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Yes! crown'd with bliss we'll roam the conscious Yerningham.

grove, „And drink long draughts of unexhausteu love: „Ner joys alone, thy dangers too l'll share, » With thee the menace of the waves I'll dare: In vain for (miles his brow deep frowns invol

ve, ,,The facred ties of gratitude dissolve, » See Faith distracted rends her comely hair, His fading vows while tainted zephyrs bear!

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The Christians bow and other Gods disown,
If wrapt in darkness thou deny'st thy ray,
And shroud'st from Nubia thy celestial day!
Indulge this fervent pray'r to thee address'd,
Indulge, tho' utter'd from a fable breast:
May gath'ring stormes ecliple the chearful skies,
And mad'ning turies from thy hell arise :
With glaring torches meet his impious brow,
And drag him howling to the gulf below!
Ah no! - May heav'n's bright messengers descend,
Obey his call, his ev'ry wish attend !
Still o'er his form their hov'ring wings display!
If he be blest, these pangs admit allay:
Me still her mark let angry fortune deem,
So thou may'st walk beneath her cloudless beam.
Yet oft to my wrapt ear didst thou repeat,
That I suffic'd to frame thy bliss compleat.
For Love's pure flame I took thy transient fires:
We fondly credit what the heart desires.
I hop'd, alas! to breathe thy native air,
And vie in splendor with the British fair:
Ascend the speedy car enchas'd with gold,
With robes of filk this pearl - deck'd form infold:
Bid on this petty hand the diamond glow,
And chosen rubies Sparkle from my brow,
Deluded fex! the dupes of man decreed,
We, splendid victims, at his altar bleed.

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Jerningham. The grateful accents of thy candy'd tongue,

Where artful fatt'ry too persuasive hung,
Like flow'rs adornd the path to my disgrace,
And bade destruction wear a siniling face.
Yet form'd by Nature in her choiceft mould,
While on thy cheek her blushing charms unfold,
Who could oppose to thee stern Virtu'es shield ?
What tender virgin would not wish to yield?
But pleasure on the wings of time was born,
And I expos'd a prey to grinning scorn.
Of low-born traders - mark the hand of fate!
Is varico reduc'd to grace the state,
Whose impious parents, an advent'rous band,
Imbru'd with guiltless blood my native land:
Ev'n snatch'd my father from his regal feat,
And stretch'd hiin breathless at their hostile feet?
Ill-fated prince! The Christians fought thy shore,
Unsheath'd the sword, and mercy was no more.

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But thou, fair stranger, cam'st with gentler

To Thun the perils of the wrecking wind.
Amidft thy foes thy fafety ftill I plan'd,
And reach'd for galling chains the myrtle band:
Nor then unconscious of the secret fire,
Each heart voluptuous throb'd with soft de fire :
Ah pleasing youth, kind object of my care,
Companion, friend, and ev'ry name that's dear!
Say, from thy mind canst thou 10 foon remove
The records pencil'd by the hand of love?
How as we wanton'd on the flow'ry ground
The loose-rob'd Pleasures danc'd unblam'd around:
Till to the fight the growing burden prov'd,
How thou o'ercam'ft - and how, alas! I lov'd!
Too fatal proof! since thou, with av'rice fraught,
Didst bafely urge (ah! shun the wounding thought!)
That tender circumstance reveal it not,
Lest torn with rage I curse my fated lot:
Left startled Reason abdicate her reign,
And Madness revel in this heated brain:

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That tender circumstance -- inhuman part Jerningham
I will not weep, tho' serpents gna " this heart:
Frail, frail relolve! while gushing from mine eye
The pearly drops these boastful words bely.
Alas! can sorrow in this bolom sleep,
Where strikes ingratitude her talons deep?
When he I still adore, to nature dead,
For roses plants with thorns the nuptial bed?
Bids from the widow'd couch kind Peace remove,
And cold Indiff'rence blast the bow'r of Love?
What time his guardian pow'r I most' requir’d,
Against my fame and happiness conspir'd!
And (do I live to breathe the barb'rous tale?)
His faithful YARICO expos'd to sale!
Yes, bafely urg'd (regardless of my pray’rs,
Ev'n while I bath'd his venal hand with tears)
What most for pity calld — I can no more
My future child to swell his impious store : -
All, all mankind for this will rise thy foe,
But I, alas! alone endure the woe:
Alone endure the felt'ring hand of care,
The bleeding soul, and swoonings of despair,
Was it for this I left my native plain,
And dar'd the tempest brooding on the mein?
For this unlock'd (leduc'd by Christian art)
The chaste affections of my virgin heart?
Within this bosom fand the constant flame,
And fondly languish'd for a mother's name?
Lo! every hope is poison'd in its bloom,
And horrors watch around this guilty womb.

With blood illustrious circling thro' these veins,
Which ne'er was chequer'd with plebejan sains,
Thro' ancestry's long line ennobled springs,
From fame - crown'd warriors and exalted kings:
Must I the shafts of infamy sustain?
To flav'ry's purpoles my infant train?
To catch the glances of his haughty lord ?
Attend obedient at the festive board ?
From hands unscepter'd take the scornful blow?
Uproot the thoughts of glory as they grow?


Jerningham, Let this pervade at length thy heart of steel;

Yet, yet return, nor blush, o man! to feel:
Ah! guide thy steps from yon expecting fleet,
Thine injur'd yarico relenting meet:
Bid her reclinc woe-stricken on thy breast,
And hush her raging forrows into rest:
Ah! let the youth that sent the cruel dart,
Extract the point invenom'd from her heart:
The peace he banish'd from this mind recall,
And bid the tears he prompted ceale to fall.
Then while the stream of live is giv'n to flow,
And fable hue o'erspread this youthful brów;
Or curl untaught by art this woolly hair,
So long, so long to me shalt thou be dear.

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Say, lovely youth, flow all my words in vain,
Like feeds that strew the rude ungrateful plain?
Say, shall I ne'er regain thy wonted grace?
Ne'er stretch these arms to catch the wish'd embra.

Enough - with new-awak'd resentment fraught
Aflift me, Heav'n! to tear him from my thought;
No longer vainly suppliant will I bow,
And give to love what I to hatred owe;
Forgetful of the race from whence I came,
With woe acquainted, but unknown to shame.
Hence, vile dejection, with thy plaintive pray'r,

Thy bended knee, and still descending tear:
Rejoin, rejoin the pale - complexion'd train -
The conflict's past and I'm myself again.

Thou parent sun! if e'er with pious lay
I usher'd in thy world-reviving ray!
Or as thy fainter beams illum'd the west,
With grateful voice I hymn'd thee to thy rest!
Beheld with wond'ring eye thy radiant leat,
Or fought thy sacred dome with unclad feet!
If near to thy bright altars as I drew,
My votive lamb, thy holy Flamen, flew!
Forgive! that I, irrev'rent of thy name,
Dard for thy foe indulge th' unhallow'd flame:



285 Ev'n on a Christian lavish'd my esteem,

And scorn'd the fable children of thy beam.
This poniard by my daring hand imprest,
Shall drink the ruddy drops that warm my breast:
Nor I alone, by this immortal deed
From llav'ry's laws my infant shall be freed.
And thou, whose ear is deaf to pity's call,
Behold at length thy destin'd victim fall;
Behold thy once - loy'd Nubian stain'd with gore,
Unwept, extended on the crimson floor:
These temples clouded with the shades of death,
These lips unconscious of the ling'ring breath:
These eyes uprais'd (ere clos’d by Fate's decree)
To catch expiring one faint glimpse of thee.
Ah! then thy YARICO forbear to dread,
My fault'ring voice no longer will upbraid,
Demand due vengeance of the pow'rs above,
Or, more offensive still, implore thy love.


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