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In witness whereof the respect- ported into the said colonies, or are ive plenipotentiaries have signed permitted to be imported only from the same, and have affixed thereto countries under the dominion of the seals of their arms.

France. And whereas all goods, Done at London, the 26th day the produce of any foreign country, of January, in the year of our may now be imported into the Lord 1826.

colonies of the United Kingdom, (L. S.) George CANNING. in the ships of that country,

with (L. S.) WILLIAM HUSKISSON. the exception of a limited list of

specified articles, which can only Additional Articles.

be imported into the said colonies Art. I.-From and after the in British ships, his majesty the first of October of the present king of the United Kingdom reyear, French vessels shall be al- serves to himself the power of lowed to sail from any port what- adding to the said list of excepted ever of the countries under the articles any other, the produce of dominion of his most Christian the French dominions, the addition majesty, to all the colonies of the whereof may appear to his majesty United Kingdom (except those pos- to be necessary for placing the sessed by the East India Company), commerce and navigation to be and to import into the said colonies permitted to the subjects of each all kinds of merchandize (being of the high contracting parties with productions the growth or manu- the colonies of the other, upon a facture of France, or of any coun- footing of high reciprocity. try under the dominion of France), II. From and after the same with the exception of such as are period, French vessels shall be prohibited to be imported into the allowed to export, from all the said colonies, or are permitted to colonies of the United Kingdom be imported only from countries (except those possessed by the East. under the British dominion; and India Company), all kinds of merthe said French vessels, as well as chandize which are not prohibited the 'merchandize imported in the to be exported from such colonies same, 'shall not be subject, in the in vessels other than those of Great colonies of the United Kingdom, Britain ; and the said vessels, as to other or higher duties than well as the merchandize exported those' to which British vessels may in the same, shall not be subject to be subject, on importing the same other or higher duties than those merchandize from any foreign to which British vessels may country, or which are imposed subject on exporting the said merupon the merchandize itself. chandize, or which are imposed

The same facilities shall be upon the merchandize itself; and granted, reciprocally, in the colonies they shall be entitled to the same of France, with regard to the im- bounties, drawbacks, and other portation, in British vessels, of all allowances of the same nature, to kinds of merchandize (being pro- which British vessels would be ductions the growth and manufac- entitled on such exportation. ture of the United Kingdom, or of The same facilities and privileges any country under the British do- shall be granted, reciprocally, in minion), with the exception of all the colonies of France, for the such as are prohibited to be im- exportation, in British vessels, of


all kinds of merchandize, which In witness whereof the respecta are not prohibited to be exported ive plenipotentiaries have signed from such colonies in vessels other the same, and have affixed thereto than those of France.

the secls of their arms. These two additional Articles Done at London, the 26th day shall have the same force and of January, in the year e of our validity as if they were inserted, Lord 1826. word for word, in the convention (L. S.) GEORGE CANNING. signed this day. They shall be (L. S.) WILLIAM HUSKISSON. ratified, and the ratification shall (L. S.) Le Prince de POLIGNAC. be exchanged at the same time,

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and the King of Sweden and Norway, together with an Additional Article thereunto annexed. His Majesty the King of the liam Huskisson, a member of his United Kingdom of Great Britain said majesty's most honourable and Ireland, and his Majesty the Privy Council, a member of ParKing of Sweden and Norway, hav- liament, President of the Commiting, by declarations exchanged on tee of Privy Council for Affairs of the 24th day of April, and 16th Trade and Foreign Plantations, day of July, 1824, entered into and Treasurer of his said majesty's stipulations for removing impedi- Navy :ments affecting the navigation and And his Majesty the King of trade of their respective states; Sweden and Norway, the Sieur and their said majesties being mu- Gustavus Algernon, baron de Stiertually desirous of still further ex- neld, his first gentleman of the tending and improving the relations Chamber, Under Chancellor of his of friendship and commerce now Orders, Commander of the Order happily subsisting between them of the Polar Star, Knight of the and their respective subjects, and Order of St. Anne of Russia of the of placing the arrangements already Second Class, and of the Order of agreed upon by the declarations the Red Eagle of Prussia of the aforesaid, upon a more sure and Third Class, and his said majessatisfactory footing, have appointed ty's Envoy Extraordinary and Mitheir plenipotentiaries to conclude nister Plenipotentiary at the court a convention for these purposes, of his Britannic majesty : that is to say:

Who, after having communiHis Majesty the King of the eated to each other their respective United Kingdom of Great Britain full powers, found to be in due and and Ireland, the right hon. George proper form, have agreed upon Canning, a member of his said and concluded the following artimajesty's most honourable Privy eles :Council, a member of Parliament, 1. The several stipulations conand his said majesty's Principal tained in the declarations exchanged Secretary of State for Foreign between the plenipotentiaries of Affairs; and the right hon. Wil- his majesty the King of the United

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire- Norway, so that all goods, wares, land, and his majesty the King of and merchandize, whether the proSweden and Norway, on the 24th duction of the United Kingdom, or day of April and 16th day of July, of any other country, which may 1824, shall continue in force be- be legally imported from the ports tween the high contracting parties, of the United Kingdom into the respectively, for the term of the ports of Sweden and Norway, present convention, and shall be in Swedish or Norwegian yessels, equally binding upon the said par- shall, in like manner, be permitted ties, their officers, and subjects, to be so imported from the ports except as far as the same may be of the United Kingdom in British hereinafter varied, as if the same vessels; and all goods, wares, and had been inserted, word for word, merchandize, whether the producin this convention.

tion of any of the dominions of his II.-British vessels, entering or Swedish majesty, or of any other departing from the ports of the country, which may be legally exkingdom of Sweden and Norway, ported

from the ports of Sweden or and Swedish and Norwegian ves Norway in Swedish or Norwegian sels entering or departing from the vessels, shall, in like manner, be ports of the United Kingdom of permitted to be exported from the Great Britain and Ireland, shall said ports in British vessels, not be subject to any other or IV.-All goods, wares, and mera higher ship duties or charges chandize, which can legally be ima than are, or shall be, levied on ported into the ports of either national vessels entering or de- country directly from the other, parting from such ports, respecs shall, upon such importation, be tively.

admitted at the same rate of duty, 111. All goods, wares, and mer- whether imported in vessels of the chandize, whether the productions one or the other country; and all of the kingdom of Sweden and goods, wares, or merchandize, Norway ; or of any other country, which can be legally exported from which may be legally imported the ports of either country, shall, from any of the ports of the said upon such exportation be liable to kingdom into the United Kingdom the same duties, and be entitled to of Great Britain and Ireland, in the same bounties, drawbacks, and British vessels, shall, in like man- allowances, whether exported in ner, be permitted to be so imported vessels of the one or of the other directly in Swedish or Norwegian country. vessels; and all goods, wares, and V.- No priority or preference merchandize, whether the produc- shall be given, directly or indirectly, tion of any of the dominions of his by the government of either counBritannic majesty, or of any other try, or by any company, corpora-country, which may be legally ex- tion, or agent, acting in its behalf ported from the ports of the United or under its authority, in the purKingdom in British vessels, shall, chase of any article of the growth, in like manner, be permitted to be produce, or manufacture of either exported from the said ports in country, imported into the other, Swedish or Norwegian vessels. on account of, or in reference to, An exact reciprocity shall be ob- the character of the vessel in which served in the ports of Sweden and such article was imported; it being the true intent and meaning of the and such Swedish or Norwegian high contracting parties, that no: vessels, and such goods so imported distinction or difference whatever in them, shall be liable, in such shall be made in this respect. colony of the United Kingdom of

VI. From and after the date of Great Britain and Ireland (other the present convention, British than those in the possession of the ships shall be allowed to proceed East India Company), to no other direct from any port of his Britan, or higher charges than would be nic 'majesty's dominions to any there payable on British vessels colony of his majesty the king of importing the like sorts of goods, Sweden and Norway not in Eu- or payable on the like goods, the rope, and to import into such colony growth, produce or manufacture any goods the growth, produce, or of any foreign country, allowed to manufacture of the United King- be imported into the said colony dom, or of any of the British do- in British ships. minions not being such goods as VII.- From and after the date are prohibited to be imported into of the present convention, British such colony, or as are admitted only ships shall be allowed to export from the dominions of his majesty from any colony of his majesty the the king of Sweden and Norway; king of Sweden and Norway not and such British ships, and such in Europe, any goods not prohibite goods so imported in them, shall be ed to be exported from such colony; liable, in such colony of his majesty and such British ships, and such the king of Sweden and Norway, goods so exported in them, shall be to no higher or other charges than liable, in such colony, to no other would be there payable on Swedish or higher charges than would be or Norwegian ships importing the payable by, and shall be entitled to, like sort of goods, the growth, pro- the same drawbacks as would be manufacture, of any

fo- there allowable on Swedish, or reign country, allowed to be im- Norwegian ships exporting such ported into the said colony in goods. And the like liberty and Swedish or Norwegian ships. privileges of exportation shall be And from and after the same date, reciprocally granted in the British Swedish and Norwegian vessels colonies (other than those in the shall be allowed to proceed direct possession of the East India. Comfrom any ports of the dominions of pany), to Swedish and Norwegian his majesty the king of Sweden ships, and to goods exported in and Norway, to any colony

of the them. United Kingdom of Great Britain VIII.-In respect to the comand Ireland (other than those in merce to be carried on in vessels of the possession of the East India Sweden or Norway with the British Company), and to import into such dominions in the East Indies, or colony any goods, the growth, pro- now held by the East India Comduce, or manufactures of the

in virtue of their charter, his kingdoms of Sweden and Norway, Britannic majesty consents to or of any of their dominions, not grant the same facilities and privibeing such goods as are prohibited leges, in all respects, to the subject to be imported into such colony, or of his Swedish majesty, as are or as are admitted only from the do- may be enjoyed under any treaty minions of his Britannic majesty; or acts of parliament, by the sul.


duce, or

jects or citizens of the most favour- cles : Salt, hemp, flax, oil of all ed nation ; subject to the laws, kinds, grain of all kinds, wine, torules, regulations and restrictions, bacco, salt or dried fish, wool, and which are or may be applicable to stuffs of all kinds, which, as bed the ships and subjects of any other fore, shall be imported into Sweden foreign country enjoying the like only in vessels of Sweden and Nora facilities and privileges of trading way, or in vessels of the countries with the said dominions.

of which such articles are the prod IX.-The high contracting parties duce. engage that all articles the growth, The said excepted articles shall, produce," or manufacture of their however, be allowed to be imported respective dominions, shall be sub- into Sweden in "vessels of the ject to no higher duties, upon their United Kingdom of Great Britain admission from the one country and Ireland, proceeding direct from into the other, than are paid by the some port of the United Kingdom, like articles, the growth, produce, provided such articles shall have or manufacture, of any other foreign been previously landed

and wareá country, and that no prohibition housed in a port of the United or restraint shall be imposed upon Kingdom, after having been imthe importation into the one coun- ported thither from the country of try from the other, or upon the their origin. exportation from the one country These stipulations in favour of to the other, of any such articles, British commerce shall remain in the growth, produce, or manufac- force during the continuance of tures of either of the said states, the present convention, and as far which shall not equally extend to as the act of parliament of the 5th all other nations; and, generally, of July, 1825, shall continue to that in all matters and regulations grant to the navigation and comof trade and navigation, each of the merce of Sweden equivalent facilihigh contracting parties will treat ties of the same naturen the other upon the footing of the XI.-His majesty the King of most favoured nation.

the United Kingdom of Great BriX.-In consideration of the ad- tain and Ireland, and his majesty vantages and facilities which the the King of Sweden and Norway, navigation and commerce of the mutually agree, that 'no higher or United Kingdoms of Sweden and other duties shall be levied, in any Norway will enjoy, under the pre- of their dominions, upon any persent convention, and the act of sonal property of their respective parliament of the 5th of July, subjects, on the removal of the same 1825, his majesty the King of from the dominions of their said Sweden and Norway consents that, majesties, reciprocally, either upon from and after this date, vessels of the inheritance of such property, or the United Kingdom of Great Bri- otherwise, than are or shall be paytain and Ireland shall be allowed able in each 'state 'upon the like to import into Sweden any mer- property, when removed by a chandise or goods of European subject of such state respectively! origin, which are likewise per- XII.-The présent convention mitted to be imported into Sweden shall be in force for the term of ten from any port whatever, with the years from the date hereof; and exception of the following arti- further until the end of twelve


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