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" Like to the senators of the antique Rome, With the plebeians swarming at their heels, — Go forth, and fetch their conquering Caesar in : As, by a lower but by loving likelihood, Were now the general of our gracious empress (As, in good time, he may)... "
Henry V - Sivu 91
tekijä(t) William Shakespeare - 1811
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The Cultural Uses of the Caesars on the English Renaissance Stage

Lisa Hopkins - 2008 - 161 sivua
...swarming at their heels, Go forth and fetch their conqu'ring Caesar in As, by a lower but high-loving likelihood, Were now the General of our gracious Empress...many would the peaceful city quit To welcome him! (5.0.25-34) In the light of later events, this apparent paralleling of Caesar with the Earl of Essex,42...
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