Sivut kuvina
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Nor visionary scenes, nor lofty strain,
Nor splendid banquet, nor obsequious train,
Can pleasure yield; but as his might returns,
His loul with doubled indignation burns:
And the bright forms of hero's, conquest-crown'd,
Whom captiv'd kings, and lovely maids lur.

As willd the fraudful fifters, in his heart
Implant more deeply envy's venom'd dart.

„Immortal Goddesses, *) whose guardian pow.

er ,

In wrath he cries, o'er - watch'd my natal hour,
Inspir'd my soul, my arm with vigour strung,
When echoing fields with shouts discordant

And havock reign'd, is this your guardian aid ?
The faireft kingdom, and the brightest maid
Does Hengist thus obtain ? what boots the

Impassive, if in arıns and love I fail?
Thro' you, on Ligon's Isle the proffer'd sight
I fhunn'd; thro' you am deem'da recreant

Perish the thought! a life prelery'd with shame
My soul dif dains - Be Hengift's death, or fame !"

Before his view, earth trembling'wide around,
Valdandi, Skulda, thro' the rifted ground

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*) Starchaterus, a Swedish Chainpion, seems to allude to

the influence, the fatal fisters were supposed to possess
ar the birth of infants in the following liness

At mihi, si recolo, nascenti FATA dedere
Bella sequi, belloque mori, miscere tumultu,
Invigilare armis, viram exercere cruentam.

Bartholin. L. III. c. I.


Arising sudden, thus the knight addreft:

Unfold the secret wishes of thy breast.
Nor dread refusal.“ With collected mind
Firm and undaunted thus the king rejoin'd:

Ye awful powers, to whom I bend my knee,
Aught but the wretch he is, would Hengist

Would be as Arthur is, renown'd to fame,
And lov'd like him by Britain's fairest dame
But ah, how vain the thought!“ – „The thought

We grant thy daring wish! they · swift, re-

ply; In semblance of his radiant arms to shine; T'assume his mien, his look, his voice, be

thine. To guide thy course to those enchanted bow.

That hold conceal'd the beauteous maid, is ours;
But that alone

If thou successful prove,
She quit her dwelling, and repay thy love,
Then Odin's race fhall sway the British thro-


But know, the danger's great, th' event un.

Futurity's dark vapours intervene.
Elude our fight, and blot the coming scene.“

Tho' Danger in her direft form arile,
I mock her terrors, and her frowns despile,
He Swift return'd; let Inogen be mine,
And to the winds I every doubt refign.“

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Around his head their ebon wands on

The sisters wave, and loudly thus reply:

Such radiant arms, redoubted chief! behold,
As Britain's champion wears, thy form en-



Thy voice, thy features his - nor fhall the

charm Be broke, till Hengist's will its powers dis.


66 arm.

His alter'd mien, as now the Saxon knight
Perceives, his hosom glows with fierce delight.
The maid complacent to his fuit he views,
And Arthur's blood his vengeful blade em.


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A cloud. form'd car, impatient of delay,
He mounts: Valdandi steërs its rapid way.
O'er gloomy woods and snow-clad plains they

Whilft loud around the winds tempestuous roar.
Beneath their feet conflicting clouds they dpy,
Whence thunder bursts, and forkening lightings

Now in a fea of billowy vapours tost,
They urge their course, in tenfold darkness

Again they rush amid the blaze of light,
Woods, vales, and mountains burst upon their

No time is theirs to mark each lovely view,
Still varying, as the chariot onward Rew:
Wild, indistinct, as in the dreams of reft,
When wayward Fancy's power ufurpes the

Now o'er the foaming main their 'way they

steer; The billows ting'd with trembling light ap

pear. And now the rocks of Albion meet their




As on th' horizon's verge grew mists arise.
To Rawran's fummit they their course pursue;
Thence, faint - descried, the distant bower they

Valdandi there the gloomy warrior leaves;
Her last commands impatient he receives;
A milk-white steed, by magic fram'd, bestri-

And t'ward the lone abode its foot-fteps gui-


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Da der Raum es erlaubt, fo mag hier noch folgende freie franzdfische Uebersegung oder Nachahmung der oben mitgetheilten Heroide Ovid's stehen, um fie fomohl mit dem Original, als mit der italiänischen Ueberfekung, jus saminen zu halten. Ihr Verfasser isi Sebastien Marien Gazon Dourpigne', von dem man auch eine französische Ueberseßung von Kapin's lateinischem Lehrgedicht, die Går: ten, hat. Er schrieb noch verschiedne andré Heroiden, f. 5. Dido an Ueneas, heloise an Abelard, Phyllis an Des mophoon, unb Penelope an Ulysses; die beiden lettern gleichfalls nach dem Ovid.


Non, il ne fut jamais Amant traître et fans


De tigre plus féroce et plus cruel que toi.

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