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The publications of the Bureau of Foreign Commerce, Department of State, are: I.-COMMERCIAL RELATIONS, being the annual reports of consular officers on the commerce, industries, navigation, etc., of their districts.

II.-CONSULAR REPORTS, issued monthly, and containing miscellaneous reports from diplomatic and consular officers.

III. ADVANCE SHEETS, CONSULAR REPORTS, issued daily, except Sundays and legal holidays, for the convenience of the newspaper press, commercial and manufacturing organizations, etc.

IV.-EXPORTS DECLARED FOR THE UNITED STATES, issued quarterly, and containing the declared values of exports from the various consular districts to the United States for the preceding three months.

V.-SPECIAL CONSULAR REPORTS, containing series of reports from consular officers on particular subjects, made in pursuance to instructions from the Department. Following are the special publications issued by the Bureau prior to 1890:

Labor in Europe, 1878, one volume; Labor in Foreign Countries, 1884, three volumes; Commerce of the World and the Share of the United States Therein, 1879; Commerce of the World and the Share of the United States Therein, 1880-81; Declared Exports for the United States, First and Second Quarters, 1883; Declared Exports for the United States, Third and Fourth Quarters, 1883; Cholera in Europe in 1884, 1885; Trade Guilds of Europe, 1885; The Licorice Plant, 1885; Forestry in Europe, 1887; Emigration and Immigration, 1885-86 (a portion of this work was published as CONSULAR REPORTS No. 76, for the month of April, 1887); Rice Pounding in Europe, 1887; Sugar of Milk, 1887; Wool Scouring in Belgium, 1887; Cattle and Dairy Farming in Foreign Countries, 1888 (issued first in one volume, afterwards in two volumes); Technical Education in Europe, 1888; Tariffs of Central America and the British West Indies, 1890.

The editions of all these publications, except Tariffs in Central America, etc., are exhausted, and the Department is therefore unable to supply copies.

In 1890 the Department decided to publish reports on special subjects in separate form, to be entitled SPECIAL CONSULAR REPORTS. There are now the following SPECIAL CONSULAR REPORTS:

Vol. 1 (1890).-Cotton Textiles in Foreign Countries, Files in Spanish America, Carpet Manufacture in Foreign Countries, Malt and Beer in Spanish America, and Fruit Culture in Foreign Countries. Vol. 2 (1890 and 1891).-Refrigerators and Food Preservation in Foreign Countries, European Emigration, Olive Culture in the Alpes Maritimes, and Beet-Sugar Industry and Flax Cultivation in Foreign Countries.

Vol. 3 (1891).-Streets and Highways in Foreign Countries.

Vol. 4 (1891).-Port Regulations in Foreign Countries.

Vol. 5 (1891).-Canals and Irrigation in Foreign Countries.

Vol. 6 (1891 and 1893).-Coal and Coal Consumption in Spanish America, Gas in Foreign Countries, and India Rubber.

Vol. 7 (1892). The Stave Trade in Foreign Countries and Tariffs of Foreign Countries.

Vol. 8 (1892).-Fire and Building Regulations in Foreign Countries.

Vol. 9 (1892 and 1893).-Australian Sheep and Wool and Vagrancy and Public Charities in Foreign Countries.

Vol. 10 (1894).-Lead and Zinc Mining in Foreign Countries and Extension of Markets for American Flour.

Vol. 11 (1894).-American Lumber in Foreign Markets.

Vol. 12 (1835).-Highways of Commerce.

Vol. 13 (1896 and 1897).-Money and Prices in Foreign Countries.

Vol. 14 (1898).-The Drug Trade in Foreign Countries.

Vol. 15 (1898 and 1899).-Part I. Soap Trade in Foreign Countries; Screws, Nuts, and Bolts in Foreign Countries; Argols in Europe, Rabbits and Rabbit Furs in Europe, Cultivation of Ramie in Foreign Countries. Part II. Sericulture and Silk Weaving; Cultivation of the English Walnut. Vol. 16 (1899).--Tariffs of Foreign Countries-Part I. Europe. Part II. America.

Of these SPECIAL CONSULAR REPORTS, Australian Sheep and Wool, Cotton Textiles in Foreign Countries, Files in Spanish America, Fire and Building Regulations, Gas in Foreign Countries, Highways of Commerce, Lead and Zine Mining, Malt and Beer in Spanish America, Port Regulations, Refrigerators and Food Preservation, and Vagrancy, etc., are exhausted, and no copies can be supplied by the Department.

Of the monthly CONSULAR REPORTS, many numbers are exhausted or so reduced that the Department is unable to accede to requests for copies. Of the publications of the Bureau available for distribution, copies are mailed to applicants without charge. In view of the scarcity of certain numbers, the Burean will be grateful for the return of any copies of the monthly or special reports which recipients do not care to retain. Upon notification of willingness to return such copies, the Department will forward franking labels to be used in lieu of postage in the United States, Canada, the Hawaiian Islands, and Mexico.

Persons receiving CONSULAR REPORTS regularly, who change their addresses, should give the old as well as the new address in notifying the Bureau of the fact.

In order to prevent confusion with other Department bureaus, all communications relating to consular reports should be carefully addressed, "Chief, Bureau of Foreign Commerce, Department of State, Washington, U. S. A."

1 Formerly Bureau of Statistics. Name changed to Bureau of Foreign Commerce by order of the Secretary of State, July 1, 1897.

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Issued from the Bureau of Foreign Commerce,
Department of State.

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