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" Women and done over very much with Bear's Grease and red Root, with Feathers, Wings, Rings, Copper, and Peak, or Wampum in their Ears. Moreover, they buy Vermillion of the Indian Traders, wherewith they paint their Faces all over red, and commonly make... "
A new collection of voyages and travels [ed. by J. Stevens]. 2 vols. [in 7 ... - Sivu 78
tekijä(t) New Collection - 1711
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Indians of the Southeastern United States

John Reed Swanton - 1946 - 943 sivua
...pis. 3, 7). 404785 — 46 35 In Lawson's time the Siouan Indians were accustomed to buy vermlllion of the Indian traders, wherewith they paint their...one eye and another circle of white about the other, whilst others bedawb their faces with tobacco pipe clay, lamp black, black lead, and divers other colors,...

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