Sivut kuvina

Commissioners of Loanz. mission may be allowed, with a

less number of inhabitants than
1 After deducting reservations for

sixty thousand

military bounties, the residue of

7 The new states to be formed in
the first 7 ranges to be divided (in

said territory shall not interfere
proportion to their quotas of re-

in the primary disposal of the soil,
quisition) among the 13 states, and

nor tax the laikis of the U. States 137
sold by the


8 Nor the lands of non-resident,
2 proceedings under this provision ib.

higher than resident proprietors ib.
3 Repeal thereof


9 Compact between the U. States
See sales of public lands, 1, 2, 3, 4.

and Tennessee See Tennessee)

1 Between the original states and 1 Deed of cession of territory by, to
the people and states in the North the United States

West Territory, Article V. ; · 342 Acceptance thereof by Congress 39
2 Not less than three, nor more than 3 Deed and act of, renouncing all

five states to be formed therein ib. claim to lands beyond a certain
3 Boundaries thereof fixed, when line, and also jurisdiction over
Virginia shall consent thereto ib.

the tract of country called the
Subject to future alterations by

Western Reserve

4 Any of the said states having

Connecticut Reserve.
60,000 free inhabitants to be ad-

See Western Reserve.
mitted by its delegates into Con-
gress on an equal footing with the

original states

5 Government to be formed therein Between the states of South-Caroli.
to be republican

ib. na and Georgia, concluded at
6 Whenever the general interest Beaufort the 28th April, 1787.
may render it expedient, such ad-

Articles I. III. IV. 26


Delaware Indians.
Thirteen sections in the district of
Jeffersonville, including the low-
er Delaware Town, reserved for
De, so long as they shall conti-
nue to reside thercun




Deputy Registers
In the Orleans Territory. Their
compensation, powers and duties

312, 313, 319
See Regieters, 27, 28

for sub-clividing the townships in-
to sections, haif and quarter sec-
tions, and record the same 167
3 Plats of the townships, &c. in
liis district to be furnished him
by the Surveyor General
4. ilis fees to be paid by purchasers
for running lines of tracts purchas.

5 Fees under former laws no longer
demandable after the 1st July,

6 To be appointed in the territory
of Louisiana, one of whom to be
principal, who shall keep an of-
fice in said territory

169, 170
7 And shall cause surveys, requir-
ed by law, or the commissioners .
for ascertaining private claims to
Jand, to be made


Deputy Surveyors.
1 One to be appointed by the Sur-

vevor General in cachi surveying
district north of the Ohio and east
of the Mississippi .

2 Who shall run and mark the lines



five years

8 And perform the general duties

required of the Surveyor General ib.
9 Papers and records in the office

1 Certain tracts in the Illinois to be

laid off for the ancient settlers
of the Surveyor General under the

there, by resolution of Congress of
Spanish government to be deliver-
ed to him


20th June, 1788
10 No plat to be evidence unless

2 So as to give 400 acres to each of

the families at Kaskaskia, La
certified by him

Prairie du Rocher,. Kahokia and
11 Deputy surveyors compensation
and fees of the principal

Fort Chartres

12 To be appointed for the public

3 Similar provisions in favor of the
lands south of Tennessee 171

ancient settlers of Post St. Vin-
13 A principal deputy to be ap-

cents by resolution of the 29th
pointed for eacı of the two land

August, 1788

. 262-3
districts in the territory of Orleans 173 4 The said donation extended by

act of the 3d March, 1791, to
14 They shall form connected

those who were heads of families
drafts of the lands granted in
their respective districts so as to

in the year 1783 at any of the said
exhibit the lands remaining va-

places, and had since removed

from one of the said places to
15 Their general duties, fees and

the other


5 Or had removed out of the North

16 Compensation to the principal

Western Territory ; provided they
deputy in the district of Louisiana 319

return to occupy the same within

See Surveying Districts. Super-
intendunts of Sales, 18

6 150 acres in Vincennes given to
the persons in possession thereof 264

7 Certain tracts given to the villages

of Vincennes, Cohos and Prairie
1 Land office established at


du Pont, to be used as common,
2 New town to be laid out at, in- until otherwise disposed of by law ib.
cluding the old one

271 | 8 100 acres to be granted to each
3 10,000 acres of land given to sa- person who on the 1st day of Au-

tisfy claims of the sufferers by gust 1790, was enrolled in the mi-
fire in

litia at Vincennes or in the Illinois,
4 A lot not exceeding 5000 square and had not obtained any other
feet to be given to each of the in- donation land
habitants of the old town of a 9 Provision for persons entitled to
certain description) at the time it donation lands in the district of
was burnt

ib. Vincennes, and who being minors
Sce Land ofices, 8 or out of the territory had not laid

their claims before the commissi-
Dohrman, Arnold Henry.

1 Recital of his noble and benevo-

10 To persons being heads of fami-
lent services towards captive A-

lies or 21 years of age, actually

inhabiting and cultivating any tract
mericans during the revolutionary


of land in the Mississippi Territo-
2 One compleat township to be

ry, on the day of its final evacua-

tion by the Spanish troops, such
chosen by him out of the three

tracts granted

last ranges in the Western terri.

11 Not more than one tract to one
tory granted to, free from all
charges of survey


person & not exceeding 640 acres ib.


. ib.




12 Nor to any person claiming un-
President authorised to issue a

der a British or Spanish grant 283-4
patent for the 13th township in

13 Certificates of Donation may be

granted by the Register and Re-

the 7th range

ceiver of the district east of Pearl
River, in lieu of pre-emption cer-
tificates in certain cases

See further for donations arranged
under the several heads of Military
Bounties, Virginia Military Reser-
vation, United Brethren, French In-
habitants of Galliopolis, Ohio, La
Fayette General, Zane Isaac, Lewis
and Clarke, Alibama Indians, Wy-
andot Indians.

Dufour, John James,
1 And his associates, allowed to pur-

chase certain lands north-west of
the Ohio, at $2 per acre, in order
to promote the culture of the vine

2 Payable without interest, the 1st
January, 1814

3 In specie or evidences of the pub.
lic debt

4 Patents to issue to, and the con-
ditions contained therein 258


Ellis, Abraham,

12 Repeal of this provision to take

effect after the 30ih April, 1816 161
Confirmed in a tract of land granted

3 Subsisting contracts not to be af-
him by the British government of

fected thereby

West-Florida, and the money paid 4. Allowance for money payments in
by him therefor to the receiver of

lieu of stock

public monies to be refunded to

5 Not receivable for lands sold in

the Mississippi Territory ! 181-2

See Dufour, John James, 3.
Evidences of Public Debt

Pre-emption 5.
1 Receivable in payment for public
lands, and on what terms 146

[ocr errors]


To the officers concerned in the
sale of public lands

See Register 13, 14. Recorder,

Deputy Surveyor 4, 5,

11, 15. Clerks.

On the road from Wheeling to Lime-
stone, to be established and main-

Rates of ferriage, how to be ascer-

See Zane Ebenezer.

case of failure to make complete

2 Lands exposed to sale for arrears
due and unpaid on account of a
former sale, if the sum due be not
bidden and paid, shall revert to the
United States

3 Where tracts not exceeding 640
acres have reverted to the United
States since January, 1810, for de.
fault of payment, the original pur-

chaser may again enter the same 164
4 And have credit for all monies

5 And benefit of the extension of
time for future payments, provided
the land has not been re-sold, and
application for re-entry be made
before June, 1810

See sales of public lands 10, 22, 24.

See West-Florida.

1 Of monies paid for lands sold, in

Foreign Deserters. 4 The remaining 20,000 acres to be

divided into as many lots as there
See Military Bounties 16.

shall be ascertained to be set.
Westfall, Ferdinand Nicholas.

tlers, and numbered and distribu-
ted among them

Fractional Sections.

5 Patents to issue to them, to be
See Sales of Public Lunds, 6, 25, 31.

void on failure of settlement within

a certain period, &c. . . 225
French Inhabitants of Gal- 6 Claims of settlers under private

contracts made by them, not to be
1 The president authorized to cause impaired by the foregoing provi.
24,000 acres on the north west bank sions

of the Ohio, to be surveyed for the 224 7 Further survey of 1,200 acres to
2 And the number of French settlers be made adjoining the lower cor-
of Galliopolis to be ascertained ib. ner of the 24,000 acre tract, and
3 Patent to issue to John Gabriel distributed by lot, among eight
Jervais, for 4,000 acres, part of the other inhabitants of Galliopolis 225-6
said 24,000, to be located opposite 8 Patents to be issued to them 226
the mouth of Little Sandy River; 9 So much of former acts as re-
to be void on failure of settlement quires the grantees to make actual
within a certain period . ib. settlements, repealed




2 The boundaries of, defined in a
Grants of land to the French inha.

commission to Governor Wright
bitants of

224 of 20th January, 1764, in which
See French Inhabitants of Galliopolis the southern line thereof is declar-

ed to be, the north boundary line
Garrer Joab

of East and West Florida . 21
Allowed to withdraw bis entry in

3 Limits between, and South Ca-
the Vincennes Land-office, and to

rolina, settled by Convention con.
have credit for the money paid by

cluded at Beaufort on the 28th
bim in any future purchase (Note) 165. April, 1787

4 Act of Congress for appointing

commissioners to settle interfering
1 of the United States, his duty in

claims with, and to receive pr.
regard and power over the sur-

posals for a cession of territory

veyers of the public lands 129
2 To retun plats of the first seven

5 Lands ascertained by the com-
ranges of townships to the board

missioners to belong to the Unit.
of treasury, to be recorded 131

ed States, to be disposed of, and
3 Similar returns to be made by

the proceeds applied to the sink.
him from time to time

ib. the public debt
4 Directed 10 survey certain lands

6. Rigots of or of individuals not
on the Muskingum, for the Chris-

affected by the establis'sinent of
tian Indians


the government of the Mississip-
5 To cause a survey to be made of

pi Territory

the tuagle between Lake Erie and

7 Artieles of agreement and ces.
Penns; Ivania


sion between, and the U. States 35
See Latitude. United Brethren. 8 Ratification by, of the said arti.

cles of agreement and cession

9 To be paid S 1,250,000 out of
1 Her limits extended by the royal the nett proceeds of the sales of
proclamation of 1763

16! certain lands, as the same shall be

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received into the Treasury of the

Gibault P.
United States

10 The commissioners for adjust.,

Two lots near Kaskaskia granted
to in fee

ing interfering claiins between the
United States and, authorised to

enquire into the claims of settlers
or other persons, and to receive And council of the Provinces of
propositions of compromise · 282-3 Quebec, East and West Florida,
11 To report a statement thereof

authorised by the royal proclama-
and their opinion thereon to Con. tion of 1763 to grant lands 17

282-3 See Military Bounties, 1, 2. Super-
See Commissioners, 10. intendants of Sales, 1, 2, 3, 8, 10,


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A Land Office established at 177

See Land Offices, 13.

Indiana Territory.
1 Erection and boundaries of the 265
2 Organization of government there.
in; and the powers and duties of
the officers thereof

. 266
3 The exercise of the government
of the territory north west of the
Ohio to cease within the Indiana
Territory from and after the 4th
July, 1800

[blocks in formation]

1 On Indiah Lands; proclamation
of the king of Great Britain a.
gainst, and ordering such to re-
move from them
2 On public lands, for the purpo.

See Sales of Public Lands, from 40

Lead Mines. Navigable
waters, 4.

ses of settlement, prohibited and
proclamation against them 136
3 Having in a lawless and unautho.
rised manner taken possession of
Post St. Vincents, the Secretary
at War is directed to remove them
by military force

4 On Indian Lands, subject to fine
and imprisonment for settling,

to 46.

Indian Lands.
1 By the royal proclamation of
1763, all persons prohibited from

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