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Byron informs Lady G- that the day is at
length fixed for the expected event; and shews
her affectionate concern for Lady Clementina, 652

CCXLVII. Lady G to Miss Byron.-Con-

gratulations on the day being fixed, &c.

CCXLVIII. Miss Byron to Lady G-


parations for the approaching festival,

CCXLIX. Lady G- to Miss Byron-Lively

description of the joy occasioned by a wedding

to those employed in making dresses and orna-

ments for the bride,

CCL. Miss Jervois to Sir Charles Grandison.

Requesting permission to be present at the mar-

riage ceremony,

CCLI. Sir Charles Grandison to Miss Jervois.-

In answer to the preceding,

CCLII. Lady G to Lady L



at Selby-House with Miss Jervois. Their kind

reception, and the emotion of Miss Jervois, . 661

CCLIII. Lady G— to Lady L- Particu-

lars of what passed on the day preceding the ce-


CCLIV. Lady G— and Miss Selby to Lady

L Account of the wedding-day. Order

of the procession, and noble behaviour of Sir

Charles during the ceremony, and in the vestry.

Marriages of prudence preferable, in Lady

G -'s opinion, to those that follow romantic


CCLV. Lady G to Lady L


More par-

ticulars relative to the transactions of the day,. 672

CCLVI. Lady G- to Lady L- -Morning

visit to the bride. Debate on the natural inde-

pendence of females,

CCLVII. Lady G— to Lady L



nuation of the debate mentioned in the preceding



CCLVIII. Miss Lucy Selby to Lady L

Description of the dresses for Miss Byron's ap-

pearance at church. The case and dignity of

Sir Charles, and inattentiveness to his own dress,

demonstrating the perfect gentleman. Behavi-

our of Sir Charles at church. Mrs Shirley much

delighted by his saying, A rite will be wanting

till they have communicated at the altar,

CCLIX. Miss Lucy Selby to Lady G- Trans-

actions during the stay of Sir Charles and Lady

Grandison in Northamptonshire. The bride sees

company. Sir Charles visits Mr Greville and

Mr Orme. Tenants' jubilee at Selby-House, . 685

CCLX. Lady G to Miss Lucy Selby.-Lady

Grallies Miss Selby for affecting to dis-

claim those talents she is mistress of, and re-

quests another letter from her,


CCLXI. Miss Lucy Selby to Lady G- The



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bride and bridegroom return the visits. Ball at
Shirley-Manor. Departure of Sir Charles and
Lady Grandison for London settled. They are
to be accompanied by Mr and Mrs Selby, Mr
Deane, and Miss Selby. Visit from the Italian
family expected. Miss Selby expresses her joy
that Lady Clementina is coming only as a visi-
tor; her reasons for thinking that Sir Charles
could not have been happy with an Italian wife.
Brief, but affecting description of Mrs Shirley's
parting with her beloved grand-daughter,

CCLXII. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.-

Journal of Lady Grandison's proceedings in

town. She pays a visit to Lady L

in her ac-

couchement. Christening performed at church,

by desire of Sir Charles. In his opinion, people

of fashion should consider themselves as ex-

amples to their inferiors. Sir Charles visits Sir

Harry Beauchamp, and Sir Hargrave Pollex-

fen; also Mrs Oldham, and the Danby family, 689

CCLXIII. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.-

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the contents of the letter. Conversation between
Lady Grandison and Miss Jervois, on observing
that young lady earnestly looking at Sir Charles, 706

CCLXXI. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.-


Sir Charles and Lady Grandison pay a visit to

Mansfield-House: their happiness on behold-

ing so worthy a family restored to affluence.

Debate between Lady Grandison and Miss Lucy

Selby concerning Mr Greville, who has waited

on Mrs Shirley to propose himself as a candi-

date for Miss Lucy's favour,

CCLXXII. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.

Arrival of Mr Lowther, and his account of

Lady Clementina's leaving Italy. Sir Charles

is greatly concerned at her having been harsh-

ly treated by her friends. Lady Grandison's

noble commiseration for the lovely sufferer's

woes. Sir Charles accounts for his conduct to

Lady Clementina's family, and for accelerating

his declaration to herself, .

CCLXXIII. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.

Another conversation between Lady Grandison

and Miss Jervois on that young lady's love-

malady having been mentioned to Dr Bartlett,

not as relating to herself, but as to some other

person. The Doctor's advice and opinion on

that subject. Miss Jervois, at her own request,

is permitted to reside with Mrs Shirley and Mrs

Selby, in Northamptonshire,

CCLXXIV. Lady Grandison to Ladies L-

and G Enclosing a letter from Jeronymo, 718

CCLXXV. Jeronymo della Porretta to Sir Charles

Grandison.-Lady Clementina obtains the con-

sent of her friends to take an excursion for a

month previously to her marrying the Count of

Belvedere. During that period she eludes her

domestics, and flies to England. Her letter to

Mrs Beaumont, and the distraction of her friends

on the occasion,

CCLXXVI. Lady Grandison to Ladies L

and G. On the receipt of Jeronymo's letter,

Lady Grandison entreats Sir Charles to hasten

to town, and give Lady Clementina his protec-


CCLXXVII. Sir Charles to Lady Grandison.

On his arrival in town finds a letter addressed

to him by Lady Clementina,.

CCLXXVIII. Lady Clementina to Sir Charles

Grandison. She acknowledges the rashness of

the step she has taken, but appears rambling

and unconnected. Her inquiries after her own

family, and the whole letter, truly affecting,

CCI.XXIX. Sir Charles to Lady Grandison.-

Enclosing Lady Clementina's letter, and copies

of his own to that lady,

CCLXXX. Sir Charles Grandison to Lady Cle-

mentina. Sir Charles requests the favour of an

interview, and informs her that he has news

from Italy,.

CCLXXXI. Lady Clementina to Sir Charles

Grandison. She expresses a desire of seeing

Sir Charles; but entreats him first to use his

influence for the discontinuance of the Count of

Belvedere's addresses to her, and procure forgive-

ness for herself and Laura,


CCLXXXII. Sir Charles Grandison to Lady Cle-

mentina. He promises compliance with every

request in the foregoing letter,

CCLXXXIII. Lady Clementina to Sir Charles

Grandison Consenting to an interview,.

CCLXXXIV. Sir Charles to Lady Grandison.--
Particulars of a very affecting conversation be-
tween Sir Charles and Lady Clementina, who





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CCXCI. Signor Jeronymo to Sir Charles Gran-

dison. Arrival of the Porretta family at Dover, 738

CCXCII. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.-Sir
Charles sets out to bring the Porretta family to
town, accompanied by Mr Lowther. During
his absence, the Count of Belvedere and Signor
Sebastiano arrive at Lord L -'s, in St James's
Square. Lady Grandison is sent for. Her pru-
dent conduct on the occasion,




copies of them to Lady Clementina, the Count,

and the Bishop,

CCXCIII. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.

Lady Clementina's agony of mind, on perusing

the proposals. Lady Grandison urges her to

accept of them: she promises to consider of it;

and, after much difficulty, is prevailed on by

Sir Charles. Lady Clementina writes to Lady

Grandison, entreating her supporting hand, on

being introduced to her parents,

CCXCIV. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.—

Lady Clementina's observations on the condi-

tions proposed. She is introduced to her family,

who receive her with transports of joy; and a

very affecting scene takes place. Sir Charles

invites the family to dine with him on the en-

suing Friday, and to sign the articles. Lady

Clementina and Mrs Beaumont visit Sir Charles

and Lady Grandison. Sir Charles requests that

Lady Clementina will permit the Count of Bel-

vedere to see her before he leaves town,

CCXCV. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.-

Lady Grandison is present at the birth of Lady

G's daughter. The Earl and Lady Gertrude

much disappointed. Signors Sebastiano and

Juliano are introduced to, and kindly received

by, Lady Clementina. Mr Greville is rejected

by Miss Selby. Lady Grandison is rejoiced at

hearing of it; for though she wishes Mr Gre-

ville well, yet she wishes Miss Selby better,

CCXCVI. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.-

Account of what passed on the day appointed

for signing the articles. Description of Lady

Clementina's interesting appearance, and dutí-

ful behaviour to her parents. Her interview with

the Count of Belvedere. Her generous reasons

for not accepting his addresses, command the

unanimous admiration of all. The family ac-

cept of Sir Charles's invitation to Grandison-

Hall, in hopes that their worthy host and host-

ess will accompany them back to Italy,

CCXCVII. Lady Grandison to Lady G-


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CCCVII. Lady G to Miss Selby-On Miss
Selby's wedding-day being fixed. Some animad-
versions on first love. Lady G invites all,
who would be good husbands and wives, to come
to Grandison-Hall while Lord G- and her-
self are there,

CCCVIII. Lady Grandison to Miss Selby-In

continuation of Lady G's subject,

CCCIX. Miss Jervois to Lady Grandison-Re-
questing her advice on the subject of Sir Edward
Beauchamp's addresses,



CCCX. Lady Grandison to Miss Jervois-In an-
swer to the foregoing, .

CCCXI. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.

Lady Clementina receives another visit from the

Count of Belvedere, and appears interested in his

conversation. The Marchioness informs Lady

Grandison of the death of Laurana, as commu-

nicated by Giacomo in a letter to Jeronymo, . 777

CCCXII. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.Sir

Charles Grandison's reflections on the death of

Laurana. Lady Clementina sends a letter to

her parents, containing propositions for the re-

gulation of her future life. They are overjoyed

at her determination; and Sir Charles commu-

nicates the intelligence to the Count of Belve-

dere, who has another interview with Lady Cle-


CCCXIII. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.-In

what manner Lady Clementina receives the news

of her cousin Laurana's death. Plan settled by

Lady Clementina respecting the future visits of

Sir Charles, his lady, and sisters, to her family

at Bologna. Her parting scene with the Count

of Belvedere. Affecting conversation between

Sir Charles, Lady Grandison, and Lady Clemen-

tina, in the garden. Sir Charles resolves to

build a temple on the spot, sacred to friendship,

and to call it by the name of Clementina, .. 778

CCCXIV. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley.


Lady Grandison takes a survey of their present

happy situation, and expresses her gratitude to

the Almighty,

CCCXV. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley-

The Porretta family set out for Dover, accom-

panied by Sir Charles, Lady Grandison, and







other friends. Sir Charles attends them to Ca-
lais; and, at parting, engages the family to
leave Lady Clementina to her own free will. On
their return to town, a messenger arrives from
Sir Hargrave Pollex fen, requesting the attend-
ance of Sir Charles in his dying moments,

CCCXVI. Lady Grandison to Mrs Shirley

Death of Sir Hargrave Pollexfen: his agony of

mind on the near approach of that awful period.

He warns his surrounding friends; and con-

trasts the happiness of Sir Charles Grandison

with his own misery. Sir Charles endeavours to

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