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Teokset Teokset 1 - 10 teoksen Exploring Polar Frontiers: A-L 10 painoksesta.

Exploring Polar Frontiers: A-L

William James Mills - 2003 - 797 sivua
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Exploring Polar Frontiers: A Historical Encyclopedia

William James Mills - 2003 - 797 sivua
Presents a reference to the efforts of humans to conquer the North and South Poles, with more than 500 biographical, geographical, and subject entries; a chronology of ...

Exploring polar frontiers: a historical encyclopedia, Nide 1

William J. Mills - 2003 - 797 sivua
Covers the entire history of Arctic and Antarctic exploration, from the voyage of Pytheas ca. 325 B.C. to the present, in one convenient, comprehensive reference resource.

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