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" Profuse of bliss, and pregnant with delight! Eternal pleasures in thy presence reign, And smiling Plenty leads thy wanton train; Eas"d of her load Subjection grows more light, And Poverty looks cheerful in thy sight ; Thou mak'st the gloomy face of Nature... "
The Good Aunt; Or, a Summer in the Country. A Moral Tale, Etc - Sivu 174
tekijä(t) J. T. Phelps - 1811 - 217 sivua
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Poems of Nation, Anthems of Empire: English Verse in the Long Eighteenth Century

Suvir Kaul, Professor Suvir Kaul - 2000 - 337 sivua
...politically degenerate "southern" lands and a cold, hardy "northern" climate that nurtures political freedom: On foreign mountains may the sun refine The grape's soft juice, and mellow it to wine. With citron groves adorn a distant soil. And the fat olive swell with floods of oil: We envy not the...
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