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THE ALMANAC may be had bound with any of the under-mentioned
Provincial Supplements. The SUPPLEMENTS may also be had
in a separate volume, price 8s.; or bound with the Almanac
in one thick volume, price 14s. 6d.

WESTERN SUPPLEMENT; comprehending Lists connected with
the City of Glasgow and the Counties of Lanark, Renfrew, Ayr,
Dumbarton, Stirling, Argyll, Bute, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, and
Wigtown; with Tide Tables for Glasgow and Greenock. Published
by DAVID ROBERTSON, 90 St Vincent Street, Glasgow. Price of
Almanac with Supplement, 8s. 6d.
HADDINGTONSHIRE REGISTER; containing Lists and Statistical
Information connected with East Lothian. Published by NEILL
AND SON, Haddington. Price of Almanac with Register, 7s. 6d.
FIFE AND KINROSS REGISTER; containing Lists connected
with these Counties, &c. Published at the Fife Herald Office, Cupar.
Price of Almanac with Register, 78. 6d.

nected with the City and County, &c. Published by MORISON and
Co., Perth. Price of Almanac with Register, 7s. 6d.

by W. and J. RODGERS, Montrose. Price of Almanac with Lists, 7s. 6d.
ABERDEENSHIRE SUPPLEMENT; containing Lists connected
with Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Published by D. CHALMERS and
Co., Aberdeen. Price of Almanac with Supplement, 78. 6d.
NORTHERN SUPPLEMENT; containing Lists connected with the
Counties of Banff, Elgin, Nairn, Inverness, Ross, Cromarty, Suther
land, Caithness, Orkney, and Shetland. Published by D. CHALMERS
and Co., Aberdeen. Price of Almanac with Supplement, 78. 6d.

All Communications regarding information contained in the above
Supplements should be addressed to the respective Local Publishers.

Additions and Changes.

Page 342. John, 1st Baron Kesteven, deceased, has been succeeded by his son John-Henry, b. 1851.

Pages 343, 351, 354. George-John, 2d Baron Sondes, deceased, has been succeeded by his son George-Watson, M.P. for East Kent, b. 1824. Page 368. Francis Ottiwell Adams, Secretary of British Embassy at Berlin, has been transferred in the same capacity to the Embassy at Paris. Pages 373, 374. Charles Alfred Cookson has been appointed H.M. Consul at Alexandria, Joseph Grierson Consul at Coquimbo, and James Bengall Martin a Consul for the Leeward Islands.

Page 454. Lieut.-gen. H. P. Raymond has been appointed Colonel of the
67th Regiment of Foot, in succession to Gen. F. J. Davies, deceased.
Page 485. John Holker, Q.C., Solicitor-general, has been knighted.
Page 512.

From the list of the Episcopal Church in Ireland delete James Thomas O'Brien, D.D., Bishop of Ossory, etc., deceased.

Page 630. From the Church of Scotland list, Presbytery of Tongue, delete Angus Logan, Minister of Tongue, deceased.

Page 736. To the list of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, add: R. Lindsay, Army Medical Department; Cameron MacDowall, Bombay; Latham Blacker M'Culloch, Dublin; John Alexander Macdonald, M.D.; John Kershaw, Royton, Lancashire; James Murray Lindsay, M.D., Mickleover, Derby; Richard Wilkins, London; Alexander Buettner, M.D., Glasgow; John Livy, M.D., Bolton.

Page 753. From the list of Solicitors before the Supreme Courts delete Charles Baxter, deceased.

Pages 764-767. SCOTCH MILITIA. A. L. Young has been appointed a sublieutenant of the Royal Aberdeenshire Highlanders, G. F. Gillanders a sub-lieutenant of the Highland Rifle Militia, and W. M. Scott a captain of the Scottish Borderers. E. W. D. Ward has resigned his commission as a sub-lieutenant of the 2d Royal Lanark.

Page 775. COMMERCIAL BANK OF SCOTLAND. From the list of Extraordinary Directors delete Lieut. Col. Tyndall Bruce, and add Rev. Sir Henry Wellwood Moncreiff of Tulliebole, Bart., D.D.; and to the list of Ordinary Directors add John Turnbull of Abbey St Bathans, W.S.

Page 776. NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND. To the list of Extraordinary Directors add James Taylor, Starley Hall, Burntisland, and James Mylne. From the list of Ordinary Directors delete James Taylor and James Mylne, and add John Phin and John Middleton.

[blocks in formation]

B. C. L. Bachelor of Civil Law.
B. D. Bachelor of Divinity.

B. M. Bachelor of Medicine.

B. Sc. Bachelor of Science.
Bt. or Bart. Baronet.

C. A. Chartered Accountant.
C. B. Companion of the Bath.
C. E. Civil Engineer.

D. D. Doctor of Divinity.
D. G. By the Grace of God.
D. Lit. Doctor of Literature.
D. Sc. Doctor of Science.
D. V. God willing.

F.B.S. Fellow of the Botanical Society.
P. D. Defender of the Faith.

F. E. L. S. Fellow of the Educational
Institute of Scotland.
F.G.S.Fellow of the Geological Society.
F. H. S. Fellow of the Horticultural

F. L.S. Fellow of the Linnean Society.
F. M. Field- Marshal.

P. R. G. S. Fellow of the Royal Geo-
graphical Society.

P. R. S. Fellow of the Royal Society. F.R. 8. E. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

F.R.S. L. Fellow of the Royal Society

K.P. Knight of St Patrick.

C. M. Master in Surgery.

K. R. Kt. of the Redeemer of Greece.
K. S. Knight of the Sword in Sweden.
K. T. Knight of the Thistle.

C. 8. Clerk to the Signet.

C.S.I. Companion of the Star of India. K.T.S. Kt. of Tower & Sword, Portugal.

D. C. L. Doctor of Civil Law.

L. D. S. Licentiate of Dental Surgery.
LL.B. Bachelor of Laws.

LL.D. Doctor of Laws.

L. S. the place of the seal.

M. Ast. S. Member of the Astronomical

M. B. Bachelor of Medicine.
M. D. Doctor of Medicine.

of Literature.

P.S. A. Fel. of the Soc. of Antiquaries.
F. S. A. Scot. Fellow of the Society of
Antiquaries of Scotland.
F.S.S. Fellow of the Statistical Society.
F. Z. S. Fellow of the Zoological So-
ciety (London).

G. C. B. Grand Cross of the Bath.
G. C. H. Grand Cross of the Guelphs
of Hanover.

G. C. M. G. Grand Cross of St Michael

and St George.

G. C. S. L. Grand Commander of the
Star of India.

K.B.E. Kt. of the Black Eagle, Prussia.
K.C. Knight of the Crescent in Turkey.
K.C.B. Knight Commander of the Bath.
K. C. H. Knight Commander of the
Guelphs of Hanover.

H. B. M. Her Britannic Majesty.
H. M. S. Her Majesty's Ship.
H. R. H. His Royal Highness.
H. S. H. His Serene Highness.
L. P. D. In presence of the Lords.
JP. Justice of the Peace.
K or Kat. Knight.

K. C. M. G. Knight Commander of St
Michael and St George.

K. C. S. I. Knight Commander of the
Star of India.

K. E. Kt. of the Elephant in Denmark.
K. G. Knight of the Garter.

K. G. F. Kt. of Golden Fleece in Spain.
K.G.H. Kt. of the Guelphs of Hanover.
K.L.B. Knight of Leopold of Belgium.
K. M. Knight of Malta.
K.N.S. Knight of Royal Northern Star
in Sweden.

[blocks in formation]



The Kalendar, and Information connected therewith.-Term Days, Fast-Days, ~Fairs and Markets in Scotland.


Information in Commerce, Agriculture, Law, Chronology, and Statistics.


SECT. I. Useful Tables, Monetary System, Weights and Measures, Foreign Moneys, Government Annuities, etc.. 74 SECT. II. Fiars-Prices of Scotland 89 SECT. III. Taxation, including Cus

toms, Excise, and Stamp Duties, and Property and Income Tax... 95 SECT. IV. Postal Information......137

[blocks in formation]


SECT. V. Abstracts of Acts of Parliament, Parliamentary Papers, and Leading Cases in the Supreme Courts... SECT. VI. Chronological Lists, Chronicle, and Obituary...........311 SECT. VII. Reigning Sovereigns and Statistics of the Chief States of the World.....

[blocks in formation]


SECT. II. England-The Church, Law Courts, Universities, Public Institutions, etc.... 482 SECT. III. Ireland-Officers of State, Peerage, Public Institutions, etc.



City and County of Edinburgh.


SECT. VII. Banking, Railway, and
Insurance Cos., Rates of Inter-

est & Discount, Price of Shares...768 SECT. VIII. Miscellaneous Lists..791 SECT. IX. Public and Law Officers and Courts of Counties, with Statistical Notices... SECT. X. Officials of Parliamentary Burghs, with Statistical Notices.... ..........846


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]






Airdrie, Statistics of.
Alkali Works Act.
Almanac, Plan of.
Amateur Orchestral Society......915
.... Quartette Union
Ambassadors, British & Foreign..367
America, United States of...
.... Population and Extent of
Principal States of...... .327
Analyst for Edinburgh and Leith...907
Anglo-Indian Christian Union.....719
Angus Club, Edinburgh.. .......913
Animals, Society for Prevention of
Cruelty to.....

Arnan, Statistics of
Annuities, Government.


Post-Office, and Assurances.. 87
Anstruther, E. & W., Statistics of..846
Actiquaries of Scotland, Society of .738
Antiquaries, Museum of....
Appeals from Court of Session to



House of Lords....
Arboricultural Society, Scottish...741

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Control Department....465, 764
.268, 307
Garrisons in Great Britain..478
.... General and Staff Officers in






Aides-de-Camp to the Queen.472
Artillery, Inspectors of Auxi-
liary, in Scotland.........763
Brigade Depôts....
Commissions, Regulations for





Horse Guards

Judge Advocate - General's

Master Gunners in Scotland.764
Medical Department........467
Musketry;School of, Hythe...465
Pay Office, London.....





Pension Districts

Prison for Scotland.
Recruiting Districts.
Regiments, Dragoon........415

Rewards, Officers receiving..473
Royal Engineer Office. ....764
.... Sub-Districts....


War Office Stations.........763
Art, School of.......



Union of Scotland..........740
Artillery, Royal.....
Artillery Volunteers, see Volunteers.
Arts, Fine, see Fine Arts


Royal Scottish Society of.....741
School of.....

Friendly Society
Asia, Population and Extent of
Principal States of.
Assay Office..
Assembly, General, of Church of
Committees of..
List of Acts of.
Missionaries of..



Assembly Rooms, Directors of.....911

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