of gas, Coburg the-
atre, 135; child drowned, Sheerness,
138; explosion of a powder maga-
zine, Ostend, 141; explosion of a dis-
tillery, Shoreditch, 147; fall of stables,
&c, Bartholomew Close, 152; ser-
vant girl falls into a well, 159 j ex-
plosion in the Graham steam-packet,
170; fall of the Guards' club-house,
171; mate of a tender drowned, 196
Acts of Parliament, 306 , ■■;■■ : -:.•'Adams, ex-president, United States, death of, 263
Africa, see Ashantees; new colony at Natal, 16
Albufera, duke of (Suchet), death of, 219
Alexander, emperor, funeral of, 35
Alien Act, expiry of, [166]; new .

regulations, [167]
America, North; see United Stales;
Canada naturalization act, [165];pay of members of congress, 22;

action for libel, Root v. Editors of
the New York American, 105
America, South; relaxation of the navi-
gation laws, in favour of the new
states, [67]; war between Brazil and
Buenos Ayres, 384. See Bolivia,
Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Chili, Colom-
bia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Rio
de la Plata.
Antigua; petition from the House of Assembly to Parliament, [1571
Antiquities: excavation in Dalmatia,
13; fresco discovered at Pompeii, 16;
temples, &c. at Brescia, 124; shield
and sword found in the Witham, 127;
arch of Augustus, and mausoleum of
Julius Ciesar, at St Remy, 130; piles
discovered in the Thames, 147
Arctic expedition, 95, 170', 171*
Arigna mining company, discussion on in parliament, [184]
Arson, trial of C. T. White for, 43*
Ashantees; their territory attacked by
the native chiefs and the British,
under colonel Purdon, [223]; total
defeat of the Ashantees, [224]
Assizes: Chester.—Joseph Whitelegg,
sedition, 124
Gloucester; A. Briton and others, assault and robbery, 118
Kingston; T. Jones, uttering a forged note, 190
Lancaster; James Evans, murder of
Mr. Price, 33; J. Stott, and T.
Barnes, assaulting and robbing a
Chinese, 122; Alex, and Michael
M'Keand, murder, 29*; James
Chambers, &c. rioting, 32*
Lewes; Hannah Russell and D.
Leary, murder of Benjamin Rus-
sell, 26*
Maidstone; Joseph Finn, threatening

letter, 120
Staffordshire; W. Barnes and R.
Wood, poaching, 10

Taunton; S. Gilbert, robbery and

assault, 52 •

Warwick; Michael Ford, murder,

York; J. Holdsworthand W.Bolton, rioting, 31*
Astorga library, 11
Astronomy, see Comet.
Atlantic and Pacific oceans, navigable communication between, 145
Austria: proceedings of the Hungarian
diet, [267]; decree against the slave-
trade, [269]

Baggesen, J. E. Danish poet, death of,

Balloon: Mr. Green's ascents, 48, 61;
novel aerial excursions, 62; Mr.
Green's third ascent, and accident,
70; his ascent at Boston, 92; at
Vauxhall, 112 Banditti, gang of, apprehended at
Wickwar, 116 Banking in Scotland, [25], [33], 64* Bank-notes; prohibition against stamp-
ing small notes, [6]; bill for pro-
hibiting circulation of do., [9] Banks; Mr. Hume's motion for return
of bankrupt country banks, [8]; bill
prohibiting circulation of small notes,
[9]; banking system in Scotland,
[2o] ; bank of Ireland, [34] Bank of England, motion in parliament
for its issuing small notes, [19]; ar-
rangements with government, [31];
allowed to establish branch banks,
[34]; agrees to advance upon the
security of goods, [38]; two sorts of
Exchequer bills held by, [74]; cor-
respondence between the directors
iol wijtpt lords of the Treasury, rela-
tive to its privileges, 57* Bar merriment, 24 Barbier, A. A., death of, 218 Batavia, steam-boat built at, 22 Bavaria; character of the new king
Louis, [266]; his financial reforms,
&c. [267] Beechey, captain, his mission to captain
Franklin, 21 Bells at York minster and Bow church,

Berbiguer du Thym, M. singular pub-
lication by, 188 Berlin, Blucher's monument at, 95

Bethnal Green, riots and outrages at,

.Bnurtpore attacked by lord Comber-
mere, [220] ; taken by assault, [222] Biela, comet discovered by, 96 Blackburn, ribta at,-fi3

Blucher, monument to, Berlin, 95 Board of Trade, &c. Downing-street,
new buildings, 145 Boat-guns, new mode of working, 145. Bode, astronomer, death of, 286 Boetbius, translation of by queen Eliza-
beth, discovered, 75 Bolivar returns from Peru to Colombia,
[401]; his views with regard to Peru
suspected, [413]; conspiracy against
him, [414]; elected president of
Peru for life, it.; gives a constitution
to Bolivia, [415]; his address to the
constituent congress of Bolivia, 114* Bolivia, plan of a constitution for, [415],
115*; senate, 116*; censors, ib.;
functions of the president, 117*; of
the vice-president, 118*; slavery
prohibited, 121* Bradford, riots at, 72; inquest on Jonas
Barstow, killed in the riot, 73 Brazil, treaty concluded by France
with, [253]; Don Pedro resigns his
claims to Portugal, [314]; war with
Buenos Ayres, [384]; naval engage-
ment, [386] ; plan for a constitution,
[387]; national assembly, [391] Brie, Mr., killed in a duel, 195 Bridge, Menai suspension, 14 Brighton; murder of a woman by her
husband, 128 British Museum, new building'at, 145 Brougham, Mr., motion respecting the
West-India colonies, [158]; amend-
ment to the king's speech, [176] Brussels, hurricane at, 120; operations
on deaf and dumb persons, 185 Buckingham, Mr. petition to parlia-
ment against the India government,
[164] Budget, English, [69]; Freneh, {829];
Mexican, [407] Buenos Ayres blockaded by Brazil,
[385]; naval engagement with the
Brazilian squadron, [886] -<q»b

Burdert, sir F., speech on the corn-
laws, [46] Burmese, recommencement of hostilities
with,;[206]; advance of the Burmese
army to Prome, [21)7]; advance of
the British to Mel!oone, aiid capture
of Patanagoh, [212]; negotiations,
[213]; treaty broken off, [214]; cap-
ture of Melloone, [215]; battle,
[2!fi]; and capture of Pugabm-Mtw,
[217]; treaty concluded afld ratified,

Burton-park, fire at, 184

Cambridge, coins discovered, 19j dis-
turbance lit, 108

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