Parliamentary Papers, Nide 67,Osa 1


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Sivu 78 - Provided, That all iron in slabs, blooms, loops, or other forms less finished than iron in bars, and more advanced than pig iron...
Sivu 82 - Sykes' hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater strength than the strength of fi.. .1 per gall. ias. Spirits, cordials, liqueurs, or strong wateis, sweetened or mixed with any article so that the degree of strength cannot be ascertained by Sykes...
Sivu 1 - Foreign import duties. Return of the rates of import duties levied in European countries and the United States upon the produce and manufactures of the United Kingdom.
Sivu 51 - Perfumery, including toilet preparations (nonalcoholic), viz.: — Hair oils, tooth and other powders and washes, pomatums, pastes and all other perfumed preparations, nop, used for the hair, mouth or skin, thirty per cent ad valorem 30 pc 150.
Sivu 25 - ... (4) On cotton jeans, denims, drillings, bed-tickings, ginghams, plaids, cottonades, pantaloon stuffs, and goods of like description, or for similar use, if unbleached, and not exceeding one hundred threads to the square inch, counting the warp and filling, and exceeding five ounces to the square yard...
Sivu 39 - Tissues, haberdashery, and lace of silk or of waste silk :— With fine gold or silver .... With semi-fine or false gold or silver . . Tissues of silk or of waste silk, mixed with other materials, in which the silk or waste silk predominates in weight .... Ribbons of silk or of waste silk : — Of velvet ...... Others ...... Mixed with other materials, silk or waste silk predominating in weight CHEMICAL PRODUCTS AND DYE STUFFS.
Sivu 65 - Articles made partly of cast and partly of wrought iron, not polished, if the weight of wrought iron is less than half the total weight...
Sivu 25 - Article 1, section 14, tariff act of March 2, 1801, roads as follows: "On all manufactures of cotton not bleached, colored, stained, painted, or printed, and not exceeding 100 threads to the square inch, counting the warp and filling, and exceeding...
Sivu 24 - Water pipes not otherwise described, and all material which may be specially imported for the purpose of construeting waterworks Caps, percussion ------- Musical instruments ------ Nails, not otherwise enumerated - - - Other kinds -------- Copper sheet -------- Free.
Sivu 52 - Stationery, including Account Books, Printed Cheques, Bill Heads, and other Printed or Ruled Paper, Blotting Pads, Sketch Blocks, Manifold Writers, Albums, and all kinds of Jewel, Dressing, and Writing Cases (excepting Pens, Penholders, Pencils, Pencilcases, and Slates).

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