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"AGREED!" said Mary Franklin, putting down a little bag which she was making as a present to her mamma on her forthcoming birthday.



"Agreed! agreed !" cried her brother Thomas, shutting up his colour box, with which he had been very busy in painting the breast of a printed bird red, and the back of it green. Agreed! agreed! agreed!" shouted out little Peter, jumping up from his stool, and running for his cap, which hung up on the hat-stand in the hall. "Agreed! agreed ! agreed! agreed! agreed!" cried he, waving it over his head, as he made the best of his way with his sister and brothers in search of their рара.

The reason of all this was, that Edward Franklin had been reading to his sister and younger brothers, two little books, called


Learning to Think," and "Learning to Feel;" and his papa had told them before he began, that the books in question would do them but little good, unless they put them upon some method of "Learning to Act." The young people being much pleased with the books, began to consider what plan would be the best to pursue in order to follow out their papa's observation. After no little scheming and contriving, Edward proposed, as the very best way that he could think of, to go to their papa at once, and ask him to be kind enough to teach them. No sooner was this proposal made, than the whole party jumped up, in the manner described, and sallied forth in quest of Mr. Franklin.

They found him in the garden, leaning on

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