Sivut kuvina
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Printed for J. TONSON: And Sold by W.FEALES,

at Rowe's Head, the Corner of Elex-Street, in
the Strand. MDCCXXXIII.

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Heartily with this Play were as per

feet as I intended it, that it might be I

more worthy your Acceptance; and that my Dedication of it to you, might be more becoming that Honour and Esteem which l, with

every Body who is so fortunate as to know you, have for you. It had your Countenance when yet unknown; and now it is made publick, it wants your Protection.

I would not have any Body imagine, that I think this Play without its Faults, for I am Conscious of several. I confess I design'd (whatever Vanity or Ambition occasion'd that Design) to have written a true and regular Comedy: but I found it an Un=; dertaking which put me in inind of -- Sudet mula imm, fruftraque laboret ansus idem. And now to make Amends for the Vanity of such a Design, I do confess, both the Attempt, and the imperfect A 3


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