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trust in Him." There is Who art our only Saviour a kiss both of love and ho- and Redeemer. Amen. nour, and of obedience, the which in all respects is due

IV. to our Redeemer, the neg-i Meditations for the Night. lect whereof is the way to perish by His wrath, as to The Angels of Heaven obey Him and trust in Him “rest not day and night, is the way of true blessed-crying, Holy, Holy, Holy, ness.

Lord God of Hosts.” And Glory be to the Father, if thou desirest to serve God &c.

upon earth, according to the As it was in the begin- pattern of His worship in ning, &c.

Heaven; then let not thy

sensual inclinations to sleep The Prayer. and ease, defraud thee of O Blessed Jesus, in Thee the happiness to join in the have I put my trust; let night, as well as in the day, me never perish from the with the celestial choir, in right way of that love and the praises of God. obedience I owe to Thy Sa- For if this be done cordicred Majesty: and let all the ally, cheerfully, and connations of the earth submit stantly in this life, there to Thy sceptre of righteous will be no question of being ness, that they perish not admitted into that blessed in Thy wrath ; but may in- society, to glorify God in a herit the blessings of them higher degree of perfection that put their trust in Thee, I and joy in Heaven.


Which is believed to be divinely composed, for the

praise of God in the night; because therein is men

tion of the moon and of the stars, and not of the sun. Ver. 1. “ O Lord our Go- by His righteousness and vernor,” the Lord is gover- truth; “bow excellent is nor of all men, and of all Thy Name in all the things, by His power and world ?" the glory of God's providence ; but especially Name is celebrated in all the of His Church and people, parts of the world, more especially in the Heaven everlasting abode, en wraps above. “Thou hast set Thy the devout soul with admiglory above the heavens." | ration of the love of God to And yet it is far ahove what | man. those most intelligent be- 4. “ What is man, that ings, the Angels of Heaven, Thou art so mindful of him : are capable to behold, or and the son of man, that conceive, whose apprehen Thou visitest him ?" Espesions are finite, but His Glo cially that frail sinful man ry is infinite.

should be so regarded by 2. “Out of the mouths the great Lord of Heaven, of very babes and suck- as to be visited by Him in lings hast Thou ordained the likeness of human flesh. strength, because of Thine 5. “Thou madest him lowenemies : that Thou might- er than the Angels : to crown est still the enemy and the him with glory and woravenger.” The most imper- / ship.” Though man be lowfect beings have in them er than the Angels above, strength of argument suf- yet is he adorned with ficient to maintain both the eminence above all earthly providence of God over all, I things, and exacts subjecand the dispensation of tion and obedience from grace and salvation through them. Jesus Christ, against the 6.“ Thou makest him to most bitter enemies of ei- have dominion over the ther: witness the cry of lit- works of Thy hands : Thou tle children, Matt. xxi, 16, hast put all things in suband the conversion of the jection under his feet.” God world by illiterate fisher-having given him power men.

over all sublunary creatures, 3. “For I will consider and made them to submit Thy heavens, the work of to his command and serThy fingers : the moon and vice. the stars, which Thou hast 7. “All sheep and oxen : ordained.” To consider the yea, and the beasts of the excellent workmanship, in- field; fluences, and revolutions of 8. “The fowls of the air, the heavens, and all the and the fishes of the sea : hosts thereof ordained for and whatsoever walketh the service of man, and the through the paths of the highest heaven also for His seas.” Even all the inha


bitants of the air, and of the rest from thy labours, and sea, and of the dry land. I thy works follow theee ;">

9.“ O Lord, our Governor, being often represented to how excellent is Thy Name thy fancy by way of dream ; in all the world !”

| but more fully and clearly to And therefore with Angels thy conscience, when thou and Archangels, and all the shalt awake to judgment. company of Heaven and 3. Both are temporary : earth, I will magnify God's for as thou dost daily awake Holy Name, and praise Him, from thy natural sleep, and saying,

arise from thy bed, upon Glory be to the Father, the approach of the day, so

| certainly shalt thou awake As it was in the begin- ! from the sleep of death, and ning, &c.

be raised out of thy bed of V.

clay (the grave) when the

day of the Lord shall come : Meditations for the Night. and “since that day will

How aptly doth the dark-come as a thief in the ness of the night represent night"," "let mine eyes prethe gloomy shades of death ; vent the night watches (O wherein all those lightsome Lord), that I may be occuconsolations which this vain pied in Thy words 8.” world affords, are buried in 1 4. As sleep is the brother the grave of dark oblivion ! of death, so death is the That is “ the land where all sister of sin; and this also, things are forgotten.” in holy writ, is called “a

“ The living know that sleep ;; “ Awake thou that they shall die, but the dead sleepest b,” &c., “ Awake to know not any thing d;" and righteousness, and sin noti." sleep is the image, the bro- It is fabled, that Somnus ther of death ; in many re-tempting Palinurus, when spects they resemble each he fell asleep, tumbled him other ; for,

into the sea, and drowned 1. In both thou art blind, him: and if the sleep of deaf, dumb; only death is death find thee securely a longer and more perfect sleeping in any known sin, privation of sense.

| unrepented; he that hath 2. “In both thou art at the power of death, will e Psalm lxxxviii. 12. d Eccl. ix. 5. Rev. xiv. 13. 2 Pet. iii. 10. & Psalm cxix. 148.

Eph. v. 14.

i1 Cor. xy. 31.

hurl thee headlong into the so to order, govern and end bottomless abyss of death my life, that death may eternal. “O lighten mine seize me but as a sleep; eyes,” O Lord, “ that I sleep and this sleep may be in not in death : lest mine ene- , rest, this rest in security, my say, I have prevailed and security in eternity. against him k.”

Amen!." Grant me, blessed Lord,

Psalms for the Night season.

PSALM XCII. Ver. 1. “ It is a good thing! 4. “For Thou, Lord, hast to give thanks unto the made me glad, through Thy Lord : and to sing praises works : and I will rejoice in unto Thy Name, 0 most giving praise for the operaHighest." To praise the tion of Thy hands.” The Lord, is good in both the works of God do then truly kinds of goodness, viz. of delight the souls of the profit and pleasure.

righteous, when in them 2.“ To tell of Thy loving- | they both see the goodness, kindness early in the morn wisdom, &c. of the Lord, ing: and of Thy truth in and praise His Name that the night-season.” In the made them. morning which represents 5. “O Lord, how glorithe rising prosperity of man, ous are Thy works ! Thy it is good to give thanks for thoughts are very deep.” the loving-kindness of the The pious soul is ravished Lord, and in the night of with love and admiration adversity also to praise Him in contemplation of God's for His truth and righteous- works, as excelling in glory ness, at all times, and in all and depth of wisdom her conditions.

frail capacity. 3. “Upon an instrument 6.“ Ān unwise man doth of ten strings, and upon the not well consider this ; and lute : upon a loud instru- ! a fool doth not understand ment, and upon the harp.” | it." And it is the extremTo employ both our hearts est of folly, not to consider and voices as the loud in- the superexcellency of the struments of His praise. Divine Wisdom, in His * Psalm xiii. 3, 4.

1 Aug. Med

works to see, and love Him! 11. “The righteous shall in them, and for them. I flourish like a palm-tree :

7. “ When the ungodly and shall spread abroad like are green as the grass, and a cedar in Libanus.” Like when all the workers of a palm, the righteous man wickedness do flourish: then sinks not under the weight shall they be destroyed for of afflictions, or violence of ever; but Thou, Lord, art the temptations, but grows the most Highest for evermore." more in grace thereby The wicked that do not do | 12. “Šuch as are planted this, though they may flour- | in the house of the Lord, ish for a time, yet their pun shall flourish in the courts ishment, proceeding from of the house of our God.” the decree of the Most High Whilst they are and conGod, shall be everlasting. tinue to be true members

8. “For lo, Thine ene- of Christ's Church, against mies, O Lord, lo, Thine ene- which the gates of hell shall mies shall perish : and all not prevail. the workers of wickedness 13. “They also shall shall be destroyed.” And bring forth more fruit in unavoidable, because all their age : and shall be fat wicked persons are the ene- and well-liking.” They shall mies of God.

increase in grace as in years, 9. “ But mine horn shall being fruitful in all good be exalted like the horn of works, acceptable unto God, an unicorn : for I am anoint- | through Jesus Christ. ed with fresh oil.” But 14. " That they may shew the strength and vigour of how true the Lord my the righteous shall increase strength is : and that there through the unction of the is no unrighteousness in Holy One, or the graces of Him.". And such happy God's Spirit.

people do truly praise the 10. “Mine eye also shall | Lord, both with their lips see his lust of mine enemies : and in their lives, as from and mine ear shall hear his Whom all their strength in desire of the wicked that grace and goodness is derise up against me.” Where- / rived. by all the sinful lusts of the Glory be to the Father, flesh are mastered, and all || &c. the assaults of ghostly ene- As it was in the beginmies are subdued.

ning, &c.

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