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" Whereas the most Reverend Father in God, our right trusty and right entirely beloved... "
Documentary Annals of the Reformed Church of England: Being a Collection of ... - Sivu 364
tekijä(t) Edward Cardwell - 1839
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Bulletins and Other State Intelligence Compiled and Arranged from the ...

...Frederick Duke of Gloucester ; Our Most Dear Cousin and Faithful Counsellor Prince Leopold of Saxe Coburg ; the Most Reverend Father in God Our Right Trusty and Right Entirely -beloved Counsellor Charles Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, Primate of All England and Metropolitan ; Our Higbt Trusty and Wi-ll-beloved...

British and Foreign State Papers

Great Britain. Foreign and Commonwealth Office - 1904
...well-beloved cousin and Councillor Hardinge Stanley, Earl of Halebury, our Chancellor of Gre.it Britain ; M . 8 OM X! <lU r YT0 X d 9: B \G N aǍc P ! nA ` Councillor William Dairy mple, Archbishop of York, Primate of England and Metropolitan; our right trusty...

The Church review, and ecclesiastical register [afterw ..., Nide 19,Numero 1867

...the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of G-reat Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, to the Most Reverend Father in God, our right trusty and right entirely-beloved Councillor Charles Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury ; the Most Reverend Father in...

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